Sooo happy with my decision! Barrie, ON

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I've dreamed about having a tummy tuck for YEARS! ...

I've dreamed about having a tummy tuck for YEARS! I'm a 31 year old with 3 previous C - sections ... I lost over 120 lbs after my last daughter and my stomachs brutal :( So I've decided to go for it. I started the process a year ago with Dr.Tumi in Barrie On. HE IS AMAZING! Very understanding and listens well. Now my tummy tuck is this Thursday and I'm soooooooooo nervous! I will post before and afters :)

Less then 12 hours after surgery!

I've done it!! YAY!!! Dr. Tumi was excellent, a real honor to have him as my surgeon. He was confident and polite :) Not just a excellent surgeon just a very nice person all in all!

The pain so far is NO WHERE like I had pictured from others blog entries. The nurses here in RVH are just lovely. Drugs make you sleepy and these air beds are hard to sleep on as every 5 minutes or less it kicks on and fills with air (not much sleeping tonight lol )

Home safe and sound!

Car ride was long (we live an hour away) but I made it.. I'm snuggled into bed.

I was happily suprised that Dr. Tumi put a request in for a nurse to come to my home and check the drainage bags and change the dressings.

I'm just very tired.. i haven't taken a whole lot of pain pills, I don't much like taking them unless needed. I go in and out of sleep. I have major bruising on my sides from the lipo I guess. I've been up walking since last night (just walking to and from the bathroom) it really helps!

I will take some more pictures tomorrow :)

I slept great!!!

Wow first night home and i slept amazing :) only woke up once for a pee and some pills. I have to say this is going so much smoother then I thought. I'm very concerned about gas and constipation though, it's like my body has forgotten how to far lol.. not sure if I should take some laxatives??? I haven't pooped since surgery, but I also haven't really ate either.



How much should you be eating? I've never been so not hungry lol.. I've had a pudding cup and some trail mix, but I just really don't feel like eating at all. I'm not hungry. I'm 3 days post op,, how much were you eating by then?

I had my first visit with my at home nurse last night. She's super nice and showed me how to measure and empty the drain bags (super easy) she will be back today to change the bandage. I haven't seen it yet and I'm pretty nervous. How was your reaction the first time you seen your stomach and scar?

Otherwise I feel excellent! I've slept better then I have in a long time. It's not painful at all, just a little tight feeling. I've been up walking a lot and I think that helps a lot on your recovery. So glad I didn't chicken out and went through with this surgery :)

4 days post op.. :)

I woke up feeling a little sick to my stomach,?!? Who knows why lol so I took a 1/4 of gravol and laid down again for half an hour.

I'm feeling better and up getting dressed! I'm going to hit the town today LOL.. I dunno about hiding these bags though?! Some people posted they went work with them.. i can't imagine! There huge and there's no good spot for them.

My nurse came by last night and decided not to change my bandage she says it looks great and we should leave it for now. Both bags are leaking much less both under 25 ml yesterday. So hopefully they will be out soon :s

I'm not feeling much pain, I'm still taking a pain pill every 4 hours. I do feel some burning with some "stretching" feeling where the incision is.

YAY!! just had 1 of my drains removed!!

The nurse came in tonight and i was so happy that she decided to remove one of the drains :) AND IT DIDN'T HURT! Yay! I was so scared! Anyways so relieved and can't wait for the second to come out :)

URG! 5 days Po. . not feeling so great! :(

I guess ever day can't go smoothly! 5 days Po and definitely constipated which sucks not even sure how it's possible I took a tbsp of coconut oil and lax a day everyday :(

I'm also more sore today, having burning pulling on my left side.. I'm going to walk around abit and hopefully it subsidies.

Anyone else concerned they didn't take enough time off work? I put in for 10 days off and will be returning this Sunday, but pretty worried I'm not going to be up to it.

Rockin' the hubby's sleep pants LOL!

Wish i could have a shower! LOL!

Back on the full amount of pain pills LOL!

So after a rough day.. starting out with 3 hours on the toilet in tears not able to go to the bathroom.. i finally managed to go number 2!! Felt much better but after such a ordeal I started to swell and oh my poor tummy muscles and stitches were very sore... so back to 2 pain pills every 4 hours! I'm no hero if I'm sore that's what their there for LOL fingers crossed for a better day tomorrow!

The nurse should be back tomorrow to change my dressings, I'm anxious as I still haven't seen my tummy yet! Eeek. . Also I think she will remove my second drain tomorrow as it's only draining 10 ml.

Finally feeling human again!!

