25 year old; 300/350 silicone under the muscle

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I've been unsatisfied with my shape since I...

I've been unsatisfied with my shape since I rapidly lost 30 lbs during college, and finally found a surgeon who will make me love my body again! On top of the weight loss, I also have asymmetry. My lefty could probably fit in a B cup and my righty barely fills an A cup. I am going for the natural look with mod plus. I will probably end up going with 300/325. I initially only wanted a B cup- but I have now decided on a small or full C. The thought of a D scares the shit out of me! I have been told my asymmetry is partially due to a condition called "thoracic hypoplasia" which basically means my rib cage is under-developed, mostly on the right side.

I had a consultation with Dr. Michael Horn in Chicago in March. I found him via the internet and liked his before & after photos the most out of everyone I had researched. The office was modern and clean and the staff was friendly, however I felt no connection with Dr. Horn. He appeared to have no interest or passion in his work. I did use the Vectra 3D imaging which was kind of cool, but his lack of bedside manner really didn't appeal to me. Then later in July, I heard of Dr. Christopher Pelletiere through a friend and looked at his work. I was really impressed with how natural his work looks so I scheduled an appointment with him. The office scared me. It's old, almost Victorian style and really, really outdated. But as soon as I met Dr. Christopher Pelletiere, all my fears dissipated. He has amazing bedside manner and he answered all my questions before I even asked! His office uses twilight sedation and local anesthesia instead of general anesthesia, which slightly concerned me at first because I was put completely out for a colonoscopy which is MUCH less invasive and involves no cutting or suturing! However I am a nurse and administer twilight sedation frequently in my area of work and no one ever remembers anything :). Plus there is no tube down my throat, no dependence on a ventilator, less nausea/vomiting post-op, less post-op complications including blood clots. So I'm all for it! Plus I had read online that the "new thing" in NYC breast augmentations is to use ONLY local anesthesia (numbing medication injected into the breast) so the patient can be FULLY awake and choose their size in the operating room. The local anesthesia also lasts for several hours so there is less pain post op....however I can't really speak to how true that is until the big day is here.

Age: 25
Children: None yet :)
Weight: 118. Never changes.
Height: 5'6"
Surgery date: 9/22/14!!

1 week away????

Did anyone else feel super panicky 1 week before surgery? I've come close to a panic attack before bed for the past couple nights. I'm not even sure what I'm worried about because I'm not ACTIVELY thinking about it... I keep having a slight identity crisis. Is this really "me"?? I'm so afraid I will think negatively of myself after instead of feeling better about myself :(

No longer nervous :)

I'm over my panic/ freak out stage. I've wanted this for a while and there's no turning back now. I have my pre-op appointment to confirm size, etc. I also went to walmart today to buy some bras which was pretty exciting! And I decided I'll cave and post a pre-op pic just because it has really been helpful to me to see others pics so hopefully I'll be helpful to someone too. And by uploading it I can delete it off my phone because I've been paranoid it'll accidentally send to someone or post to social media! Haha

Pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment this morning. We talked about sizing and he reiterated that we can't really decide on a size til we try it. He is thinking 300 mod plus on my left and 350 high profile on my right. My right needs more projection because my rib cage is "less developed" on my right. The two different sizes will equal about the same width. He said if we did 300/350 both mod plus, my right breast would be wider than my left. So naturally I'm a little nervous since he's putting two totally different implants in but I do trust him. Also picked up my 4 prescriptions: cipro, norco, Valium and zofran. It was only $34! Yay cheapest part yet. Can't wait til Monday and to get this over with!

Surgery day!

