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I am all booked in for my vaser liposuction with...

I am all booked in for my vaser liposuction with Dr Pornthep in Bangkok in September at Bangpakok9 International Hospital. I am rather nervous about it all, which surprises me as I was not at all when I have my breast lift and implants done with another Doctor in Bangkok 4 years ago. I have read excellent reviews on Dr Pornthep so I have confidence that he will do a great job :) More concerned about my recovery time as everyone seems to note its much longer than what Doctors state Vaser is.. At this stage I am getting 12 points in total done, to my stomach, love handles, inner and outer thighs and inner knees. This may end up being more when I have my consult in person. I am booked to have surgery at 6pm so I have to fast during the day and no water which is going to be hard I think in Bangkoks hot weather. I will post photos ect along the way.

Today is surgery day

I am just waiting on my test results to make sure everything is ok to have surgery tonight at bangpakok 9 international hospital.. So far the staff have been ever so friendly :) I have a broken foot which I broke 9 days ago just to make my trip a little more difficult but I don't need crutches now which is great as I have a moon boot on and I'm able to weight bare now.. Anyway fingers crossed this all goes to plan as several issues (non surgery related) had arised and made me wonder is it trying to prevent me from taking this huge step.. Here's hoping not..

1st day after

So today is the first day after and I basically haven't moved from bed.. I never got to see my results straight after surgery as I was so groggy.. I don't come out of general anesthetic well.. I haven't been put in my compression suit yet.. I'm bandage wrapped. Have a catheter in (thankfully) and a drainage tube coming out of each thigh.. My hospital room is just like a motel room pretty flash.. Pain is fine if I don't move.. (Which I'm avoiding) they said it should improve heaps tomorrow and I may stand up later today but I'm in no hurry to take that step.. I really don't know how anyone could go home same day from this procedure.. I'm in for two nights


The cost was 190,000THB for 12 points
Includes driver picking up from airport and hotels and back ect

How much fat they removed

Apparently they took out 4500 cc - 4.5 litres I sure hope so
Dr Pornthep Pungrasmi

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