Excited and Scared for my Rhinoplasty/ 20 Yo

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Hey everyone ! I've been looking through this...

Hey everyone ! I've been looking through this website for a while and I am finally posting because I'll be having a rhinoplasty next week. I can't believe that after years of wishing for this it is finally happening !! I have always hated my nose since I started paying attention to it around the age of 13 and there isn't a day without me thinking about my nose. I hate to take pictures,I'm always trying to hide my nose by either wearing sunglasses often , hiding it with my bangs , with my hands..and I have a really low self esteem of myself because of my nose. I know that I shouldn't expect a rhinoplasty to make me self confident but I know for sure that I'll feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulder and that it will allow me to take more opportunities and less shy. I would love to find people with similar noses to mine to try and see how mine could end up looking but I guess I really don't have a common nose :( The surgeon that will be doing my rhinoplasty also did an other operation to my mom and other people that we know and I've seen many of his before afters and I'm really excited about it. I'll travel back to my country this Monday to meet the doctor for the consultation on Tuesday, I wanted to do this surgery right when I get back to my country for holidays so my nose has more time to heal before uni starts back at the end of August and my be will be joining me 10 days after so I hope that i won't be that bruised anymore by then ???? Do you guys have advice on what to do before the operation ? It could be very helpful.. I know my consultation is on Tuesday but we've spoken on the phone multiple times before and the doctor ( he's seen many pictures that I sent him) told me that under the condition that everything is good during the consultation he can already operate me on Thursday. I'll be posting my whole experience on this website because I feel like it helped me a lot when I was looking for information and I hope it will be useful to someone else. What scares me the most, just like everyone is to end up with a nose that I don't like so I am a little scared but I think the excitement of it all is stronger. As you can see it on the pictures, what bothers me the most are the droopy tip aswell as the hump and irregularities.. I hope the end result will look natural and that it will suit my face better.

More before pictures

Here are some more pictures of my nose and some pictures of noses that I find amazing.. Can't believe I'll have my new nose in less than a week :0

Rhinoplasty day !! Finally :D

Hey guys, after years of waiting my rhinoplasty day is finally here !! I've had two consultations with the doctor this week to talk about my nose, my expectations, what was possible etc.. and I can't wait to see the final result.. Just got to the surgeon and to my room where i'll be spending the night, still have to wait an hour before the operation. i'm really anxious but so excited at the same time, hope everything will be fine and that I won't have problems waking up after. I'll be posting more posts this week to show my evolution. Do you guys have any advice for after the surgery ?
Have a nice day and thanks to all the people answering

Operation done

I just got back to my room like 2 hours ago , the operation went well , the doctor is satisfied with the result but it is a little painful to me :( the worst is to breath from the mouth and not the nose aswell , it's such a weird feeling... I don't have any bruises so far but I'm guessing they will start appearing tomorrow. It sucks that you can't drink water before the surgery and now I still can't drink :( gotta keep meches in my nose for 3 days and take them out, ca r wait to breath normally again..

Day 3 post op

Today is really not a good day for me.. I couldn't sleep 5 minutes straight these two last nights since the surgery and it's making me so emotional , I didn't know it would be this hard to see myself all bruised up and with huge swelling but I guess it's all part of this... One of my eyes is so swelled up I can't see anything g from it :( and the tamponades are killing me and I have to keep them for 5 days :0 can't wait to be Monday already to take them off as I'm sure I'll feel much better after.. How long does bruising usually last ? And is it normal to still feel pain on my nose ? Like if two people were pushing my nose with all their strength on each side.. Anyways thanks to all those who will take time to reply.. Even tho you're not many at all :(

Day 5 post op , feeling much better :d

Hey guys !! Today I can finally say that I'm feeling much better compared to these last days, my eyes opened and my bruises went from being dark purples to light purple/ yellow shades. I've been applying so much ice and garnica gel and I'm very glad I did because I feel like it really helped :D Tomorrow I have to see my surgeon to finally take out the "tamponades" ( not sure if you call it this way :( sorry English is my 3rd language..) and I honesty can't wait to finally be able to breath normally again !! But I have to say I'm kinda scared that it's gonna hurt.. Does it actually hurt ? I'm so happy that the worst is now behind me and I'm hoping that the best will come and that I'll like my new nose. This whole experience has been a real roller coaster even tho it all happened this week and I really think that everyone that went through this is brave. Good luck to all people going through the same thing right now or thinking about getting a rhinoplasty, wish you all the best !! Can't wait to take my cast off and finally be able to go back to my normal life..