After a few rough days I'm finally feeling human again! I'm just taking Tylenol and ibuprofen through out the day and a good pain pill before bed. The doctor prescribed me a stool softener, so no more bathroom problems :)

I went out for a drive this morning with my hubby and shopping, by noon I was beat and rushing home to bed.. how willI ever do a full days work Sunday LOL geee... Wish i could take more time off work.

Anyways nurse was in last night and changed my bandages also removed my last drain YAY!! She says in a few days she will remove the bandages and let it air.

8 days Po and feeling GREAT!!

I can move so much better :) I took my daughter for a walk around the block today..

I am completely off the Dr's pain killers and still take ibuprofen and Tylenol through out the day.

The nurse will be coming in tonight or tomorrow to remove the bandages, I'm feeling excited!

Feels so good to feel human again!!

bandages are gone!

Well bandages are gone and it feels WEIRD! Now the anxiety has kicked back in full throttle lol I'm scared when I walk or move that'll I'll open up lol even though I know that's ridiculous, the nurse said it's healed amazingly!

I took a short peek in the mirror before putting the binder back on I'll take pics in the morning!

Having a good cry today!

Well my bandages came off yesterday..I've really tried to stay in the moment about the whole healing process... i didnt rush to have drains removed, I didn't rush the bandages coming off...... I just knew everything would take time. Today though is the first time I've actually sat and starred at myself in the mirror. I can't believe I've done this :( my scar is brutal which I expected but my goodness it's higher then I had imagined along with from what I think very crooked. .. my belly button Dosent even look straight.... maybe I'm over reacting ... maybe it'll all come together over time but right now I feel scared :(

Feeling better!! LOL

Well after a mini meltdown.. I'm feeling back in control LOL! I Google the poop out of " off set belly buttons "and came to the conclusion - STOP GOOGLING; and wait for the swelling to subside LOL...

man our heads play rough mind games during the healing process ;)

Anyways have a great day everyone! I'm off to get my lunch etc ready cause I'm back to work tomorrow! YIKES! Now that's a whole nother panick attack LOL!

Made it through the first day of work :)

2 words ------


2nd day back at work went much better!

YAY! 11 days Po and I finally got the gutsto shower .. even a half ass shaving job ;)

2nd day back to work was MUCH better then yesterday and the swelling wasn't near as bad!!

I noticed 1 side on my stomach is getting much smaller but the other side is still very swollen, I hope it's not seroma (fluid). I will be seeing my surgeon on Wednesday for the first post op appt.. I'm quite excited to hear what he says.

well my little scab fell off my bellybutton and my scar is doing so much better since I've been using the polysporin :)


I could not have made a better choice on a surgeon.. Dr. Tumi is amazing!

I had my follow up appt with him today, I just love the relaxed atmosphere.. He does not rush at all... He listened to every bit of concern i had. He really shows he cares.. He always just makes me feel so good :)

I showed him my scar today and told him it was a little higher on the one side then I had liked but before I could continue he explained the way the skin was pulled and reason for this happening in the surgery room as he did not want to extend my scar any further because i had so much extra skin. He also explained he already knew he will be doing a revision of that side of the scar to bring it down in 6 months time.

He advised to stop using the polysporin and to use a vaseline or aloe Vera. So I will continue on now with the aloe Vera.

I came out of his office feeling so much better with everything. I know I'm in the best hands!

Thank you, Dr Tumi

2 weeks p/o today :D

YAY ... I've made it to the 2 week mark.. I'm feeling really good.. I most definitely over indulged in some easter chocolate today and have some guilt, this is usually where I'd jump on the treadmill and try and burn some off but this no exercise for 6 weeks is going to be tough!

I'm really missing a good workout.. I'm feeling lazy. From here on out I better watch what I eat closely because I'm use to eating a lot and burning it at the gym.

Otherwise no pain, tried sleeping on my side last night but wasn't comfy maybe in another week or so..

Super sore!

Well just got home from work and definitely going to take a pain pill, man its so hard to do nothing! I'm trying to do as little as possible but I guess I'm still over doing it :(

Hurting tonight! Going to put my feet up and get some rest.

22 days p/o! :)

3 weeks and 1 day po. I'm feeling really good! My abs are not near as sore after a long day.. THANK FULLY!

I took my daughter to the park yesterday and pushed the stroller with no issues at all! I've started walking home from work 45 minutes at a ok pace.. not to fast.. ;)

I've even done a full clean of my house yesterday, oh it was in desperate need after me being out of commission for so long! I didn't even hurt last night :D

I've tried sleeping on my side and it Dosent hurt but still very uncomfortable.

