I Have Seroma, Leakage, Infected, and Incision Ripped Open

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I had a tt done on Nov 27th 2009, there is no...

I had a tt done on Nov 27th 2009, there is no pain, but extremely swollen tight on my belly continuously. Scar was healing nice and quick. 18st day later I had a fever for one day and two nights, but my incision no redness or harden related to a sign of infection. On 21st day the dark red liquid leaked through my incision, I used a few cotton pads to dry it out. Later on the day leaked more, I used 15 pads to dry and some pressure on it to make it stop. Next day amount of good 6-8oz of dark red liquid squirted out and continue leaking from one hole to two...now I have 6 holes of leakage. Two weeks after the leakage (45th day) got infected. Dr. prescribed a Septra and antibiotic ointment. Now most part of incision ripped opened. The result from a TC scan, there is approximately a one litter of fluid still remain.

I can only cry, so worry. My kids need me to be there for them. My general surgeon would treat me either put the tube to drain or cut to drain, and will leave a big long cut open to heal. that's scar me the most. What would most Dr. treat the case like mine? Am I going to live for my kid? I need to hear from other Dr. Please.

What most Dr. would treat an after tt infected and incision pops opened?
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