Very Dificult Recovery for Someone That Needs to Use the Computer All Day Every Day - Barcelona, ES

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Before I decided to do the lasik surgery I looked...

Before I decided to do the lasik surgery I looked in here to see people's opinions. As it was mostly positive I decided to go for it.

If I have known how the recovery would be, I would not have done it. I did not have much eye sight problems, -1,75 and -1,5 nearsightedness plus 0,25 and 0,50 astigmatism. I wanted to do the surgery because I think we read so much in our phones nowadays, which I am often not using the glasses, that part of my tiredness and exhaustion I was feeling could come from this.

The clinique I went to is a big one, and my friend that is an ophthalmologist and works there got me booked with a doctor he said was one of the best in spain.

When they tested me for the procedure they told me I had "little tear", meaning my eyes were not very moist. I have never needed eye drops before, and at the time I did not think that could be a problem. At the center, they did not tell me this could be a problem.

They had told me that after one week I could work again, and after 1 month my sight would be normal, and this did not happen to me. It took me 3 weeks to be able to work more then 2 hours a day, even then it took me about 2/3 months to be able to work a full day, even using eye drops many times a day.

Now, 8 months after the procedure I still need to use eye drops quite frequently, especially at night. I wake up in the middle of the night with a very dry eye. My vision does not feel perfect yet, but they will test me again only in may. I have asked my friend that is an ophthalmologist and he tells me recovery varies a lot, and if I had little tear, my recovery could last longer than most.

It has not been the end of the world for me, but the annoyance of such a long recovery plus the first month of recovery is not worth for me, compared to how much wearing glasses was bothering me. If I was to decide again, I would have saved those 2000 euros for something else, and just continued wearing glasses. if I was blind without glasses, that would be another matter.

Dry eyes slowly getting better

I posted this as an answer to a comment, but would like to update the review for everyone

I was supposed to wait 1 year to go back for a check up, but I insisted in going in early. it has now been about 10 months after my surgery. The doctor gave me a treatment for inflammation (it was nothing really bad that I could notice inflamed, not sure how to explain it), and a new cream for the night and a new eye drop for day time. After the 2 week treatment the moisture on my eyes improved, even if not ideal.

During the day now I can go long hours without using eye drops, unless there are conditions like a lot of wind on my eye (when motorcycling for example).

at night I still wake up with dry eyes, but not as bad.

My vision is sometimes a little blurry, and sometimes super sharp. Usually it gets blurry if I forget to put an eye drop for long periods of time.

My recommendation would still to make the operation only if its something that you really really need. And be specially careful if your job is in front of a computer all day.

Hopefully my eyes will recover completely. If they dont, at this point it would be a little bit of a pain in the ass, but not the end of the world. I still would not have done the surgery knowing how the recovery would be like.

The doctor told me I should have come to her earlier if this was my situation, but the truth is they were all telling me is normal, so I kept postponing going to the doctor. So maybe the recovery would have been better, if I would have insisted to come in earlier.

I will post an update in a few months, hopefully in 3 months or so my eyes will be almost back to normality. For now, I need to carry around eye drops at all times, and since not all eye drops work well, I had to stock up on them before I came for a few months to live in Bali. Lets see what happends
Barraquer clinic

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