27 yr old petite AA cup to full C cup - 225cc Cohesive Textured Round Mentor HP Silicone Inframammary - Thailand - Medi Makeover

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Being a petite person all my life, it was always...

Being a petite person all my life, it was always an excruciating challenge to find clothes that fitted properly. There were dresses I would fall in love with, only to have them not fit. Swimwear was another form of torture, and forget about finding sexy lingerie that sit in the right places. There was something depressing about seeing your stomach stick out further than your boobs, and 12 year olds filling out clothes better than you do.

I always felt out of proportion with my broad shoulders, slim hips and thick waist. I always said you could mistake me for a pre-pubescent boy from the back.

So after putting up with this for 27 years, I decided that it was time to stop being frustrated and self-conscious. I personally knew three people who had breast augmentation performed in Thailand, and they have loved their results.

So I did my research, spoke to family and friends, and booked my surgery through Medi Makeovers, an Australian based medical tourism company that organises all the necessary bookings.

My consultant from Medi Makeovers is Kim Pitkins and she has been great; sending me emails for everything I could possibly want to know about my trip and surgery. It has been a relief not to have to worry about certain aspects of my surgery, god knows I am anxious enough about my decision to undergo surgery – I have never so much even been unconscious in my life!

All my bookings were done about 5 months prior to my surgery date. We are going to Phuket for the first 5 days to enjoy our Thailand trip, and then to Bangkok where I will be undergoing the procedure with Dr Chatpong at the Bangpakok 9 International Hospital. Then it’s one week recovering in luxury and ease at the Grand Centre Point Terminal 21 Hotel in Sukhumvit. In total, I have 10 days to rest and get back on my feet before flying back to Australia and going back to work. I’m glad that I have an office job so I’m not too concerned about the pain and discomfort, I can take it easy if necessary.

I have been freaking out coming up to the surgery date though. But it’s now only 3 weeks away, and I am starting to get a little more excited! I am trying to mentally prepare for the pain and discomfort, but I am not looking forward to not being able to eat or drink from midnight of the day before the surgery until after surgery the next day, which probably means that I won’t be eating or drinking from when I wake at 7am until like, 6pm. That’s almost 12 hours without food or water! That’s a kind of torture I wouldn’t even begin to know how to prepare for. Also, needles. And blood. Ugh. But, no pain, no gain.

To take my mind off the whole thing, I’ve been preparing for post surgery; I’m on an “anti-inflammatory” diet, cutting back chest exercises, moisturizing and massaging my boobs, drinking lots of water, and buying loads of supplies like heat/ice gel packs, laxatives, ginger ale, neck pillow, slippers, front button down shirts, searching for photos to show the surgeon, compiling list of questions to ask surgeon, preparing my Will and life insurance (dramatic, I know), reading forums, looking up scar treatments and compression garments, and buttering up my partner who will be nursing me through the procedure and puting up with me, and somehow, through it all, still love me even when I am grumpy and irrationally emotional from thirst, hunger, pain, discomfort, anxiety and general whining.

I’ve just stopped all medication and supplements as per instructions from the surgeon, and now just concentrating on eating healthily and keeping healthy in general.

I have told some close friends and work colleagues about the procedure; I have no qualms about being upfront about what I am doing to myself; I will own this decision as much as I will own my new boobies! However, I do feel that some people have judged me for my decision, but whatever, because Feminism. I can do whatever I want. I’m not doing it for the male gaze, or for any gaze. I am doing it for the 6 dresses lined up in my closet, waiting to be worn! I am doing it for all the dresses and tops in the stores that I used to walk straight pass knowing that I would not be able to fit into anything - I’ll stop justifying my decision now!

The ironic thing is that because of my small boobs, I unintentionally flash people when I bend down, and they see more of my boobs now than if I had proportional boobs that filled out my shirt. People will see less of my boobs (unintentionally at least) after the augmentation! Go figure.

I will try to update as I go along.