Got there around 8:00 am with my mom and fiancé. Check in was quick. He marked me and we went straight to the operating room. The doctor started my IV (never seen that befor) and started sedating me with versed. I know people worry about his practice because he does twilight sedation and local anesthesia. I don't remember a thing until I got home an hour later. Actually scratch that, I remember being in a ton of pain every bump we went over. My mom took over control of my meds. Pain when I got home was about a 7 out of 10. No incisional pain must muscular pain. Anytime I moved my arms or body. I passed out for about 3 hours when I got home. Now I woke up and ate some soup and a smoothie, iced my boobs and took some Valium. Feeling pretty good now. I can take a deep breath. Oh and Dr Chris Pellitiere gave me the exact size I wanted. I am so happy and he is such an amazing doctor! 300 cc moderate plus on my left and 350 high profile on my right to correct my asymmetry and throacic dysplasia on my right. They are ROCK HARD right now but looking great' icing is really helping! I recommend. This doctor to everyone!

Did I mention how much I love my freaking boobs!

Hope the swelling doesn't bring them down too much cuz I LOVE THEM!

Day 1 post-op

I slept great! Sat up in a recliner. Took 2 Valium at 1130 then 2 norco at 2:00. Woke up, went to the park with my parents and went for a long walk with the dog. Then I've just been relaxing. I think I'm going to stop the norco. It doesn't do much. Valium and icing helps the best. The doctor called to check on me and said I can shower and I just did and had no issues showering by myself! And the best part... Got to take the bra off!

Day 2 post op

So far so good! Last night I went shopping with my man and had no pain. This morning I took one norco at 4 am then went back to sleep. Took the dog for a walk at the park around 9. I'm gonna try to stick to Valium and ice only. I tried on a couple old swimsuits to see if they fit. Some do, some don't. Oh well.. Good thing I love shopping! My incision is hurting where my sports bra rubs against it but that's about it. Going out to dinner tonight!

Post op day 3

This AM was rough due to morning boob (which sucks). I took antibiotic and Valium at 630 and norco at 1130 and haven't taken anything since. Also haven't pooped since Sunday. I'm going to the store to get regular Tylenol and stool softener. The front clasp bra is causing me the most pain I think because it rubs against the incision. But my pain is about 1/10 right now. I've been going out and active these past 3 days. They're becoming softer and I can conceal them which I love. ( In laws didn't notice). Here's some more progress pics!

Post op day 4

This will probably be my last update for awhile because I'm traveling out of state. Today I woke up at 4:00 am with horrible morning boob. I took 2 Valium and fell back asleep. Then around 8:00 I decided to walk to Walgeeens (half a block) to get some plain Tylenol and magnesium citrate and colace since I haven't pooped since Sunday! It's starting to get uncomfortable. Anyways, I just took the plain Tylenol and my pain has been fine! No pain right now. I can start massaging on Monday. Can't wait. Happy healing to the rest of you!

One week post-op

Today is one week post op and I couldn't be more excited! No more front clasp bras! I felt those were digging into my incisions. I'm 12 hours away from home right now so I won't be having my post op appointment til Friday , but my PS said start massaging and I can remove the steri strips as they start to peel. I must say it is kind of awkward massaging my tatas in a hotel room with my parents in the next bed! Haha. I had been doing great prior to the trip and taking plain Tylenol, but being in the car for so long and being immobile kind or set me back so I've had to take a norco and Valium daily before bed. I still get awful morning boob and it wakes me twice a night. Usually around 1 and 4 :/. But other than that I'm so happy with my results!

Sorry my pics didn't upload!

In laws know.

Well no more hiding it from the in laws because my fiancé told them ... Mother in laws response was OMG IM SO JEALOUS! Hahhah

Steri strips removed

So I would've had my first post op appointment at my 1 wk post op date on Monday, but I am out of state so my PS just said to remove them when they start to peel. Well that didn't happen and I was worried about the moisture from showering and keeping them on too long causing an infection. Yikes it's not pretty! Hopefully they become cleaner. First night without morning boob! I don't think I'm even going to take Tylenol today. Still no luck in the bathroom :( but I'm also at family's house so it may be a combo of pills plus shy bowels!

