Are my Lips Suppose to Look This Way After a Lip Lift? Thailand, TH

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I like my nose and lips and my teeth was already...

I like my nose and lips and my teeth was already exposed to the perfect degree but I didn't like that my philtrum was too long so I decided to get a lip lift to shorten it. I got my lip lift in Thailand at the Asia Cosmetic Hospital. It was not listed as one of their procedure but I requested it and the doctor said he can do it for me for $1050 US dollars. I was shocked and very upset with the results. My philtrum was shorten, however it changed the base of my nose. My nose flared out wide exposing more of my nostrils and my upper lip looked like it was lifted too much to where I can't even close my mouth at rest. I now have bugs bunny teeth. Is it suppose to look like this after a lip lift and it is just swollen or was this a bad lip lift? If the procedure was not done correctly, what can I do to fix this? I posted my before and after photos. Please help!
Dr. Thanongsak

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