Wish Boobies!

I want a natural "ski slope" shape, with fullness in the lower poles. Hopefully, given my frame and size, the implants will look on the smaller side to suit my body, but still look round and symmetrical (I fear I have asymmetry, with nipples that point outwards!). 

Given the conflicting descriptions of the vague idea of what I ultimately want my implants to look like, the above pictures best depict what I want!

Only a week and half to go now, getting very excited! I bought a lovely bikini top the other day, and when I realised that after the procedure I probably will never again have to rely on certain hard to find bikinis to look proportional and feel comfortable and confident - that I can just go into any shop (or online), find a bikini that looks good and know that I will rock it - was such a surreal realisation. I've carried the anxiety of being seen in swimwear or lingerie around all my life and for it to suddenly go, that's going to take some getting used to! But I'm excited to face that head on. I've attached a photo of the bikini above; it will be interesting to see a comparison photo when the procedures done!

However, so not looking forward to the pain. I'm trying not to think about it, but I am such a wimp when it comes to pain, or the anticipation of pain!

Also trying not to think about how my friends will react when they find out. Unfortunately, I do care what they think. Ugh.

The Night Before

Sooo... it's the night before the big day!

I am nervous, scared and excited all at once. Mainly scared. This whole week, whenever I thought about the fact that I'm getting operated on on Thursday, it made me want to burst out crying.

So right now, I'm carbo and protein loading for dinner so I don't feel too hungry tomorrow. Also will try to drink a lot of water and Gatorade so I am well hydrated. My diet has been a bit shitty the last few days as I've been on holidays and I've been eating whatever. Hopefully this won't matter too much but I'm already so bloated and backed-up, I don't even want to begin to imagine how bloated and back-uped I'll be post surgery with all the meds. Ugh. Also hoping I won't be too nauseous when I wake up tomorrow; nausea is the worst.

Later I'll shower with the antibacterial soap, not moisturise or deodorise, and then try to have an early night sleep because I know I won't be able to sleep much, if at all, tonight.

My pre-op tests start at 8am tomorrow. A final consultation with the surgeon is scheduled for 11am. And then the operation itself should be about late afternoon.

Wish me luck, I'll see you all on the other side as a member of the Boobs Club!

It's Done!! Days 1 & 2 Post Op

It's done! I can't believe its happened and I now have rock hard high wide silicone boobs! No one will mistake me for a boy now!

The night before the surgery, I slept better than I thought I would, yay for being tired!

I had all my pre-op tests done at 7:30am the next day. It took about 45mins, and I was cleared for surgery at about 10am, huzzah! I was allowed to have half a glass of water at 8am, but that was about it. I wasn't as grumpy as I thought I would be from lack of sleep, food or water. It mainly made me tired so that was probably the best outcome.

At 11am I had the final consultation with the surgeon. Dr Chatpong was professional, if a little cold. But I felt reassured by his confidence. We decided on an inframmamary incision because I wasn't keen on having scars on my armpits. I figured that I can hide scars under my breast fold easier than I can hide armpit scars.

The surgeon told me that the maximum size I go go was 225cc given my small width and height of my chest, which was a lot smaller than I thought but when I tried on the 225cc and a smaller 190cc sizers, they both looked quite large on my body. The 190cc looked really natural and small, but having read all about boob greed, and knowing that the implants will go under the muscle, I opted for the larger 225cc - go big or go home right? Haha, at that stage, ANY boobs would have been great.

I then completed all the paperwork and paid the hospital, then I got prepped for surgery. Getting the IV put in was pretty ick. But it was over pretty quickly.

At about 1:30pm, they came to take me to theatre. I was a little teary when I had to say bye to my partner. I had to wait half an hour for the anaesthesiologist and was then wheeled into the actual operating room. They strapped my arms to the side, and then gave me a gas mask (which smelt like strawberries!). The anaesthesiologist then told me that she was going to administer the general anaesthetic. I remember thinking, this is it, you're going to fall asleep any minute now... and then the next thing I knew, I was being woken up from the pain!

