Im doing the lipo first then wait for thigh lift.

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So i am excited and nervous. I go for my consult...

So i am excited and nervous. I go for my consult for my thigh lift on dec 12 , 2013. I have lost over 166lbs with just diet and excersise. Yep no surgery. I had a tummy tuck in 2011 and that went very well. I tried to loose my thighs for two years and nada. I went to my doctors and did a referral and now the insurance is apparently paying for it. I have had some infections and i can't run with the chaffing specially in the knee area. So i am hoping it will get done and make me so i can run and enjoy activties that i couldn't do before. So i will have to send pixs tommorrow and show you my thighs, i am hoping it will be a t surgery and make them smaller. I was hoping this was a preop but i think it is consult to see what they suggest. I can't loose anymore in that area i workout 6 days a week and i eat healthy maintained my weight for 2 yrs and can't loose even dieting. i just hope i will get fix so i can do more. Any suggestions? Thanks i will be adding photos tommorrow.

my thighs after 166lbs weight loss! nothing is working!

Here are some photos any feed back would be awesome!

Almost there! 11 more days untill my consult!

Man I am very impantient when I comes to waiting! Lol

Getting very excited!!! Only four more days!

i am very excited 4 more days and i see the PS to discuss about a thigh lift! I hope it happeneds!

Well it didn't happen!

Well most of you know i didn't get the thigh lift because PS wants me to loose more weight and they didn't even bother putting it through my insurance untill i asked them too. I had my TT covered why not my thighs. I did it the old fashion way worked my ASS off to get where i am! I didn't have any gastric surgery. I wont know untill a month. So i am going to have another consult with another surgeron that is concerned about my well being and not the MONEY! I know why my other PS didn't want me to put it through my insurance causse she wouldn't get 12000 for the damn surgery. But if your PS is like that then dont do it right! I am so frustrated but i will see what this other PS has to say. Hopefully something good or I am going to have to one of my friends that had it done to there hometown for three weeks! I might bug the hell outta them . Lol Well i am trying to keep my faith. Hope you all had a merry xmas!

lost more weight and thinking about going again for a consult. Im BACCCK!

Im Back!! Happily married and I have lost another 25 lbs and now my skin is sagging alot more in my thigh area. specially in my inner thigh. i will give it another two months before getting another consult. i will post pics soon. I have worked harder to get more weight off. I may have to have a lipo done before the actual thigh surgery. What do you all think? i am almost to below bmi of 30. i weight 185 now and 5 foot 4. i was 209 earlier this year. i have been working out and trying to loose more without loosing my mind. I quit drinking any alcohol now cause i feel that was hindering my weight loss. But i feel healthy other then my thighs. They feel heavier now. and when i walk they chaff more. Any suggestions would help. If my insurance don't cover then i will probably pay for it myself. I want to be more active like finally take up running. I think you will noticed the difference in the pics. check it out.

What should i do know??

So I went to the Doctor and she said i do have lipedema and have alittle swelling. I sit at my desk all day but I get up and walk around. I walk during my lunch time for 30 min and when i get home. So i get a referral for lymphatic clinic for the swelling. I have minimal swelling. So i have no idea why go. So I went and the guy said i can do the massage to get the fluid to upwards but i can't do anything about the fat around your thighs or hips. He said yeah it looks like you have alot of fat there. I am like what the hell?? I am just so frustrated that i am about to quit. I have been dieting for two years. I have lost a cup size and bra size. I am loosing my top and not my bottom. I just hope someone can help me. I am ready to go to clinic in new york and have them do the damn referrall. If this is just a big hassel then i might as well just get a boobie job. Any suggestions anyone. Thanks for letting me vent.

I have lipedema and no doc on east side to help!