Post op appointment

I had my post op appointment yesterday. He said everything is healing well. I can start using scar cream next week & I can resume exercise just not high intensity. I figured I might add that I did partake in some bedroom activities with my fiancé ;) and there was no pain during or after!! It's a whole new world ladies. I see Dr Pelletiere again in 3 weeks! I was measured at VS as a 31D. She said my 34C bra from target was definitely too small on me. Oh well! Funny thing is before surgery I was so scared of being a D.. Now I'm embracing it! It might change to a C once everything settles.

3 weeks post op

So not much has changed as far as appearance. My scars were healing real nicely til I went back to work last week. I do lots of lifting and physical activity at my job which apparently irritated them. Dr. Chris said to use antibiotic ointment twice a day (which I had already been doing) and to keep an eye on it. The left incision is actually fine. The right is the painful one. It burns constantly. I'm really worried about infection and praying it continues to get better. At one point I thought the incision was opening up (which it really looked like) and I think an internal stitch made it's way out. I see the doctor again next week for my 1 month post op visit.

Shopping fun

Went shopping just for the hell of it to try on dresses I never could wear before. I must be getting used to my boobs now because they seem small in these dresses!! My right incision Is doing a tad bit better. Dr. Pelletiere said it's just taking it's own "sweet time" to heal. Frustrating. My left breast feels totally natural. My right is still firm but it is the larger implant. I can still feel the implant at the bottom of both breasts but I think that's something that's noticeable to only us and no one else.

1 month post op

My boobies are 1 month old today! So I forgot to mention I've been able to sleep on my stomach since about post op week 3.... YAY! That was my one worry since I'm a stomach sleeper. My left boob feels TOTALLY natural. My friend said they feel exactly like her real boobs! Righty is still kinda firm but that's the bigger implant and also high profile. I have also developed Mondors Cord which I noticed last night. However it is not painful at all. My incisions are much better. I won't be having my 1 month post op appointment until next week.

5 weeks post op

I can't believe it's already been 5 weeks! I am totally used to my new additions and they feel like my own! They don't feel foreign at all. I bought some bras from VS pink. They were 2 for $42 and I need something to wear out besides a sports bra & Target doesn't have my size! I am a 32D.

7 weeks post op

I'm approaching my 2 month post op mark and things have been doing fine! I've been using Mederma scar gel. I've tried silicone sheets twice now and both times have really irritated my scars. I have really started to fill out and attached two pictures for comparison. The first is from week 1 and the second is from week 7

8 weeks post op

I was asked to post some side profile pics and scar pics so here they are! Still happy with my shape and size... Still not happy with my scars. They def need to start fading. But they have improved a lot and this is something I need patience for! We all heal differently, I guess I just heal super slow!

9 weeks post op

Progress pics, plus a pic of my absolute favorite bra. It's from Gap and I love it because it's super thin, no padding yet you can still wear it under cute clothes and it won't stick out like a sports bra does!


10 weeks post op

Still feeling great! Here's some scar pics and a pic of how much they have changed in the same bra in 5 weeks! It's crazy! I have my 3 month post op appointment next Monday

3 months post-op

I have reached the 3 month mark! I saw Dr. Chris last week. No longer have to sleep in a bra :). No restrictions whatsoever. I will see him again in September 2015! Scars are still fading. He thinks the right scar is thicker because that side is the bigger implant and had a lot more stretching to do. I probably won't post until 6 months, or God forbid if something starts to go south. Happy healing everyone!

Is this normal?!?

I've been noticing some odd things with my cleavage. The skin on my sternum appears to be loose and at times when pushed together or when I wear a push-up bra, it's almost like my cleavage has cleavage. Is this normal?

1 year boobday!

It's my one year anniversary!! No issues... Love em to death. Here are a few update pics
Barrington Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Christopher Pelletiere made me feel comfortable every step of the way. He responds so quickly to emails and answered every question before I had the chance to ask. He has incredible bedside manner and I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a breast augmentation. I cannot thank him enough for giving me exactly what I have always dreamed of! I would give him 10 stars if possible!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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