I remember moaning a lot from the pain and trying to open my eyes to see where I was, but it was so hard to keep my eyes open. I was in the recovery room, but I only knew that because they told me I would wake up in there. I expected to fell more pressure as a lot of people have said the pressure was immense but I wasn't bothered by the pressure on my chest at all - the sharp pain on my sides was all I could think about! Barely anyone said anything about this pain! My throat was sore from the tubes so I could barely speak either. Just laid there moaning like a full chested zombie.

I fell asleep again, and then the nurse came and told me it was time to go back into my ward.

I must have fallen asleep again because I don't remember going back into my ward. I remember hearing my partners voice in the room whilst the nurses moved me into my bed. It was so painful, I remember every jolt made me moan. My partner said it was pretty distressing to see me so out of it and in so much pain. So I'm glad I was so drugged up!

That night and the whole next day was a bit of a blur. Sitting up hurt and was exhausting. Laying down hurt and was exhausting. Breathing hurt and was exhausting. But small mercies; I fell asleep a lot. But I couldn't stomach any food. I vomited like 3 times after trying to have soup and a bit of bread so at that stage I had gone 40 hours without food or drinking any water so I was pretty weak and tired, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Even drinking water made me feel sick.

Going to pee during the night was a really painful experience which required the help of my partner and a nurse. You don't realise how much you use your chest muscles until you can't! Should have worked on my core strength a bit more in preparation for this surgery!

The pain was better the next day, moved on from the morphine drip to pain tablets, although last night in the early morning I had to call the nurse for pain meds because it was so painful, I could barely sleep. The pressure still wasn't bothering me at all, but it hurt like hell just moving from sitting to laying down.

The implants are still really really hard and stiff! And I can't feel my nipples or my chest when I touch them.

When the surgeon, Dr Chatpong, removed the drains yesterday it felt so strange because I could feel the drain getting pulled out of me! But I got to see my boobs for the first time - now I'm worried they're a little too wide apart! The surgeon said he would place the implants as close together as possible, but I think my chest bone is too wide to allow me any good cleavage - I'm still hoping that when the implants drop and settle, they will come closer together somehow... It was so surreal looking down and seeing lumps on my body where there were none a few hours before. He gave the serial numbers card and manual to my partner before he left. He said it was healing well, and I have no bruises so far. I still feel that he's a little cold, but whatevs, so long as he's done a good job, I don't need him to hold my hand.

Today I managed to eat a full meal and not throw it back up. Getting some appetite back. Getting discharged from the hospital today, and checking into a 5 star hotel for the next week to recover in luxury haha.

It still hasn't sunk in yet (probably because I've only seen my chest once for 20 seconds in the last 2 days). But so far, despite the constant pain and discomfort, particularly in the early mornings, I can still say it's been worth it so far.

I will post photos soon, and update in a few days. Planning on going shopping and sightseeing in a few days when I feel better.

4 days post op - pics of days 1, 2 & 4

I'm walking around like Quasimodo, hunched from the strain on my boobs, which is hurting my shoulder blades, but straightening up pulls on my chest muscles too much.

Sleeping has been a bit of a nightmare - my tailbone hurts from sleeping upright, and I can't find a position that's comfortable and not painful on my boobs. My chest hurt a lot upon waking up - they feel super tight and swollen and sore, and it's so uncomfortable. I might take a sleeping pill tonight so I can get some sleep. I've had baths (keeping my incisions out of the water), which seems to help relieve tension.

I need help sitting up from bed and putting clothes on. So far I haven't been able to wear anything nice because I have to cover up with loose and high collared tops to cover the ugly compression bra and tube bandage. I also can't reach for things, so have been ordering my partner around like a slave driver - it's been awesome to be attended to hand and foot!

