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I have started using haloderm mixed with nadinola...

I have started using haloderm mixed with nadinola fade cream to bleach my skin and in 3 weeks i'm up 2 shades .i mix the nadinola with 2 haloderm tubes of cream in one big container and rub on my skin twice daily once in the morning and once at night i started with my knuckles and feet and neck and darkest areas first i also use the soap and cream from haloderm will post pics soon

update with before and after pics skin bleaching

Ok do this is an update to my regime I've started using a kojicsan soap and lactic acid lotion to peel my skin it doesn't hurt and it actually revealed the light skin underneath so here is my new regime amlactin lotion and kojicsan soap both found on amazon haloderm mixed with nadinola the strong nadinola again both can be found on amazon or eBay vit c 500 tablets orally they help lighten ur skin and as a moisturizer for the peel vit e oil and a sunscreen whn I'm going out will post pics today and to maintain i use an ambi soap at night the skin evening one

detailed lightening review

the basics of skin lightening are:

Skin Building

Exfoliation: this is always the first step and will always occur whenever you want to lighten, have blemish-free skin, get rid of or prevent wrinkles, etc... You can do this a number of different ways, but this is what I would recommend for you:
Purchase an exfoliating soap (I would suggest Likas Papaya Soap as it is mild and great for beginners)
Invest in Exfoliating Gloves/Cloths/Mitts to (gently) scrub skin with a couple of times a week.
Buy Dead Sea Salt Soap to use in the shower once or twice a week, OR take a weekly 45 min salt bath (half cup of salt+drop of lavender+drop of olive oil)
Get a Lactic Acid Peel or Glycolic Acid Peel and mix with your favourite lotion (for percentages, check the DIY section or use the search function to find related threads)
Please please be careful and be patient with your skin, over-exfoliation is not pretty and scrubbing your skin to death does not get results quicker. Also please be very careful with the above acids, though they are Alpha Hydroxy Acids and therefore the mildest of peels, they are still acids and burns happen all the time if you don't do your research and use them properly.

Sidenote- you had asked about Retin A? This is mainly used for acne-prone skin but a lot of users use it to help their lighteners penetrate further and to encourage peeling & collagen production. Please note that you should do extensive research on this and maybe even speak to your dermatologist before buying.

Lightening: this is where you would incorporate a product that contains active ingredients that inhibit melanin production. I honestly don't think you should use a lightener until your body is exfoliated as it is kind of like a waste of the lightener (it won't penetrate far enough to be effective when you have all that dead skin in the way). The best way is to incorporate a lightener after 4-6 weeks of solid exfoliation. HOWEVER, if you do choose to use a lightener, I would recommend:
Nadinola Extra Strength (can be expensive to ship as there are no UK sellers of this)
Caro Light or Skin Light

These are just HQ creams, there are many other lighteners available that do NOT use HQ. Again, you need to be careful when trying out lighteners. Everybody's skin tolerates things differently, so please pay attention to your skin if you choose to use HQ. There are plenty of products out there, and most have been used so if you come across anything you haven't heard of, search it's name using the search function, or type in the name of the product into Google and something is bound to come up. Also, there are threads on all natural lightening which you should maybe have a peek at.

Sidenote- natural serums are great for lightening at any stage in your regimen, so invest in some l-ascorbic acid powder and/or some niacinamide, and make your own serums! These actives are water soluble and are super easy to make.

Moisturising: this is hugely important for healthy skin in general, but particularly for skin that is subject to exfoliation and lightening. This can all be very drying on the skin so you need to make sure you restore the skin's moisture. This can be done by incorporating things like Vitamin E oil, Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Eucerin lotion, Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter into your regimen.

Skin Building: this is important for people those who lighten and exfoliate because stripping away layers of the skin can be dangerous and cause skin thinning. You need to research all the ways you can get your collagen production up. Luckily AHAs encourage cell turnover, but to be on the safe side I use things like Emu Oil and St Ives Collagen Elastin Lotion. Some research has shown that creams containing collagen don't work because the collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed by the skin, but I like the St Ives lotion because it moisturises very well for me too.

