Mini Tummy Tuck and BA totally worth it!, - Barranquilla, Colombia

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I am 33 years old, I have an 8 year old and I am...

I am 33 years old, I have an 8 year old and I am 5'5 and 115 pounds.
I am pretty slim, but my stomach was never the same after my pregnancy no matter my diet or exercise. I wanted to finally do something about it. My breast augmentation is something I have been thinking about for a long time. I am now 32 A cup and I am looking to be a full B after the surgery. I am doing Silicone implants under the muscle.

I chose to do my surgery in Colombia. I was born there and my family still lives there. I consulted a lot of doctors Via email and phone and did research on my Doctors until I felt comfortable enough to pick the one that would be performing my surgery.

I was surprised about the knowledge and how well prepared these doctors are. Most of the ones I consulted have had training in other counties. It is important that the doctor is part of the SCCP (Colombian association of plastic surgeons) just like in America, they are required specific training and all of their credentials are carefully verified by the association. It is important that the doctor that chose is part of the SCCP.

Before and After using ILipo application

This picture reflects the change I am hoping to have after my surgery. I modified the picture using the ILipo application on my Ipad! I can't wait to look like the picture on the right!

Less than two weeks to my surgery...

I can say I am very excited but not looking forward to the pain, hopefully it won't be so bad...

Already here, met my Doctor today...

So I am finally here in Barranquilla, I met with my Doctor today, he was exactly what I expected. It was nice that he came in to his practice just to see me, he took his time to explain everything and to be very detailed even though I asked few questions, I had "harassed" him via email already and asked every possible question, he always answered with an up beat and positive attitude. I am excited, my surgery is tomorrow.

He gave me the prescription for all of the medicine I will be needing. I was very clear and I emphasized on the fact that I did not want to take my body off balance with the implants, he said he was happy to hear that and advised me to go for 270cc to 290cc for my frame, I am trusting him to choose what's best for me, he has 21 years of experience and it shows. I made sure to show him pictures of what I wanted. I will keep you posted depending on how I feel tomorrow.

Second day and I have survived. Hard to believe

My surgery went really well, yesterday I was in so much pain I had to be rolled inside the house in a wheel chair, I went number one on diapers which really helped and I slept in a reclining chair, all those things made my life so much easier, the bed was so uncomfortable that trying to find a good position only made me have more pain.
Today I am not as swollen, my breast looked huge, today the bra is looking big on me which is great bc I wanted to remain small. The doctor couldn't have been better. He was amazing, he operated together with a team of surgeons so one hand checks the other. The nurses where on top of it all, they took care of my pain and I did not go 15 minutes without someone checking in on me. I am really happy with the whole process. Can't see the results yet, I have check up on Friday when he will remove the drains, I have 2 that connect to a little disk that I empty twice a day. I will keep you posted, ask any questions :)

I am in less pain and more energetic

Today I am able to stand up on my own I am in pain mostly my breast, the rest does not bother me as much ...

So far so good...

So I survived the first check up 2 days ago, the doctor removed the bandages and the two tubes for the drains. It was rather uncomfortable but not really painful, after that I felt so much better and I was able to walk and do everything with more comfort. I am able to shower now and that a blessing after 5 days of not feeling the water on my body!

I am now less swollen but my boobs look pretty huge! They get better as time goes by, I am still bruised around my belly from the tummy tuck, also swollen. I understand its a slow healing process and patience is key...

I have my second check up tomorrow, lets see how it goes...

I am a lot less swollen

It has not been bad at all for me the recovery, I try not to look at myself obsessively in the mirror bc I understand its a process and a long way to the results.

Most of the bruising has cleared up, my stomach still has no sensitivity which is uncomfortable when I touch it, I am making an effort to stand straight so I stretch out the tightens on my abdominal muscles, it's not really painful, just uncomfortable.
My breast look a little uneven but it has been only 11 days since my surgery and it's too early. My breast don't hurt at all and they are a lot softer... Can't wait to travel back home. I feel healthy and in good shape, after only 11 days...


I am healing very nicely, I had my last check up on Monday, my Doctor said I would be able to start working out after 6 weeks of the surgery, I feel awesome, I traveled back with no issues, I am pretty comfortable and pretty much feel back to normal, my breast are still settling and I continue to be patient, the right implant is lower now, but everyday they look better and better, my stomach isn't really swollen anymore, very little, but it continue to use the garment the Doctor gave me and keep it tight at all times, I am very happy with the surgery and very surprised how easy it was, it was unbelievably easy and I am happy with the results, loving the size if my breast and the complete flatness of my stomach... I am posting a picture of how my stomach is looking...scar is not bad at all! Waist line looks amazing!

So itchy

So far I am happy with the results, I got to say recovery it's not painful just uncomfortable and annoying and if you are a nervous person I can not imagine how hard this would be on you and your surgeon bc a lot of things happen to your body that are normal part of the healing process but could make a person nervous... I am no longer using th garment as much, I can no longer stand to wear it, my skin is tender and itchy and it's very uncomfortable. I have energy but I find myself napping a lot, as my body is compensating for all of the healing.
In general I am okay living a normal but uncomfortable life, I Ty not to do too much at home tho

I love my breast

Finally feel like a woman opposed to a girl, I love my breast, the left one still needs to drop, but is too early in the process. I do feel that chest muscle being a lot tighter than the right side so I am doing exercises everyday to stretch the muscle. Both sides have gotten softer and are starting to giggle a little. The massaging helps a lot.. I love them, I will post another photo in a month

A month after my surgery

This is my body now, I changed a little pouch for a bigger scar than my c-seccion, I really thought I might regret it but I do not, I think it was the best decision and I am incredibly happy. It's nice to have a flat belly again and not worry about what I am wearing. I wear the garment only at home or when I am doing something physical like cleaning the house or walking the dogs so I don't get swollen.
Dr. Eduardo Valiente

From the beginning of the consultations, my doctor has answered every question, I have been communicating with him via email and he has always answered in a timely manner every single question I asked. We finally spoke on the phone when I was ready to pick him as my doctor and were able to plan the surgery. Still a few weeks I am nervous and excited, but looking forward to it. ... I am here in Colombia, surgery is tomorrow, my doctor is great, great energy and its very apparent he loves what he does and his taste is also something that shows, I believe this matters when you want to look as certain way, my body is athletic and I still want it to look like that after the surgery, just with a little volume on the breasts and more "chiseled". He seemed to understand exactly what I want. Very excited!

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