My compression bra feels like it's rubbing against my right incision - I wonder if it's too tight, but it doesn't feel too tight. I just think my right side is giving me grief more than my left which has been completely fine, pain free and has more range of movement. The photos seem to show that my left has dropped more than my right as well.

I'm still concerned about the wide gap in between the implants, but I suppose there's nothing I can do about that except pray that it somehow closes when the implants drop and fluff.

On day 3 I spent most of the day walking around shopping, but today I spent pretty much the whole day sitting in bed. I know I should get around and move more, but I've been doing a lot of activity of all sorts, probably some that I shouldn't be doing yet, so until my right side stops feeling like someone is stabbing my incision, I ain't moving. Not sure how I'm going to go going back to work next week...

I am bloated as hell, which limits how much food I can eat. Trying to just drink lots of beverages. I took a laxative last night but so far, nothing, still bloated.

Seeing the surgeon in 2 days to remove the stitches. I have very little bruising, aside from a slight bruise on my sternum. Otherwise, it's been pretty neat and clean.

Fingers still crossed for a complication free recovery!

Stitches out today

Had my stitches removed today. It wasn't painful, just odd, sharp and tingling sensations when the sutures were pulled out. Now both sides are zinging whereas before the stitches and waterproof bandages were removed, it was just the right side.

The surgeon seemed happy with the incisions and my healing so far. The incisions look neat and small, and there's only little bruising around them and around my sternum. I was cleared to use scar oil, start massaging and was reminded time frames to wear the tube bandage and compression bra. I was also cleared to fly home, and was discharged from the hospital.

The Thailand hospital has been more than fine, nurses were fine/great, surgeon was fine/great and the facility, whilst a bit dated in some areas, was also fine/great. My Thailand contact from Medi Makeovers, whilst I only saw her briefly twice, was also fine and friendly. So overall, there are no concerns using Medi Makeovers and having the surgery in Thailand! I was certainly extremely glad for the two nights stay at the hospital and having nurses attend to my every need, and check up on me every few hours and give me the IV drips - I honestly don't know how people manage when the surgery is done at a clinic and the patient is discharged straight after observation is done - I don't know if I could have managed that, or have someone give me that kind of medical care for 2 days straight!! But now it's just a matter of healing and being on top of post op care.

I purchased silicone sheeting to apply over the incisions because I didn't want the open incisions rubbing against my surgical bra - it was more a comfort thing, although I've read that you probably shouldn't use silicone sheeting until the incision is healed and not open or scabbing, which takes about 2 - 3 weeks. So now I'm worried that I'm using the sheets too early, although I did mention that I was going to do it to my surgeon and he didn't say no to it.. Any opinions anyone??

I was super tired today. Had a 2 hour nap and also thinking about going to sleep early. Chest and incisions are tingly and sore today as well. I slept kind of on my back last night instead of sitting upright, and I got better sleep that way, although I paid for it in the morning with how sore my chest was! But still worth a good night's sleep. I was propped up with 3 pillows and a travel pillow still though. I can't wait until the sleeping and waking thing sorts itself out. I can deal with the soreness and pain, but a girl needs her sleep!

I'm still bloated and look about 6 - 7 months pregnant, but the laxatives are helping! I only look about 3 months pregnant after they do their thang!

The surgeon says I am a C cup definitely now, but still a while to go to see how they will look finally. Ugh, I'm so impatient, I just want them settled now!!

PS. I really ffing hate it when people exclaim in good natured, all smiles kind of surprise regarding how "different" I look - yeah, I have make up on as opposed to when you saw me last I had none. Guess I look like a totally different, healthy and happy person with a fake face on. Oh well, add my fake face to my fake chest hahaha.


Today I was supposed to go back to work, but having arrived home from Thailand the previous day and not being able to sleep, I decided to sleep in and go into work late.

But then I snuggled in with my partner and for the first time since surgery, slept on my left side with our arms resting on my right implant. It hurt, but I ignored the pain and fell asleep. When I woke up about an hour later and was assisted to sit up, oh man, the pain on my right implant! It hadn't felt this painful since day one post surgery, and then again, I don't remember the pain being that bad! It felt like my incisions were being ripped opened!

