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I had surgery over a year ago and I am still...

I had surgery over a year ago and I am still smiling with the results and since so much time has passed I feeI I can tell my story so I can help others.
I met with a couple of PS here in Sydney but the cost was too much for me. I definitely wanted surgery but it cost so much so I started looking into surgery overseas. After lots of googling and talking to many girls and looking at every forum in the world I thought I was ready to go ahead but the more I read the more bad stories and the more good stories I saw – It was confusing but I was determined to get this operation.
I had looked at many forums. I studied so much I could guessed what the regular bloggers were going to say next. What REALLY REALLY bothered me was some Forum ‘experts’ that had not even had the particular surgery and were so so strong with their recommendations
I decided for surgery in Bangkok because they have the largest hospitals. I looked at Phuket and whilst there were a couple of popular hospitals I decided to stick with the big hospitals of Bangkok.
I obtained prices from the four hospitals in Bangkok at Bumrungrad, Bangkok Hospital, Yanhee and Samitivej and prices were very similar except for Yanhee which was a bit cheaper.
I then read so many bad stories about Yanhee I decided I would go to one of the other three
Whilst it seemed easy to just make a booking I was interested in investigating the medical tour companies too even though some of the forums really bag them ( there is one forum where one woman must have a vendetta against them - she continually makes awful comments about them but I wanted to see)

I was surprised that the price they quoted at Samitivej was less than I had been quoted when I spoke to the hosptial. What swung me to using them is that I knew tummy tuck is a large operation and as I was traveling alone I wanted extra care and this company provided nurse in their hotel after hospital.

Surgery with arranged with Dr Montien after sending off pictures and medical information.
The day of surgery arrived and the company picked me up and at the hospital I was nervous as anything. I had made sure I had not eaten before my consultation and was still feeling like I was going to be sick - nerves kicking in - I was really bad and being alone did not help. I was so glad I was taken by a beautiful girl, from the tour company, all the way to the hospital and she came in with me and even waited whilst I checked in and then took me to see Dr Moniten
The hosptial was just like hospitals at home - modern and spotless and everything very efficient
Dr Montien was very caring I know he could see how nervous I was but after meeting with him I started to settle. He was really very nice and explained exactly what I wanted to know. I had read the Thai docotors did not all have good English so I was relieved when I spoke to him and his English was good.
After the consultation I was feeling a lot better but still nervous.
I had some basic medical tests and surgery was scheduled for 2 that afternoon. It seemed awfully quick but I knew I had been considering this for about 3 years and as Dr Montien did these operations all the time so I was comfortable

After having my kids I simply wanted to get back close to what I use to be like. I could not believe that in a few hours it was happening I kept reassuring myself that soon I would be able to slip into nice jeans again and was determined to throw out all my tracky pants once I got back
I had my two children via C section and there was a fair bit of floppy skin. Dr Montien said he would even get rid of the c section scars – so two scars down to one tummy tuck scar Bonus !

Preparation for surgery and hospital rooms were no different from when I had been in hospitals at home. Dr Montien came in again before surgery and made me feel comfortable and he introduced me to his anaesthesiast (spelling??) – He was nice too but his English wasn’t as good as Dr Moniten but this did not worry me because really I would be asleep LOL.

Dr Montien then started marking my tummy with line where he was going to operate – ahhh couldn’t believe this was really happening Feeling nervous again !

The anaesthesiast started to do his magic and the next thing I know is waking up and in a recovery room. I was surprised I did not have any drains in me and Dr told me later they were not required in my case.

I was still feeling pretty doppy and starting to feel pain The nurses came in and gave me some pain killers which worked a treat but I soon found out they made me constipated and this hurt a fair bit
Dr Moniten told me that he my abdominal muscles were completely separated and he had a fair bit of stiching to correct them
In hospital the nursed had me up every 3 hours or so and started me walking 50m - quite hard getting in and out of bed but they insisted

After spending two days in hospital ( many hospitals only offered one night – trust me have two nights )

Dr Montien visited me every day I was in hospital and finally it was checkout time – about noon
The company came to pick me up and carry my luggage and I was wheel chaired to my driver

I was a bit worried about being in the hotel but the company took me all the way to my room and a nurse from the tour company soon appeared She was brilliant I don’t know how I would have managed alone. She helped me settle in and checked medication and anything else I wanted
I truly could not have managed without her

My appetite soon came back and a nurse assistant was coming daily and I asked her to bring me light food so I started to eat some wonderful Thai food I made sure that I had no spicy food at all and I think the first days were soups

My Showering was hard but I had nurse aid to help me so this was not too bad and things were getting easier by the day I even stopped taking pain medication The nurse helped me with walking and I was taking longer walks
Day four I went back to see Dr Montien and all was fine He was very happy with my progress
Initially the surgery area looked very red and swollen but I guess that was to be expected. I have noticed as the months have passed the redness went and the scar has disappeared Probably took a good year but now hardly visible scar and a flat tummy – what else could one want
My recommendation is to definitely use Dr Montien and definitely have care after surgery and Bangkok hospital is as good as you can get

Montien Lueprapai

He gave me perfect outcome - 100%

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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