20 Years Old, College Student, No Kids or Husband... Wanting This Since I Was 15!!! - Barranquilla, CO

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So my friend and I found this sight and have loved...

So my friend and I found this sight and have loved it from the beginning. I just want to say thank you to all you beautiful ladies who were brave enough to share your experiences with the rest of us without this site we would not have known have the things we needed to know, like what we need to take or how much the recovery really is because we were kind of just going in this blind I will be saying we throughout this review because we are doing this together but its really from my point of view.
I am from colombia but currently live in CO and knowing and trusting the work that these surgeons have done I am going home for this procedure and taking my friend. I dont see many women write reviews that have gone to Colombia so if any of you reading this have experience with them I would really appreciate to know how your journey went. we are going in the middle of June which is only a month away for us ahhhhhh how exciting. well im leaving some before pics

a couple of supplies

So far i have received
female urinal
firming lotion
arnica tablets (does anyone recommend i also receive the cream?)
Iron tablets
Compression stockings (should i also get socks)
about the boppy any girls looking i found it on amazon (NurSit Nursing Pillow with Removable Slipcover) it is 18.99 and there is right now a five dollar coupon which is so much better than 45 dollars for the original one.

Flight is scheduled for the 15th of June and consultation should be set for the 16th just waiting for the Dr to confirm

flight has been booked

Flight is booked for the 15th of June so it is only 16 days away.... can you believe it?!
So i was gettign really nervous because i had been bragging so much about how this Dr was amazing with replying to any worried i had and how i felt completely comfortable. well i was freaking out because i thought i had sent him an email with my flight information and how i wanted the consult with him to be on the 16th and the surgery on the 18th well he hadnt replied but i looked closely and i accidentally sent it to my mom! total blonde moment
i quickly sent him the email and he replied the very next day asked how long my flight was going to be telling me to walk around every hour to make sure the blood circulates.
My friend and i have gotten
baby wipes
among other things
i started taking my iron pills (i suck at taking them though)
&& i also started using cocoa butter on my butt fro elasticity (i dont remember who but another user gave me the idea) because i told him to fit as much as he possibly can. lol

well I missed my flight but things are still going

I had my flight scheduled for 7 am this morning but because of things out of my control we missed it. So had to pay 500 to be put on a later flight.
I have decided to let my friend get her surgery first then get mine a week later. We'll be staying with my family so they can take care of me but I want to be sure j can take care of her. Doctor gave me his cellphone number and told me to call him the morning after I arrive for the consult. I love how the drX in my country are so open to communicate.
We everything we could think of and now we just have to wait

playing nurse right now for my friend totally freaking

So a quick update my friend and i decided she would go first so i can take care of her and then when she goes back home i will get it done and my family can take care of me.
Her surgery went excellent he really shaped her waist amazingly and i love her stomach
I will say our surgeon is a little more conservative than i had hoped and he only inserted 500 into each cheek now her butt still looks big and it was big to begin with but i need more than that. I'm scared it won't be enough even though her and i already agreed we would be going for a round two in a couple of years.
I see some results and i wonder if some ladies didn't get as much as they think or if they didn't have much to begin with and that's why her and other 500 looks like somes with 1000
Idk I think I'm just freaking out