But the incisions were fine. However, for the rest of the day, both sides felt sore to touch, and in a particular spot on my chest muscle. They're now so so sore and stiff, it hasn't been this bad since a few days post surgery! Now I'm worried I've done something to my chest muscle which has then in turn impacted on the implant, and I feel like I've damaged something and now my healing has gone backwards. Someone tell me this is normal; that you have a run of good days and then you'll have a really painful day. It's a roller coaster right? Not an even and straight line of healing?

I paid a visit to the doctors to get my incisions checked out, and it's all healing fine. The nurse put a gauze pad on my incisions, but this came off in the shower later. I've started the scar oil on the incisions - is this too soon??

And this sleeping upright is getting old. I'm constantly tired from lack of good sleep, yet I can't sleep when I try because I'm not comfortable. I've got so much work piled up for me tomorrow, I'm just dreading it and feeling quite down in the dumps to be honest. In clothes, the implants don't project much and I don't have much cleavage, so I look as flat as I did before the surgery, but naked, my boobs look huge and round and high.

So right now, I'm not feeling so great emotionally, mentally, or physically. I hope this passes as soon as possible, because I'm getting real tired of my own whinging and complaining, and I just want to be able to enjoy having boobs already!


30 days (4 weeks ish) post op!

So I forgot to post at my 4 weeks post op mark!

Anywho, alas, I too am affected by boob greed! From the side, I still look slightly flat chested as I don't have that much projection. I am hoping once the implants drop into their final position, I will have more projection. My implants were the largest size I could safely go, so I have to keep reminding myself that there was no physical way I could have gone any bigger, so there's no point wasting energy on regret and wishing they were bigger - it ain't gonna happen! But still...

I'm still hoping that the implants will drop closer together so I can have more cleavage too - I'm getting used to the gap between them, but my boobs would look so lovely if the gap were a little bit narrower.

Psychologically though, it's still weird to look down my chest and see these lumps! Although they don't physically FEEL like foreign objects in my body; they feel like my own body part, I don't THINK of them as MY boobs. To me, I still feel like the same flat chested person! I know when I look in the mirror that I have curves now, that I have boobs, but there's a disconnect between my eyes and my brain - my eyes see the lumps and curves but by the time it reaches my brain, it's like, oh there's flat chested you again. It's a weird thought process. I suppose it will just take time to think, know and believe that I am no longer flat chested (the small side projection and wide gap isn't helping).

Righty looks a little smaller than lefty, but my surgeon told me that would happen given my pre-op conditions, and he couldn't fix the small asymmetry as the next size in the Mentor implants, a 250cc, would make righty noticeably larger than lefty, as opposed to looking only slightly smaller with the same sized implant. I can also feel the size difference in righty compare to lefty; lefty is more than a handful whereas righty just fits into my hands. Righty is also still higher than lefty, and peculiarly, the upper pole near my cleavage curves away at a sharper angle than lefty. I'm not sure why, but I think the implants just need to drop to fill up that gap and then the angle of the curve would be more circular rather than angular...

I bought a few new tops for work that show off my lumps nicely, and it gives me such thrill to see myself with womanly curves and looking much more proportional now. So yeah, shopping has been fun, especially now that I can move my arms to try on clothes without pain or restriction!

I barely have any pain now, and can do most things. I still avoid lifting heavy things for prolonged periods though. But aside from the lifting restrictions, it's good to finally feel pain free and independent again.

Morning boob is still a pain in the arse. Can't wait until I can sleep flat and wake up without tightness and soreness. Also getting real tired of my ugly compression bra which I'll have to continue to wear for the next 2 months. Any suggestions on where to get NICE compression bras would be welcomed. I hate that I have to dress to hide the top of the bra; it limits what I wear and that's so annoying because it defeats the purpose of having breast augmentation in the first place! I want to be able to wear more clothes, not less!! But, patience, patience.

