Vaser Much More Painful Than Expected

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Hi all, I had Vaser surgery done 5 days ago in...

Hi all, I had Vaser surgery done 5 days ago in Bangkok and I can honestly say I thought I had a high pain threshold but I found this very painful. I was under General and had my inner & outer thigh and knees done. I stayed in hospital for 4 days (Normal in Thailand) which I am glad about as I would not have been happy going home in the state I was in. I had draining tubes for the first two days and since then just a plaster and no further draining. Can't imagine how swollen I'd have been if I never had them though.

The first 3 days I was pretty much in bed the whole time only getting up to go to the bathroom. They put me in tightish bandages which were changed daily for 4 days then I was given the compression garment. Not comfortable to get into but ok once it's on. I feel better much more supported when wearing it. It definitely gives a good silhouette and really holds you in place. I don't feel comfortable without it. I've been told to wear mine for about 2-3 months. Personally I'll wear it for as long as possible, after all this there is no way I'm ruining the outcome because I didn't wear the garment. I've also ordered a black Veronique garment which looks just like black sports leggings.

Day 5 and first day back in the gym, just doing upper body weights and been walking a lot. Not having a problem with swelling as much probably due to my boyfriend massaging legs and feet 3 times a day bless him. Stiffness and pain only really occurs when I've been sitting or laying down and I get up but within a few minutes it feels fine, although I feel like I'm walking like a penguin! Only thing really bugging me is having to still sleep on my back, there is no way I can lie on my sides yet as the pain from where the drains were is still really sore and as the bed is hard where we are staying my stomach ends up hurting from the compression garment! Still waiting for swelling and pain to subside but I know that will take some time. Oh well roll on another 11 weeks!

I know it's only a week but I'm taking pictures weekly as added motivation so these ones are after 4 days.

Went to the gym twice today just 30 minutes this...

Went to the gym twice today just 30 minutes this morning (20 on reclining bike level 1 and 10mins on walk speed on the treadmill) This afternoon I did a 20min walk again & 20mins on bike and 10mins on crosstrainer. I felt 100% fine at the time and even after wards the swelling seemed to go down and getting up and down was less painful until I went out this evening and my knees swelled so much. They have gone down now but tomorrow will definitely not do as much. I'm also having sharp stabbing pains in my hips (there was no work done on this area, but the draining tubes were within and inch of this area) It feels like a sharp pinching pain.

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I will decide once I see the full results.

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