Ive had a few consultations on this regarding lipedema. The first two the physcians didn't even know what it is. The other one is like your BMI has to be under 30. I was like how can i be under 30 if i cant loose the weight. Hello!! So I decided to go online and look alittle more. I found a doctor in New york that will be willing to work with me. But the only concern is he is using the Smart lipo for lipedema. I am not sure if that should be corrected procedure for it. I am going to another consult and hopefully they know what LIPEDEMA is!! I am trying to avoid a thigh lift. I am tired of these heavy legs. Now my hip and knee is hurting me. I excersise every day and watch what i eat. But it seems like no one will help with this disease. I can't take alot of time of from work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

After lipo thinking of tummy tuck revision w thigh lift

After the lipo. I think im going to wait a yr and then do thigh lift w tt revision. Is it too much? I will have the time off 3 weeks plan on being in tx the whole time. I figured if im gonna be under mi ght as well get it done all at once. I had a tt in 2011 and the doc said i needed to wear corset for rest of my life. Well my dog ears are bad and i still have some skin that will never go back to orginal state. My hubby is worried it be too much. I dont think he will go all the around me. Anybody have any suggestions. Cause after this and thigh lift. Im done w surgeries. Feel free to comment.

Im ready!! Put my deposit down!

Hi gals! Im going for the lipo with Drfisher. Cant wait. Im working out and eating right. I dont know what i need for the trip? Or what to expect. Im excited though no more fat thighs. Worked my ass off and not gettin anywhere. Now my dream will come true. Ill be waiting a year later to get the thigh lift w tt. I hope i dont get too depressed with skin hangin. Well thats my update.

Everything coming together but more questions needs to answered

I am excited to have that surgery in jan. But so many questions like do i get compressions at his office or should i buy them. I didn't know about the bruising med. if we can order them or do they have some there to buy? do i need a female urinal? if anyone has any tips please feel free to send me a message. thanks

My tickets and hotel is booked! 2 and half months.

Well im back in training to get in shape to loose a few lbs before i go. Im very excited and have something to look forward too. Finally debulking my thighs. Everything is coming together. Did any of you get dpressed after the lipo cause of the excess skin? Also where he is not doing my calfs. Should i get compressions down to my ankles?

2 more months to go!!

Ive got two more months to go. Working out and eating healthy. Taking supplements so i dont get a cold from ppl here. Using hand santizer alot. Trying to loose alittle weight before i go. Im stickin to it. Going to order the compressions next month. I hope everything goes well. Ive waited forever. My legs seems to get bigger due to lipedema. i hope i get good results. Im trying to think positive. Any one wear compression sstockin on your feet after lipo?

Ok please someone help!!!

Ok so i bought a marina compression but it is calf length on me. should i still keep it and by stocking to go over it so it will cover the whole leg? or should i keep it for stage 2 after stage 1? Please any feedback would really appreciate it. I am little nervous with 7 weeks coming up. My coordinator said to use spanx after surgery but i feel it wont compress enough. should i order the on medical z. i am afraid it wont fit me. i could barely get this one on. Any info that would be great.

LESS then 2 weeks!

My labs and ekg came out fine. Been working out feeling great. Now trying to find compressons that fit well thats whole another story. I had to return both. Couldnt get over my huge thighs. Its getting very depessing. Im trying to stay posistive. I dont know of stage 2 would be ok or not? Any helpfull suggestion welcome.

3 day post lipo im extremely happy!!

Hi everyone! I am 3 days post op. Ill tell ya alot different then boob job. I meet Dr fisher on monday. He listened to everything i said and i listened to his suggestions. It worked out wonderful. I had lipo on tuesday. It was 3 and half hours. He took all together with fat and liquid alittle over 8 liters. I noticed a big diffrence after my surgery. It hurt alittle yesterday when i needed to get in the car. I have a garment on will be changing to a tighter one either today or tommorrow. I only had a little bleeding for the first 2 days. Im not bleeding now. Im on a high protien diet and eat lits veggies and fruit. My hubby immediately noticed the diffrerence. Im keep putting my feet up as much as possible. He lipo all over my thighs and back of my.knees. i can tell a big difference. Im not going to.lie its sore but not too much pain. But im glad i did weight training for 3 and half months. I plan on taking a shower today so i will post pics. Ive been taking arnika forte. The hospital staff and Dr Fishers staff have been great. He is a true artist. I plan on having a thigh lift maybe 1 yr and half. I want to wait to make sure wverything is healing. If anyone thinking of going with him. I would. I travelled from maine to here for this. Cause i was told frim his previous patients hes the best. And guess what He is!!! Ill keep you posted.

