50 Years Old, my Eyelids Need a Lift. Barrie, ON

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I have been to my initial consultation with Dr...

I have been to my initial consultation with Dr Tumi about 1 month ago.
Had heard many good things about him but decided to get a few consultations.
I was planning on seeing the two board certified surgeons in Barrie and then another in Newmarket, Ontario. My first consultation was with a Dr Dicky, his office is located close to the hospital. Dr Dicky seems to have a lot of staff and a very fancy office, all of what his clients pay for in the end. I actually wanted a consult for my upper eyes and a future tummy tuck but they charge twice for advise on more than one area. I only discussed the eyelid surgery with Dr Dicky.
during my consultation he talked with me and took pictures, he also advised that I should probably do both upper and lower eyelids. At no point in time did he exam my skin tone or texture, just advised I should get both done. Dr Dickys price was $5500 for upper lids only and $8500 for both upper and lower eyelids.
The next weeki had my first consultation with Dr Tumi, who's office is just down the road. Totally different experience. Profession office but not too flashy...I like this. He has two staff working for him. I immediately felt comfortable with Dr Tumi, he did an examination of my eyes(touching them to test skin) He advised I could get both upper and lower eyelids done but he did not see a need unless the lower eyelids really bothered me. He also gave me a complete consultation for a tummy tuck....all for one price. I really got the feeling from Dr Tumi that he is a surgeon to help people feel better about themselves and it is not just about making money.
I felt so comfortable and confident with him I booked my surgery for the end of June 2016.
Did I mention he was half the price of the other doctor....
Today I went to see him for Botox, he was gentle as could be and explained everything I should be aware of.
I have posted a couple photos so you can see my before photos of my upper eyelids.

Day after surgery

Well yesterday morning was my surgery at Royal Victoria Hospital in Barrie,ONTARIO
Arrived early for my 9:15am appointment and Dr Tumi was running a little late
No matter, was done surgery by 11 am
Once again I was set at ease with Dr Tumi s nature, he took his Time during the surgery as the nurse and him spoke to me during the whole process to put my mind at ease....I only had a local instead of general anesthetic and was wide awake during the whole process. I have issues with anxiety and got a little freaked out during the process but Dr Tumi was amazing with me the whole while and continued to reassure me everything was going beautifully. he also informed me that having the local instead off the general anesthesia during this type of surgery saved me about $2000, but not always possible for everyone
Today is day 2 and I still have lots of swelling but very little pain. I have been taking my arnica tablets and the antibiotic that was prescribed but no pain pills yet. Eyes are a little uncomfortable but no real pain. Eye drops were also prescribed and very helpful. I have been trying to eat pineapple to help with the swelling. Will post a couple pictures of day of surgery- before shot and then a couple day of surgery- after shots

Day of and day after surgery

Let's try loading these pics again

Day 3 at 60 hours post op

Well today I have a wee bit more swelling under my eyes but my upper lids seem to be improving slightly. I was very active today and hope it does not set me back
Had to take you first pain killer last night
Does anyone know how long it takes the glue to start coming off and any suggestions on how to remove marker safely

More pics day 3-60 hours

More pics

Day 6

Hello all
Well swelling is still there but slowly getting better. One thing driving me nuts is the glue and marker that is on the incision area
Stated applying vitamin e to area hoping it will help remove glue
Here's a couple more photos of my progress

4 weeks

Just a few pics of my progress

Completely satisfied

Best thing I ever did for myself
Cannot wait to get a tummy tuck
Barrie Plastic Surgeon

I still have to have my surgery done but Dr. Tumi's kind nature makes me feel confident that I do not need to look further. I feel safe in his skilled hands. Since my initial consultation, I have discovered many people he has already done surgery on....every one raves about how awesome he is. I was sold at his hand shake stay tuned

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