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I was so apprehensive for my pre op appointment. ...

I was so apprehensive for my pre op appointment. Dr. Tumi was personable and reassuring. He answered all my questions and I feel excited to have this done Nov 3rd. I did however forget to ask him how long I would be under for? If anyone knows how long a breast reduction takes, I'm curious to know.

2 days and counting!!

I have been up since 4:30 a.m. fretting about the little things. You know all those things you have zero control over. I just want to be on the other side of this recovering. I still have a 50/50 chance of bailing on this. I just hate the dreaded walk to OR and waiting to be put under.....UGH!! I couldn't care less about the recovery, size, bruising, pain, just terrified to go under. I will get a call sometime on Wednesday letting me know what time to check into the hospital. I hope it's first thing in the morning, waiting will be excrutiating!!


3 more sleeps!! I have wanted a breast reduction since I was 18. I am 52 5ft 8 inches and overweight. I am fit, as I have had a personal trainer for the past 2 years. I have no physical ailments, but my BMI is over 40. My issues with my breasts are mostly self esteem related, however I do have a itchy rash under both breasts. I do have shoulder and neck pain, but it's unclear if that is breast related or stress related.....time will tell!! I am terrified to be "put under" ! Basically I'm gonna meet someone and allow them to put me in a coma and bring me out of it....YIKES!! I have been on Lorazapam for the past week, just to ensure I don't bail and give my head a rest from all the negative thoughts. It's that moment when your fighting to stay awake, just before you surrender that I don't like....Ugh. I am not afraid of recovery, throwing up, busted open wounds....none of it....just being put to sleep. I can't even imagine the 50 Km drive to the hospital on Thursday morning!! If I don't go through with it I will never be approved by OHIP again, my daughter in law, who's a nurse, has taken part of her shift off to care for me the first night, and I will never loose this weight without a self esteem boost. Your encouragement is welcomed :)

2 week post op

My surgery went beautifully. I was scheduled for Nov3, 2016. I had saved a lorazpham for the morning of the surgery and it worked like a charm! We arrived at the hospital 40 min early, but the first surgery didn't show up. Everything then stated to feel expedited. Every single person I came into contact with at RVH (Barrie, Ontario) was awesome, even had a lot of laughs. I did end up doing the dreaded walk to a snails pace!!....My anesthesiologist was so handsome, gorgeous dimples....shout out to Dr. Webber :) Everyone in the place knew I had anxiety and as soon as I got up on the table I was given a sedation in my IV and the next thing I remember is the recovery nurse saying "three deep breaths Janice and then cough".

Since then my recovery has been awesome. I had CCAC (home care) every two days to take out my drains and do bandage changes. Right drain came out on the Sunday (6th) and the Left came out on the Tuesday (8th). Drains are a pain and uncomfortable, but once their out, you feel like a million bucks!! It was so reassuring to have someone looking at my incisions every other day. I have had no problems with my incisions, pain etc. I only took pain meds for two days. I slept propped up on my couch for a week and have been in our spare bed for the past week.

I attribute my good recovery (because I have seen some nightmare stories!!) to drinking lots of fluids (2 Ltrs a day, or 8 cups, 1 gallon) and making sure I ate a ton of Protein.....shakes, chicken, vegggies. I only slept at bedtime and I literally did NOTHING for two weeks. My husband would bring things down for me each night that I thought I would need during the day. I did no reaching, or bending. If I dropped something, I left it there. My husband would come home from work and go room to room putting things back in their place...LOL.

One thing however I didn't do was wear a post surgical bra. I purchased two from my Surgeons office. Tried it on there pre surgery, tons of room, however, after surgery the band was way to tight!! I wear a bra (almost like a tube top) that I use to wear when I put my jammies on, Just to reign in the girls a bit!!

Today at my appointment all looked good and my Surgeon told me to start with Bio oil on my scars. I asked him about sex and he looked at me like I had two heads. I had read many reviews where some Surgeons recommended to wait a month. Mine said "you want to have sex, have sex, just leave your breasts out of it"....LOL
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