54 & Going from a DD to A/B and Can't Wait! - Bangor, ME

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Breast reduction was something I had never really...

Breast reduction was something I had never really considered as an option until speaking to a friend about it last spring. I am quite active -- bicyclist and musher -- and frankly, my 38DDs get in the way. I saw a PS last month and was delighted to learn my insurance will cover the procedure. Of course, that meant going with the insurance mandated reduction amount which will take me to a small B or large A. This did concern the PS who thought I may be happier as a C. Nope, I thought long and hard about it and, while i could afford to pay for a custom job, I am more than happy to have small breasts at this point. My feminine identity is not tied into breast size at all and, frankly, at this point in my life it's really about comfort and quality of life.
I am now waiting on scheduling but it is looking like it will take place at the end of August. I am nervous but quite excited!
Some questions for those who have done this:
What's the recovery time like? I live alone and have animals that need tending.
Were you happy with the results?
Anyone feeling like they did, indeed, go too small?

Before - can't wait for my surgery date!

Posting a before photo - this was very scary to do, but I take courage from you brave women on this site blazing this path!

I have a date!

Huzzah! After more than a 54-year relationship, on Sept. 9 I bid farewell to the bulk of "the gals." My surgery date has been set by Bangor Plastic and Hand surgery. First pre-op appointment this week. As they are located about 4 hours to my south, they are going above and beyond to accommodate my schedule. It's getting real!

Pre-op done!

Met with all the pre-op medical staff this week and we are good to go for Sept. 9. Got some additional great information and now even more excited than ever to get this done. Still a bit concerned about recovery time as it's a busy time of year.
Counting dow to the 9th!

Almost time!

Friday is the big day... I am first on the docket so going in for 7:30 a.m. VERY anxious to get this done and start my new, breast-reduced life!

Well darn...

Due to a medical emergency in my doctor's family, my surgery for tomorrow has been cancelled. I am bummed! But, it's still going to happen... likely more toward the end of the month. Stay tuned...

Time & date...

I'm on deck for 10 a.m. this Thursday, the 29th. A bit nervous, but mostly just want to get this done. Fingers crossed it all goes as planned this time!


Surgery was yesterday and now home - wow! Even just 24 hours in I am so happy with the results! Bit of discomfort but the drugs knock the pain back. Have not looked under the surgical bra yet, but will do so tonight when I change out the gauze. So happy to have this done!

Updated photos from day one and day four post op...

I have to say, I am pleased with the results. Not as swollen as I had feared and bit sore, but it's all good!

One the mend...

Things are healing up nicely. Pain is kept well in hand with regular tylenol and now the challenge is how itchy the new gals are! Which I take as a sign things are mending up as they should. Biggest surprise in all of this is how tired it made me. Slept a great deal after the surgery and now, 6-days post-op finally able to get back to a modified normal routine.
Still sleeping in the recliner as I have to sleep with my head elevated and it's just easier this way. Looking forward t the two-week check in with the doctor at which time I am hoping to be cleared for physical activity. I can't WAIT to take my first bicycle ride post-op!!!
I'll get some one-week post-op photos for tomorrow...

One week post op

Healing continues. More swelling on the left breast area, but I am guessing that is due to the fact the doctor took more from that breast. Pain is pretty well gone, other than today as I kind of overdid it as I was feeling better.

A week later...

Little swelling on left side, but mostly due to my over doing it. When they say take it easy, they mean it!

10 Days post-op

Swelling is up and down but that is due largely to my pushing things. Over all, looking good as things mend.

Two weeks post-op

Had my two week exam this week and it went great... swelling continues to go down and I am beyond thrilled with my new, smaller breasts. Suture tape was removed and the scars are a bit more pronounced than I had thought they'd be, but I am sure time will take care of that. Still a bit of discomfort, but all in all, could not be happier!
Dr. David Branch

Dr. Branch works out of Bangor Plastic and Hand Surgery in Bangor, Maine. I cannot say enough good things about him or his staff. From start to finish they have been supportive, kind and professional. Dr. Branch - in addition to being a great surgeon - is also an artist. I could not be happier with the results of my breast reduction.

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