Cast off tomorrow :p

Tomorrow I'm finally getting my cast taken off and I can't wait !! I've been waiting for this moment for so long and getting really anxious about the result. My operation was already 10 days ago and the surgeon gave me the choice to take it off after 7 days or waiting until 10 days and that id be better. This whole rhinoplasty experience has been great so far and I'm so glad I finally did it. Still have a hard time realizing that it's done :0 it's probably gonna take some time to get used to and time for the nose to get less swollen but I can't wait.. Will keep you posted :* if you have any questions about rhinoplasty, don't hesitate !!

Cast ooooooffff !!! :D

I took my cast off yesterday and got some bandage put on for a few more days and I'm soooooo happy !!! I'm really glad about the results, it's even better than I thought I'd be :0 I'm still a little swollen but I don't think it's schoking and the doctor said that by next week it should be already much better , really cant wait.. Yesterday when the doctor gave me a mirror to see myself I had a few seconds of schock and didn't recognize myself but I think it's all in my head. It feels amazing to have this weight off my shoulder and I'm so thankful for this whole experience and all the people that supported me through this. I would definitely recommend rhinoplasty to anyone that suffers because of how their nose looks , it really doesn't hurt, it is just uncomfortable for a few days but it is really worth it. If you have any questions let me know , I'll be very glad to help. Will keep you posted xoxo

More pictures

I can finally wear a little makeup after two weeks of not wearing any and it feels nice :D I realized that I forgot to say that I had a closed rhinoplasty , which I would really advice if you can because I didn't have any stitches on the outside but all inside. I feel like it heals better like this. Most of the job I got done was on my nose tip that was dropy (as you can see it on my before pictures.) So excited about the future !! It's only been a few days with my new nose but I can't wait, really feel like this is gonna change my life.

1 month post op

I can't believe it's already been a month since my surgery and I've seen a lot of change on my nose although it hasn't been easy all the time and that the final result takes time to show. After taking my cast off and the tapping for 5 days afters my nose was all completely swollen but now I feel like most of the swelling left is more on the bottom of my nose and mostly at the tip. Can't wait for my tip to feel more natural and normal again. Here are some pictures taken yesterday, let me know if you have any questions :p

More before pictures

Here are some more pictures before my operation, can't believe 7 weeks have passed since my operation :0 will be posting recent pictures very soon, xoxo

7 weeks post op picture

Here are some side pictures of my nose, I can't wait for all the swelling to be gone , mostly at the tip, just gotta be patient.. I can see a huge improvement in the swelling on side pictures which is great , let me know if you got any questions, I'll be a pleasure to answer!! Xoxo

More 7 weeks post up pictures

I'm starting to like my sides, mostly my left side more and more as the swelling decreases. I feel like my right side looks like it's still swollen and puffy and I hope that it will change with time. I still don't really like the front view of my nose , mostly the tip I feel like it's looks huge compared to the rest of my nose and I really hope that will change with time aswell. I also started noticing these days that my face is more oily than it used to be , I never had shiny skin etc.. And now I feel like some parts of my face are more oily. I don't know if it's because of the operation but I hope my skin will go back to normal. Other than that, I'm really surprised by the number of people that don't notice anything !! I guess it is only really obvious to me as I was always obsessed with my nose :s I really can't wait to be at least 4 month post up to see more changes.. Let me know if you have any question, I'll be happy to answer !! xoxo

2 months post op pictures !!

I can see some slight improvement with the swelling but still not 100% satisfied :( let me know if you have any questions , xoxo

3 months & 2 weeks post op update

Hey everyone , I feel like I haven't updated my profile in a while so here are some pictures of 15 weeks post op. My tip is still hard and I still have some troubling breathing 100% but I'm seeing slight changes and I really can't wait to be in July already to see my "final" result. Let me know if you have any questions !!

4 months post up

Still no crazy changes but I still have to wait 8 months for the final result..

Little more than 7 months post op

Can't believe how time goes fast.. Didn't post for a while so I thought I should post an update if someone is interested. The tip of my nose still feels a little hard to touch but it is getting softer as time goes by and I also feel like my nose still looks swollen at the tip , can't wait for the swelling to completely faaaade away. Let me know if you have any questions !!

8 months post op

Don't know if anyone is interested in my posts but I'm thinking that posting updates can maybe help others!! If you have any questions let me know.. My nose is still changing month by month and I can't wait to be satisfied of the tip of my nose. I hope it's still gonna change. I guess time will tell
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