Scar revision of a 6 yr old tummy tuck and liposuction of flanks and abdomen.

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So yesterday was my surgery for liposuction of the...

So yesterday was my surgery for liposuction of the flanks abdomen and a tummy tuck scar revision. TT I had done roughly about 7 years ago & went exceptionally well. I had my son at 17 yrs old weighing about 95lbs at conception, put on about 50lbs during my pregnancy. I stretched out so much that I knew one day I'd have to get this done. Did I mention I gave birth naturally to a 10lbs baby boy! Yikes!
I had about a litre of fat & 3lbs of skin removed. All went well, very happy with my results, no issues....etc.
7yrs later I put on about 15 lbs (125-140lbs) up and down like a yoyo...argh. I noticed I never put much weight on my abdomen, But I started to notice a tiny bump, scar tissue? Fat deposit? Just above my incision on the left hand side, below my belly button. It became very visible when I'd wear a jersey t-shirt dress or the bottoms of a bikini. I believe that was because of the weight gain. Then I noticed the initial incision just below my belly button was a little wider and darker in that area and things we starting to droop. It wasn't too bad, but it still bothered me. Here I spent all this money on a new tummy, I wanted it to last forever. The Dr. told me that I had a harder time healing in that area which I do remember. After a bit of time I felt invisible to weight gain. I looked good, tiny waste, small hips, no more belly buldge. I then got carried away with the eating. I don't have an eating disorder I eat fairly well, but I noticed I'd go for a second plate, order 1 or more appy's before an entrée and always ordered dessert. A few years later it all went to my love handles a bit on my ass and inner thighs and none on my tummy. So ladies continue to monitor your food and drink intake, THE WEIGHT AND FLABBY TUMMY CAN COME BACK! My tummy stayed fairly flat (other than the bump I'm initially complaining about). BUT the love handles started hanging over. I noticed I had to go to a bigger size in jeans (5/6-7/8) because of this and the jeans never really fit well anyway. I was totally emabarreased that I let it go and fed up up wearing leggings and long blouses so you couldn't see my love handles. There's nothing more than feeling great in a little t-shirt and jeans! Call the PS ASAP. Within 3 weeks, I'm in!!

Day 1: Surgery went very well. I read some of the comments on here regarding very painful liposuction the night before which was stupid cause I got myself all worked up for nothing. The first TT procedure I was cool as a cucumber this time a total pack of nerves. So please don't believe everything you read on here, we are all so different.

Nurses woke me up in recovery, ya I was drowsy, ZERO pain....just a tight feeling around my abdomen. I'm all wrapped up tight tight tight in something like a stretchy tape. The percocets really helped though. I was only there for about an hour then they got me up and ready to be discharged.
Now I'm home, finally heading to my bed when uh oh...I'm gonna puke. Which always happens after I get moving around after anesthetic. It came to no surprise. I then crawled in to my bed and voilà I felt GOLDEN. I thought I'd be in way worse shape. I was so surprised. I actually stayed awake lying in bed til about midnight. I have a feeling the T-3's I was prescribed are keeping me awake. My hubby actually said to me at one point "Do you ever stop talking"? Guess I was a little chatter box, but I felt great...ready to dance the night away...teehee ;)

Oh man it hurts!

I'm 3 days post op TT scar revision and liposuction flanks and abdomen. All I can say is I'm REALLY uncomfortable. My back is sore, my sides are sore and swollen with LOTS of bruising. The best way I can describe the feeling is burning. I'm thorough with taking the pain meds, they're certainly my life saver at this point. So if you can tolerate your pain meds stay consistent. I still have the dressings on which I'm not to take off til I see the Doc 5 days post op. I'm really looking forward to being unwrapped....literally! I look at my self and I see Dolly Parton with her tiny little waste and big I'll keep you all updated come Friday when the dressings are off. I'm soooooooo anxious to get into a pair of jeans. Talk soon.

6 days post op

Had my visit with the PS yesterday. Boy did that feel good to take the dressings off. I'm very swollen though, but my hubby said he could see a difference....I think he's just being sweet. The incision looks AMAZING! And that little bump of scar tissue and fat build up I've been complaining about is a goner. It's completely flat again like it was 6 years ago. I'm really really happy about that. As for the pain....eyeyeye! It feels like I have burning under my skin. It's mainly on the sides where the lipo took place. And when I try to re adjust myself in bed it pulls and burns. I'm so anxious for this to slow down. I still can't walk straight up yet, but the brushing is slowly diminishing. Happy about that. I'm still on top with taking the T-3's. I just can't hack this burning feeling. I just popped 1 now so I'm starting to feel a little tired. I'll check back tomorrow & post some new pics for you all.

Ciao for now!

Feeling great today.

Things have been going quit well. So far I'm pretty happy. I'm still very swollen, but the bruising is starting to diminish. I'm using Arnica Gel for swelling and bruising. I'm noticing the difference. I still do from time to time get that shocking burning feeling, but it doesn't last long. My flanks are still sore to the touch and it feels pretty hard. I'm wearing the garmet pretty much all the time. It helps a lot. I'm keeping it in for the full 6 wks. I hate to bang my hips on the counter or something. My new inaction looks great. It's much skinnier and I could tell it won't be as visible. I also see that it's completely flat now. No more bump! YAY!!! I can also tell he lipo'd the heavy out of it....which I made clear "do as much as you can Doc". His judgment is bang on. I've been taking Tylenol 1 and saving the t-3's for the evening and at night to sleep. It really helps. I'll update when I notice any changes. Feel free to message me for questions. Ciao for now!

So happy

Well I'm back in favourite jeans with the no muffin top. I have noticed a huge difference. It took a while for the swelling to go down and for that burning under the skin feeling to go away, but now I feel amazing! I have noticed I'm a little more tender on my flanks if my husband tickles me or grabs my waist. I think that'll take a while to go away. This is definitely something I would recommend for someone that's having a hard time with that stubborn fat. I am definitely a true believer. My scar revision from my previous TT is great too. It's still a little visible, but it's slowly diminishing. I'm using mederma everyday. I'm just one of those ppl that scar easily. I wore the garment for 3 mths to go to sleep at night. I noticed by wearing it it kept me secure so if I'd stretch a night in my sleep it wouldn't burn as much on the flanks where the procedure took place. It also helped with the swelling A LOT! I'm extremely satisfied. I wish I would have done the inside of my thighs while in there. So if you're contemplating on which spots to do, really consider doing all of it. All the best out there!

4 months post surgery

6 months post op

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