I have started using scar oil during the night and wearing silicone sheets during the day, and still doing morning and nightly massages. During one of these massages I discovered that I had a stitch poking out of my right incision, which the forums assure me that it's quite usual to have happen - except I don't think dissolvable sutures were used on me... I'm seeing my GP this week to have it removed before it becomes infected, will let y'all know how it goes.

I'm also going to get her to check out these hard lumps just above my left incision. I think it's just scar tissue that will require massaging to flatten, but I want to be sure it's nothing serious. Have any of you ladies had the same near your incisions? I do not want complications seeing as my surgeon is in another country! Praying for a smooth healing process.

My surgeon has got my brief perfectly - I told him I wanted a small C cup/large B cup. The other day I tried on a few bras at Target, and now I fit snuggly into a B cup (spilling a bit over) and comfortably looseish in a C cup. Needless to say, that made me so happy and brought a smile to my face for the whole day when I think of the fact that I fit into adult bras!! I didn't buy any though, I am going to wait until I fully settle before I embark on the fun task of refilling my bra collection.

Speaking of which, for a person who was flat chested and rotated 4 bras regularly, I threw out 38 bras when I cleared out my bra drawer. 38! There were some pretty lovely ones too that now don't fit, but oh well, time to start again on my collection and actually have them fit this time!

So in summary, whilst I'm still trying to reserve judgement until they heal and drop into their final position and shape, and trying not to think about them too much, I'm overall quite happy with how my boobs are looking and healing - the whole procedure has still definitely been worth it!

Almost 9 weeks post op!

Hi girlies!

I was going to do an update at 8 weeks, but then I didn't. So here's my update for 9 weeks post op!

Firstly, I didn't end up going to get that ultrasound after all. A few days after I saw my GP about the stitch poking out of the incision, something white and mushy came out of that incision in the shower. I couldn't feel the stitch in my incision anymore after that so I think that it was just my stitch finally dissolving. I haven't had any issues with my incisions since, although the scars are lumpy and still a bit red. I've seen some incisions on this site that are healing a lot better than mine and yet are fresher, so I'm trying not to compare myself to others because everyone's body is different. But it's so hard to look at other people's journeys and not compare!

Morning boob is all but gone, thank god. I think it stopped about 2 weeks ago. I can sleep quite comfortably on my side now.

Pain wise, I still get random pain in the lower poles, near the outer corners of lefty and sometimes of righty. Sometimes I experience that pain for no discernible reason. Other times, I think it's due to me carrying my handbag for too long. I had hoped to be able to return to gym by now, but carrying groceries is enough to make my chest sore, so I'm going to give myself a few more months to recover (and get fat in the meantime! Seriously I still eat as if I still go to gym 3 times a week!).

My biggest concern is that my boobs are far too wide apart. Not only at the cleavage, but I feel as if at the base, they don't fill out the width of my chest, and so naked, I look like I have these two round things stuck to the sides of my chest. It's so unnatural, and sometimes I convince myself that I hate how my implants look. It can look so fake and botched sometimes. However, most times, they look fine naked and good in clothes (yes I have noticeable lady lumps now in clothes - I love that!). I just know I would LOVE them if they were spaced narrower, as opposed to just being kinda meh and liking them. Unfortunately I understand that my natural anatomy was always going to dictate how my implants would sit, but still... I wish there was something I could do now to help it! Although I admit that I don't always massage my implants for as long as directed - sometimes only 5 minutes instead of 10. But I've read that since my implants are textured, that I don't need to massage them too vigorously, as you don't want to displace them, and that they're designed to sit where placed. So I've been conservative in my massages. Hopefully I haven't increased my risk of getting capsular contracture, because I do worry about that - it's been 9 weeks post op now and the lower poles are still rock hard. Is this normal?

