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I'm 180lbs 5'5, if tried of buying clothes to hide...

I'm 180lbs 5'5, if tried of buying clothes to hide my stomach and would lose to feel comfortable in a bathing suit again. I've been through a lot, previous abusive relation with someone who was really hard on My appearance, now married to an amazing man but am doing this for myself. I want wait to have it done. Just really worried about quitting smoking its so hard.

Did it!!

I'm in the hospital right now, I will be spending the night. So Dr Tumi was very nice, and did not have me waiting around much. The nurses that's a different story this one I have now I pressed the button for bathroom 40 minutes ago. Most of the nurses at rvh were really nice today but this one I have until the morning just really seems to not care and takes forever. I went to bathroom once but my drugs had worn off. Oh boy!! Was not fun. Worst part so far, a lot of pain.

Day 2

Just seen dr Tumi, once again he was so nice and said everything went really good. Also got a new nurse today that is great and so friendly.
Finally will post my tummy before pics.

Day 2

Day 2, I've been sleeping a lot, and keeping up with my pain meds. No to bad so far.

Day 3

Day 3, moving around a little bit better today.

Day 4

Made it through the day without pain meds today! Going to see Doctor tomorrow morning and hoping that I will be able to get my drains out. I also can't wait to see what's under these bandages. Anxious to see my belly button and scar.

Day 5 unplugged!! Ya!!

Went to see Dr Tumi today, he was great as usually, he has a great attitude and sense of humour. He took out both of my drains which I wasn't expecting. I had read on line that usually they stay 1-2 weeks or when draining less then 30cc in 24hrs. I had drained 50cc in the last 24 hrs but Dr said can cause problems if he leaves them in to long. I feel so much better already, I was told I can shower tomorrow just need to give time for the drain holes to close. I can't wait for that!! I didn't even feel him remove the drains, we were in conversation so not sure if that helped but I was a bit nervous about taking them out for no reason. He did say that now I will swell a bit more without drains for a while and to try and take it easy. Also mentioned that chance of seroma is possible when removing drains, so hopefully I don't have to deal with that.
Will post pics tomorrow when I get all my bandages off for shower!!
Happy healing!!

Day 6, SHOWER!!!! Yes!!

Finally had a shower today, it felt so good. I was able to see my scar for the first time. Dr did a great job. I also really like my belly button! So much better then before.
I had to dress my scar on my own which didn't work out that great. I used gauze and paper medical tape, but the tape did not stick to skin especially because I had put polypsporin on scar. I will have to try and get some different tape. I did have some clear medical tape but was afraid to use it because yesterday doctor had used clear tape and gauze on my side where drains were removed and when taken it off today it was very painful and left a lot of sticky glue behind. I couldn't even get it off in the shower. Have to take a trip to the drug store and see what else they have. The pads the doctor had on incision came off so easily and no pain but dr told me they are expensive.
I'm a little more swollen and sore today, I guess because my drains were removed yesterday.
Happy Healing!

1 week post op

Feeling pretty good today, I'm just really itchy under this garment.
I did find some great tape yesterday, I will post pic, sticks to skin great and holds gauze, and no pain to remove.
Happy Healing!!

17 day post op

Feeling great no pain at all, just really swollen still and can't wait to stop wearing this binder but doctor told me 6 weeks. Im posting some pics of this great bandages I found at shoppers drug mart, after using tape and gauze for a while which was annoying. I found these cut to size bandages that are cheap and work great, also no pain to remove.

3 weeks swollen

3 weeks and 3 days post op, still love my results, I just can't wait for my swelling to go down and I can't wait to stop wearing this binder.

4 months post op

I haven't posted in a while, I'm now 4 months post op tummy tuck with lipo. I'm happy with my results, doctor did a great job. I love my new belly button!
I still get some minor swelling in the evenings and really seem to look better in the morning. I still cant seem to lose any weight and didnt lose any after surgery either even though I look alot better.
I still feel like I look wide from the side profile but I guess thats cause I could lose a few pounds. My surgery was definitely worth it.

Scar close up 4 months

4 months post op

I'm now 4 months post op, still happy that I had my surgery. Im finally starting to feel like most of my swelling is going down, I still have days that I feel swollen, well sometimes I'm not sure if its swollen or fat. I'm really hoping its swollen. I've always struggled with my weight so I really hope I'm just swollen and can manage my weight.
I've noticed that my mons pubis is looking really big and just looks weird. Supposedly this takes the longest to go down so I hope thats the case, because I really hate how it looks.
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