on the flat side day 2 post op

Let me just start off by saying everyone's recovery is completely different and I learned this by taking care of my friend and seeing how different we were.
So I went on Friday to get my bbl had the iv in and had been given the shower when I was about lay down dr comes in and asks me if i can smell something i told him no but he said he does and he doesn't feel comfortable that the air might contaminate me so he changed the date to Monday or Tuesday my cousin said he smelled it as well. I wasn't mad i was happy I had a doctor who cared so much so I went home and enjoyed three more days of eating whatever I want ????
So i called on sunday and doctor said Monday at 2pm
Ready to go I took just the following
Maxi dress
Big panties
Compression socks
Faja from FAJATE (remember I'm in Colombia we have some of the best faja and that's the best brand)
And slippers
We put the iv in dr drew on me showered then the anesthesiologist came in and gave me a couple doses to make me sleep and started the anesthesia.
Don't freak out but I woke up during the middle of it and didn't go back down for a while. I didn't feel any pain just pressure and i asked why I couldn't move the fingers they said that was normal they put me on my side and then I could fell them injecting the grease... no pain they gave me some more to help me sleep I remember I was shivering but i didn't feel cold.
During the surgery I head the doctor day he put in 850cc which omg made me so happy as I was scared that I would get more than 500.
The anesthesiologist also commented on how amazing my natural body already was so i should come out amazing... glad I was awake for that lol
Woke up around 7 like if it was Tuesday morning and I had to get ready for work I was not all droopy like my friend who was just all doped up... unfortunately this ment all the pain was also there and I was still shivering with two blankets and two hot water balloon things to help me from stop shivering.
I was on my butt which was hurting so bad I begged the nurse to put me on my stomach she said I couldn't but i could go on my side not much help because I also got hips injected. Begging her to send me home she did aro under 8pm
Where I sat on a wheelchair and starred crying of the pain they sat me in the front seat of the cab but i got on my knees and put the seat baxk.
When my friend got home she just wanted to sleep and no food
I was dying yo eat and had some soup and my pain medicine.
I had no nausea unlike my friend who threw up the food I had a good appetite.
Was only able to sleep an hour took my pill at 3 and slept for 3 more hours...
The whole night my butt was throbbing where i knew they were going to put in more because of some dips i had so the skin was probably stretching but right now i don't feel it...
I ate eggs and a small Bread this morning
And just had some watermelon after my nap...
I'm all swollen so pics won't look that good but i love love love my hips

Another thing i havent read how much it hurts to lay on the lipoed área but it does a lot because it is so tender just keep that in mind.

tall vets please help!!!

I am 5'9" and currently in a small faja i was fine until I showered and changed into my second one today.
This one is brand new so it's a lot tighter my torso is long and it's compressed into this tiny thing now be careful this might be TMI... but
All the extra fluid is going down to my vagina and it is extremely swollen I can't even walk I put an ice bottle down there and I refuse to walk to not irritate it even more.
If any tall vets are reading this how did you get around being operated in a average woman's faja?? Changing into my other faja on Friday don't know if i can handle this one another day though

day 4 post op

So my back is killing me mostly because I haven't walked around due to the swelling I was having down below. I used a thick pad to compress it and I am now able to walk around i feel a lot better.
I am so thankful for the surgeons I went with because they provide services for up to a month after surgery that includes showers and massages with ultrasound. I will most likely go every other day for the messages and when I feel comfortable enough i will start showering at home.
For those of you ladies who are debating whether to buy the thing to pee standing up i would recommend it. I bought but left it at home so instead I bought some at a faja shop down here and when I ran out i felt like I peed on myself every single time... last thing you want is any bacteria around there.
Right now I only have a phone on my stomach but I'm going to see if I can get one on my back as well it just doesn't feel tight enough in the back and it's super swollen. Remember Ladies I'm wearing a size small garment.
This is an emotional roller coaster especially of your use to doing everything on your own. But I'm sure once I'm past the first month hump my emotons will do nothing but love my new body

2 months post op

Well Noone really seemed to be interested but a couple of women have asked about Colombia
Remember ladies I went to barranquilla and I have a friend out there who has worked with all the surgeons if you need somewhere to stay and to get taken care of private message me. I was injected with 850cc I made sure the surgeon knew I wanted something that would stand out. Some of these ladies got 1500 but I think my but looks just as big as theirs just remember surgeons know what's best for you. These pictures do nothing for my figure it's crazy good.
I went to Miami and OMG did I turn heads...
I love my decision ando I'm so glad I went through it
Dr. Sergio Arbelaez

So far he is just perfect I sent him an email with my before pictures and he called me the next day. He is so polite and I trust him because he did my mothers BI and she looks and feels greats with no scar.

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