Also, my nerve endings are so weird, every time I massage my boobs with a certain amount of pressure, I get really sleepy! A funny story: the other day I was lining up at the bank. I was my usual cheery self when I said greeted the teller, but as I approached the teller, (not being used to these things that protrude from my chest!) I bumped into the edge of the counter, which immediately made me sleepy. It must have been so weird for the poor teller because there I was smiling and saying "hi" one minute and then immediately the next, almost fell asleep instantly! Ah, nerve endings.

Anywho, I still have concerns about the angle that the top inner corner of righty curves away from my body - it's not 'round'; it's somewhat unnatural looking. Of course, I could be worried over nothing, but we are our own worst critics and when you've gone through all of this, it's not unreasonable (although unrealistic) to want to love your new boobs completely and think of them as perfect!

Kim Pitkins from Medi Makeovers sent me an email asking me how I was going, which was nice. She also informed me that I could email any questions I had and she would pass this on to my surgeon, which is so good to know as I feel that I now have some kind of post op care from my surgeon like most patients would. This is a relief. There's nothing specifically wrong or causing me any real concern, but I know it would give me peace of mind if I had indication from the surgeon that I'm healing well and that he's happy with how the implants are going. So I've sent Kim a list of questions to run by the surgeon, and will send him pictures of my breasts now so he can make an assessment. Obviously, this is not as good as a face to face consultation, but this is the next best thing and I am glad for it and will take it!

On a good note, I've been having SO. MUCH. FUN going into lingerie stores and trying on bras! I had my first ever proper bra fitting a few days ago - I am officially an 8C/8D cup! I've bought quite a few bras already, including my first ever Victoria's Secret bra (I've heard not so great things about their fit, but the bra I bought was super cute, so I didn't care!). Hopefully I'll get the all clear to start wearing (non push up) underwire bras soon. I am so tired of wearing the hideous compression bra, and my wirefree bras don't give me enough support. My chest is always sore at the end of the day if I don't wear my compression and just wear the wirefree.

I've posted a "few" photos of the bras I've bought, excuse the bad lighting, and a few shots of my incisions from last week. They still look kinda the same now. Some days they're less red though. Still trying to remember to wear my silicone strips everyday to keep the scars flat, but once I take them off to shower, I usually forget to put them back on. Also, sorry for so many bra shots, I just love the fact that I can buy all these purdy bras and they fit!! I feel so womanly now. In some bras though, because my implants are so widely spaced, I still look flat chested, but I fill out the cups.

I will update again in a month's time, if there are any significant changes, but I think from here on end, it should be pretty much set! The implants feel more and more like my own tissue now (except when I push them together hard), and I kinda forget about them most of the time, until I put my hands at my side and can feel them at the sides of my chest. When I look down I also forget that I have them because all I can see is my gaping gap! But overall, they become more a part of me everyday, and the whole thing has still been worth it!

Happy healing!

PS. This is random but I forgot to mention in my earlier posts that immediately post surgery and for a few days, I was really hot. People talk about being cold, but I was in a chilled and air conditioned room and I am always the first one to be cold, but I was kicking off blankets and basically wearing nothing whilst my partner had blankets, socks, two jackets and jeans on just to stay warm. I wonder if anyone else experienced this? I think the anaesthesia really affected me. I'm still losing my hair - it's growing back slowly so it's still really frizzy on top, but I am hoping to god my hair will stop falling out!
Dr Chatpong Sastarasadhit

Dr Chatpong presented as professional, if a little cold. There was hardly any personal interaction; it felt more like a conveyer belt but I suppose he does that many surgeries, which is a good thing. So, in terms of what you really want in a surgeon, he ticked all the boxes. He answered my questions (although he could have gone into more and concise detail with the answers, and there is a very minor language barrier) and importantly, did a great job on the surgery. I have exactly what I wanted and I was treated with care and professionalism by both himself and the hospital staff. I have no hesitation recommending Dr Chatpong, or the hospital, to anyone, with the above proviso.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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