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Like many of you, I have thought about a breast...

Like many of you, I have thought about a breast reduction ever since I was teased on the school bus - "Dolly Parton" - yes, we have heard it all before. So it has only taken me thirty years to finally follow through with the surgery - not a decision I made lightly. There are many factors - family, financial, the feeling of selfishness, work and basically being frightened to take the first step. Why now?? Well, I am more financial than I have ever been, the kids are teenagers and are not as dependent on me, I have worked my butt off the last ten years in particular and have ample sick leave to take, but most of all - I am over my boobs being at the forefront of my mind every time I dress / shop / socialize and paranoid now that my boys are older and have friends over - I don't feel comfortable in my own home without a bra - enough is enough!!! My bra size was 16H.

First consultation - I was so very nervous, it is a big step for me to even talk about my breasts, let alone take my bra off in front of a doctor - even though I know that they are professionals and have seen hundreds of breasts before. Dr Moisidis made me feel very relaxed and made the conversation very easy for me. He then examined by breasts and we sat back down and discussed the surgery and what technique he would use for my reduction. I had saved up about $12k and had no idea of what the cost would be, so I happily agreed to go ahead and book my surgery date when the quote came in at about $13,000.

Once booked in, I was sent for an ECG and Blood tests, which was only on the floor below from Dr Moisidis rooms, very hand and convenient service. Once complete, the wait begun! I will post pics on my next post.

Day of surgery

leading up to my surgery I was so anxious, but the day before and day of the surgery, I surprisingly felt calm and relaxed. The surgery was scheduled in for the afternoon, and my PS had informed me earlier that he expects it to take 4 hours and approx. 800g will be taken from each breast.

My PS came in and marked me up, taking his time and measuring, checking and measuring again until he was happy. Then the anaesthetist's nurse arrived, helped me relax by chatting and before I knew it, I was being wheeled off down the corridor. That is all I remember until I woke up inpost-op with the nurse asking if I was in much pain. All I recall is a burning feeling which was quite strong, so they topped up my fentenol and then took me up to the ward. I slept well all night, even though the nurse was in hourly etc taking my blood pressure, checking my drains and dressings. Through the night I asked the nurse to assist me in getting up to visit the bathroom, I sat on the edge of the bed, then started to feel sick, broke out in a sweat and had to lie down again! The nurse gave me some anti-nausea meds and within ten minutes I was able to get to the bathroom without a drama.

I was scheduled to stay in hospital over night, so I was quite relieved when my PS visited the next morning, took some of my dressings off and said if I didnt feel up to going home, I could stay another night. I am assuming that as my surgery was late in the afternoon - I think I came out at 6:30pm, was the reason why I didnt feel confident to be able to go home. He also surprised me by saying that he actually took a total of 2.25kg off - WOW! I was also able to have a shower which was a nice relief!

What i didnt plan on, was my period starting virtually immediately after surgery - they were not due to come until the week after, so not only did I have my breasts to worry about, but my heavy period and managing that too! One of the nurses mentioned that she has seen many times, surgery bringing forward ladies periods - so a warning to be prepared ladies!!

I went home the next day, not a very comfortable two hour ride home in the car - I should have taken a pillow! Happy to be home - go to see the PS in a week's time - which will be 9 days post surgery.

18 days later

So, my visit on day 9 to the PS went well. I was worried that removing the tape would hurt, and as per advice on this site I took some pain killers before I left. Tape removal was not a drama, Dr Moisidis left on the gauze type tape that was directly on my incisions, and re-taped the outer tape. He was really happy with how they were healing, and my next visit will be in two weeks time. I am really happy with what Dr Moisidis has done - incredible results.

So now I am only four days away from this next visit. Pain has been minimal, areas under my arms where the drains were continue to be the most painful and swollen, but easing slightly each day. Over the past few weeks my breasts have softened, bruising reduced and each time I see them I am happy beyond words. I look at other ladies with large breasts now and wonder why they put up with them.... then remember how long it took me to make the decision!!

I will attache a pic taken this morning.
Sydney Plastic Surgeon

Very professional, would not hesitate to recommend Dr Moisidis, he made me feel comfortable at all times, visited me daily whilst in hospital - he always made sure I was happy and that all of my questions were answered. Amazing surgeon - very well respected by the hospital staff.

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