Now the biggy LOL SEX! I dunno my surgeon never said not too lol we had sex "very gently" the first time at 2 weeks.. but just a week later it's getting abit better.. no real "kinkyness" going on just yet LOL but its better then nothing :)

My appearance ..... I'm still very swollen.. I look 5 months pregnant from the side.. my scar is healing up nicely but still higher then I'd like it. I can't wait to have it redone in 6 months. My belly button is cute as a button! I just love it.. I've been putting a little rolled up cotton ball so it opens a tad more as the girdle really pulls everything tight. My vajaja is gorgeous as well LOL Dr Tumi really did a fantastic job! I just can't wait to show off the final results!

I see Dr tumi at 6 weeks po in May and can't wait to get the ok to hit the gym :) I miss it so much! I will also be discussing some new perky boobies to go with this hot tummy LOL!!

Feeling so sexy!

25 days po.. Feeling excellent!

29 days po :D

I started back on the treadmill yesterday, I started back at 45 min all inclines and 3.5 mph.. Today I did 45 min all incline at 4 mph.. man it felt good!

I'm not sore at all... I bought a Leonisa compression garment.. it's kinda tight lol but hoping it helps shape me a nice hour glass figure. I've been keeping a little rolled up cotton ball in my belly button to keep it from being a slit. I'm still dealing with some swelling..

I can't wait for my 6 week appt with Dr.Tumi to hear what he says and see what he thinks on redoing the scar to a lower position and how much lower he thinks he can go.

Now I'm going to concentrate getting back on track with healthy eating (thankfully all the aisles of bunnies are gone! ) and toning my hot bod ;) LOL!

completely feeling normal!

Going to see my PS Wednesday and can't wait!!!

I'm very unhappy with scar, so high and crocked.. I know he says he can do a revision. I just hope it'll turn out to my expectation. I'm still dealing with a lot of swelling :( I have not seen my tummy flat yet so it's causing a little depression.. i know it'll get there i just hate waiting. I'm confident dr.tumi will make me feel better at my appt and confident it'll get resolved.

I'm sick and tired of wearing the compression garment! But I swell even worse without it :s so I'll see what ps says to do Wednesday as well :)

2 days shy of 6 weeks!

Going to see my PS tomorrow and super excited! I hate my scar more and more everyday, but I know it's going to all work out in the end.. just patience. :)


6 week appt update!

I went and seen Dr. Tumi for my 6 week follow up. It went fabulously, He has booked me in for a follow appt in another 6 weeks to disguise his plan to have my scar revisioned. He will drop it down and make it straight. I can't wait!! I'm still loving my results, everyday it keeps getting better! I can do full work outs even my abs with no pain. I still swell some days. . But that's normal.

I love my tummy tuck and highly recommend this operation and Dr.Tumi :)

8 weeks po


I've lost track of even how many weeks I am DPO.. LoL

I met with Dr. Tumi on WEDNESDAY... He's so wonderful, I definitely have a school girl crush on him LOL.. probably because he's given me the gift I've always wanted! I finally feel like I'm just as gorgeous on the outside as I feel on the inside!

I love my new body, I still can't even believe it's mine. My results are outstanding and owe it all to Dr. Tumi. He's changed my life.

Anyone considering this surgery.. don't even hesitate! It's worth it hands down!

Scar revision done!!

YAY! I met with Dr. Tumi at the hospital on Monday where I had my scar revised. Im so excitied to take the bandages off tomorrow. I peaked at the hospital and it looked super straight!! WILL POST PICTURES TOMORROW!!!!! :P

almost 2 weeks after my scar revision!

This was painless ladies! I could have been back to work the following day :) but was still happy to have a weeks vacation. The scar is so much straighter! Looks fabulous and is healing super fast. I still have a bulge on one side of my stomach, not sure if it's fluid or if maybe the skin could of been tightened more? Anyways I don't want to nit pick because I absolutely LOVE my results and could not of chosen a better doctor to take this journey with :)

well I've decided to go back again!

YAY! Surgery is booked for Sept 10th!

I will be having some lipo along with scar revision to have my scar lowered :)

I have decided to have an achor breast lift with 450cc augmentation. I'm a little nervous of the scars but after alot of research I think it'll be worth it. They just take time to fade :)

I'm very excited!! 19 days and counting down!!
Barrie Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tumi is amazing; he listens well and makes you feel comfortable. His staff (desk staff) are not very organized. Not very helpful either; they are nice though... and it Dosent matter as Dr. Tumi is the best at what he does. I would highly recommend Dr.Tumi, I feel honored to have had such a skilled surgeon do such an amazing job. He's changed my life :)

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