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Hi , my name is Abel. I am from Germany. 33 yrs...

Hi ,
my name is Abel. I am from Germany. 33 yrs old Asian , 1.80 m tall and 75kg weight.
I decided to have plastic surgery as I was not happy with my nose, which in my case has no bridge. I did my research online regarding the different methods of Rhinoplasty and also the doctors in Bangkok. I have also email many hospitals and we have back and forth emails. While I was doing my research, I came across Vaser Hi-def Liposuction which made me very interested. I do some sports but not much. I am working as a Masseur so my job is already quite physical. I was amaze at how doctors can sculpt a body with six packs. Skeptical ! So I did some reading about this online where it is done in the USA but at a higher cost. There are also some videos in Youtube showing this method of Liposuction. Ok I am not fat or skinny, just normal. I felt I was the right candidate to have Vaser Hi-def as you need also some muscle and fat to begin with to shape the body.
So in the end I decided my choice of doctor at SP Clinic. Which at first I was a bit concerned or confused and that is because there are so many doctors in Thailand and it´s just hard to pick and choose who is better and who is not. I think these online reviews have helped me made my decision. That is why I want to contribute also to show my honest experience and let people who are interested in plastic surgery make their decisions. Sometimes it is a hospital representative who is sending me emails and I feel they don’t know some medical procedure and give me the wrong information. What I also hate is when a doctor give a price and after I tell them I book my hotel and flight, they increase their prices. I will not say which doctor but I cross him out immediately.
Ok decision time.

I made phone calls with my doctor from SP Clinic and also sent emails regarding which surgery I will be doing and also the cost, down time, pain , how long I have to stay in Bangkok. Also I sent him picture of myself front, side, back view of my face and body.
We made a appointment to have the consultation on the 20 April and surgery on the 23 April. I was going to fly back to Germany on the 4th May. I think its important to give yourself more time before you feel well enough to fly, but I guess it depends on what surgery you have.

So……. I have a silicone on the bridge of my nose and cartilage from my ear to the nose tip. I wanted it to look natural and not too high like a Caucasian. I still want to look Asian. I have a round shaped face which I wanted to slim it down abit to make my jaw and chin more defined. I also had Dimpleplasty which I think would make my smile better. And last but not least I did Vaser Hi-def Liposuction on my tummy. I had to do my Dimpleplasty about 1 week later as my face was still swollen from the face Liposuction. For the rest of the surgery I did them at the same time with ‘twilight’ anesthesia. I did not have pain during or after the surgery. I stayed 1 day at the clinic where there is a nurse who took good care of me during the night. I was abit sore and could not more so freely. It was not easy to get up from the bed to go to the toilet but I managed to pull myself up. I went back to my hotel the next day and was just sore for 5 days perhaps but by the 3rd day I was going into shopping centers for short walks and meals. For 3 days after the surgery I have to go to the clinic everyday to change dressings. From the 3rd day I could shower and I apply the cream they gave me everyday twice and took my medication regularly. 7th day I went back for check up and also to do my Dimples. The local anesthesia was slightly painful but after that I didn’t feel anything. I could not eat properly for a few days and swelling and slight pain as I have a blood clot on my cheeks. I use warm compress to try to ease the blood clot. Took many days before the pain was gone. For my face liposuction I had about 100 to 200cc of fat taken out. I expected more actually. For my tummy I had about 2000cc fat taken out. I think it is lesser but I can´t tell now because I am still swollen. I regret not doing my eyelids this time because I had one single and one double eyelid which I can fix it by using eyelash glue, but I was worried I was doing too much surgery at one time. If I knew that I would have pain after the surgery, I would have done it all at once. Anyway too late for regrets. 

Overall I am happy with the results. My abs looks good so far, face still swollen abit, nose is ok so far but dimples was a bit disappointing as the left side have almost disappear regardless when I smile or not. The right side is still there and I am hoping it will turn out ok. So I guess I have only one dimple in the end. Total I paid 6000 US Dollars.
Today is 2 weeks after the surgery. I have some photos of before and after the surgery. I hope my review have helped some of you in getting some information regarding plastic surgery. And Good Luck!


ok everything seems to settle down. tummy Looks ok , nose ok. dimples were not as deep as i wished but it still acceptable at the Moment. face also look Slim even though i gain weight. Overall happy with the results and really getting more Attention.
SP Clinic

I think it will be wise to have a list of detail questions before you have your consultation with the Doctor. He will explain to you only when you have asked. So please do some research before your appointment. He is good at what he does but just a bit quiet and soft spoken. I think it will be better if he explains the surgery more to me. But i am not sure if it is normal for doctors to explain every single step. Its my first time anyway.

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