Protection: this is the most CRUCIAL element of lightening! You could have the most solid effective regimen in the world but if you go out unprotected in the sun, all your progress will go down the toilet. SAP SAP SAP SAP!!!! Have you read this around the forum? It means Sun Avoidance & Protection. Whether its sunny or rainy (and you're from the UK so you know its mostly rainy lol) you have to use a physical sunblock to protect your skin from UVA and UVB damage. Chemical sunscreens are mostly ineffective, and you can read about that on several threads as well as on online articles. The ingredient to look out for is zinc oxide. There are plenty of zinc oxide sunblocks out there, like Devita and Badger.

Initial Regimen Example

OK so now you have an idea of how to lighten and what type of products to buy, I thought I'd share an example of a great way to start your skin care regimen:

Face - Morning
Wash with kojie san(leave soap on for 5 mins before washing off)
Apply Vitamin C serum

Face - Evening
Wash with kojie san
Apply Niacinamide serum
Apply LA or GA exfoliating lotion (low %) - 3 times a week
Moisturise if need be

Wash with Likas 6 times a week and Dead Sea Salt Soap once a week
Apply serum of choice
Apply LA or GA exfoliating lotion (can be higher %, up to 15%) - 3/4 times a week
Moisturise if need be

Obviously the above regimen is just to give you an idea... you can do less, you can do more (be careful), you can steadily increase your tolerance of different stuff, you can incorporate a lightener.... it's up to you. The thing is, we can only talk about what has worked for us and discuss products and ingredients. We can't tell you what will work for you 100% because everyone is different. But I hope the above info has helped even a little bit just so you can understand why we use certain products in certain ways. One thing I will say is using the search function (or Google) is a great way to find out answers to any queries you have, and also to see genuine reviews on products rather than marketing

So be careful, listen to your skin, research EVERYTHING, and keep us posted on your progress

Oh and remember.. slow and steady wins the race


i stopped lightening for a lil over a month and some because of a health reason but i will be starting back in 2 weeks time so anyone interested in going on the journey with me again feel free to in box me for instructions on how to mix the products and how to use them correctly and we can do it together and document our progress

Journey has started!!!

Here is a pic of what u will need and instructions on how we will mix them and what else you will need .......
The pic contains a haloderm soap body lotion and cream tube a bottle of nadinola bleaching cream and a tube of vitamin e oil.......
Get a clean small container like the size of a child's lunch bowl and we are are going to empty out the whole bottle of nadinola have the tube of haloderm cream and about a quarter of the body lotion out of the bottle and then add a tablespoon if vitamin e oil and stir till smooth and blended..... That will be our mix...
Get a knife and cut ur soap in half cus u won't use all right away ......
Use the soap in the shower and lather up good let it stay on for a little bit then rinse off
Dry ur skin leaving on a little water and start applying your mix all over ur body (a little goes a long way) up to your neck BUT NOT ON YOUR FACE!!!!!
For your face we will be using a little drop of the tube of haloderm on our face and ears remember to. Rub on the inner ear too let it soak in and that's it we are doing this twice a day once at morning once at night the whole process
Also not pictured get you self a nice moisturizer and a sunscreen because ur skin will get dry but being properly moisturized will make all the difference I highly recommend an amlactin lotion and a spray on sun screen so ur pores don't feel clogged up.....
Happy rubbing lets start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 months later update pics

So here we are 2 months later here are my progress pics my face is blocked out for obvious reasons no black knuckles due to continual exfoliation and moisturizing its Important ladies due to that I'm even all over and don't forget ladies sunscreen once ur leaving ur home

October update

So I've recently Changed up my way of mixing my products and added a few new things for a more effective mix that works faster I also made something or your knuckles which I intend to start selling soon I will keep u posted


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