Laser Tattoo Removal - Having the Worst Experience Ever :( - Barrie, ON

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I started out getting tattoo removal on my ankle...

I started out getting tattoo removal on my ankle at one place in Toronto. It was gradually fading over 5 sessions. After the 5th session I heard about a new place that opened up closer to home in Barrie, and for a cheaper price, with a newer machine (one of a few in Canada!). It seemed like a good idea to go here. I got the 6th session done at this place, and also got the first session for a tattoo on my back. The one on my back healed fine. My ankle was a complete nightmare. it got badly infected, purple, and looked horrible. I made many visits to the doctor, was put on oral antibiotics and an antibiotic cream. They said it was cellulitis. I couldn't sleep and the pain and itch was unbearable. After waiting months, I thought it was healed. I went back for a 7th session on my ankle and 2nd on my back. My ankle had healed sort of raised, when he did the treatment it didn't form the white crust it was supposed to and the laser couldn't really get through the scarred tissue...what a waste of money! Both my ankle and back became completely infected. I was putting the cream on it that I was given by the doctor. They both were dripping with yellow puss and had red bumps. It was the most uncomfortable thing in the world! my ankle hasn't been fully healed for at least 5 months now! I went for a treatment on my back (3rd session) at the place I had originally started going to. It is once again all bumpy, puss dripping out of it and I am unable to sleep at night. Both my ankle and back look disgusting and it is ruining my life! I wonder if I am the only person this is happening to. I have an appointment with a dermatologist next month. I am in pain every day of my life. I have already spent so much money on these treatments that I will not stop until they are gone...what a long and painful process this is!


Well the antibiotics seem to be working. My back is pretty much healed, just peeling a little. It actually looks quite faded after 3 sessions!
My ankle is also healing but the skin is discoloured (dark red). The tattoo is still raised and the skin over it is tough and shiny. I am wondering if they will ever be able to get through the skin!

Almost time for another treatment

I just made an appointment for another treatment on my back. My ankle looks better than it did, but still not fully's been 6 months since I got a treatment done on it!!! I also have an appointment with a dermatologist out of town but not until November! The skin on my ankle is tough...I have a feeling the laser will not be able to go through it again. I am going to talk to the place next week to see what my options are.

Just got 4th back treatment done

I just got my 4th back treatment done on Wednesday. It seems to be ok so far, hopefully doesn't get infected like the past 2 times. I look after it really well so I don't know what the problem was. I sweat at my job and spend a lot of time at the gym so sometimes the sweat causes it to get irritated. My nurse sent a referral to the place I go to for someone to look at it. Well the same lady (a patient consultant and coordinator) looked at it again. This time she said maybe cortisol injections which are $250 each and I would need a few would be an option at this point. I still need to leave it because the skin isn't fully healed (it's been 7 months!). My nurse isn't happy because he wanted an actual dermatologist or laser tech. to look at it... They showed me pictures of my back on the computer and I am happy with the fading so far. I look at pictures of my ankle tattoo in the beginning and it has faded so much!! But I am so mad that I decided to switch places and regret it so much because now I may not be able to get rid of it... :(

so uncomfortable :(

Wow so the same thing has happened (I knew it would) back is red and a little bumpy and some discharge. I am keeping it covered and putting polysporin on it. It feels itchy and painful and so uncomfortable! My ankle is also somehow worse. It also has some discharge coming out of it and is extremely painful. I feel like this is never ending.......

infected :(

ughh so my back is infected but getting a little better...but my ankle is sooo bad, like red, bumpy, pussing and swollen!!! I'm going back on topical ointment antibiotics and oral antibiotics tomorrow. I can't believe it's been 7-8 months since I got a laser treatment on my ankle and it STILL gets infected. It's summer and I have to wear these patches and wear long pants and sleeves!!! This sucks. :(

A couple more weeks

So I am due for a treatment on my back about the third week of November and I am planning to get my ankle done as well. I haven't got a treatment done on my ankle since January. My ankle still gets itchy once in a while so I am nervous that the same problem will repeat. I'm hoping the laser can even get through the skin since it was so badly damaged and scarred.
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