Pics of 3 days post op

Still.swollen. but it is to be expected.

This actually day 3.

This is actually day 3. Im doing alittle better but im no cry baby when it comes to surgeries. I do my research. I have slept fine no back.pain nothing. Keep.elavating my feet. Im also takin easy for next few days. Its not really.pain i feel mostly feel large and swollen. Im happy so far. The hotel sucks for free breakfast but at least i have 2 fridge and a microwave. But my next stadge ill rent a house or an apt in stead. Need a recliner.
Now the bruising i have some but mostly back of leg and knee. He did aggessive lipo. I bruise easy anyway. Im taking arnika forte. I only have a few days left. I wish i bought 2 weeks worth. My garment is marena. I love it. It keeps me tight and swelling down. I didnt buy 2 of the one im wearing so im swapping 4x while 2x is drying. Untill i.get home when i order it. Im.very excited about my results now. I know its not the final. But i tend to workout with weights before my.lift. My diet consist of eggs , water,salad, yogurt and tuna. With veggies. I cant eat chicken yet cause of the episode at longhorn where my hubby and my daughter and i all got sick. I cant bring myself to eat that yet. I eat lots of fruit but before 2 pm. If i get a little hungry ill eat low sodium soup. But i.really.think.resting and drinking water helps with healing. Heres some pics i.will post more in a few days. I do wanna thank christinaal for all your tips. It has been an easy recovery so far. Thanks.

1 week post op

Pain is better now. More tolerable. The only thing hurts is walking and thigh touching each other. My thighs feel burning and tingling. And i have a couple of open sores in my crease but Dr Fisher was fast getting back to me. Im moving ok but i feel like a big hippo. Elavating my feet higher then my.heart. the bruising travelled to my calfs. Not nice. Out of all the surgeries this is the worse. Im glad i.took 2 weeks off from work. Been eating low salt high protien diet. I feel so stiff. Im wondering if thats normal or not. I hope i feel better by monday. Ordering another compression thats im wearing so it will be here in 2 days. I ran out of arnica so i bought some chewable at the store. Im not sure thats working. But im bruised alot more now. I was on the plane for almost 5 hrs yesterday luckily i was able to put my.legs on hubby during the flight. I hope it will get better.

3 weeks post op.

Well im finally feeling better. My bruises almost gone my legs are still.swollen and sore but managable! Still waddle a bit. Im very happy w results even though im.swollen still. Has anyone experienced swollen in abs and pelvis area? My compression feels snug but not overly tight. Should i get a size down for third stage? I find my compression comfortable. Alittle pain in but to put on. Lol. I will resume excersing next week doing baby steps. Still doing high protien diet. I feel alot of pulling and burning pain. Im getting used it. Heres my pics with clothes.

6week post op loving my results.

I went from a 4x compression to 2x compression and now xl compression. Still sore and swelling by the end of the day. My pants are loose on me but not complaining!! Starting walking 30 mins a day. I still get stinging and jerks from the nerves. But overall im very happy!! They look alot smaller and not so heavy! I know i still having swelling but it will go down in time! 6 more weekss then florida!! Whoot woot!
Dr Peter Fisher

Ive done my research on this. I was referred to him by his previous patients. Im soo glad i took there advice. I met him the day before surgery. Hes really caring doctor and he loves what he does. After i met him my hubby and i felt very confident in him. We knew we were in good hands. He will.answer all your questions. All i can say he is an artist. I noticed immediately after that some fat was gone. Still swollen but i know he did great. His staff are so nice and i love the actual robe they have there. So soft and fluffy. I highly recommend him for any surgery. I am coming back for the thigh lift. Thanks Dr fisher!!

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