The Journey2005 -2015: Zygoma Cheekbone Reduction, Genioplasty & Rhinoplasty and More to Come. - Thailand, TH

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I never knew of this site until recently when I...

I never knew of this site until recently when I decided to go for facelift. This site has gave me many empowerment, educated me a lot and in return, its fair I share my story. Sorry if Im not too good with medical terms or names!

My journey began in the 90s. Having brought up in well to do family and good moral values (relatives are either surgeons, CEOs or Engineers), naturally Im pressured to be successful, My mother was a beauty queen and became a teacher in the later years. Her principle is simple. "Get as much education as possible. Knowledge is power. Be someone of importance to society. Your cousin was just certified a cardiologist!"

"Why's my mom a beauty queen and Im this ugly duckling. Probably i got all the bad features from dad!" i thought. Working in Marketing/ PR, where everyone was wearing Guccis to Hermes Birkins. I was loading tons of makeup to hide my flaws and could only afford $20 work bags. I was not taken seriously, contracts didnt happen. People looked at me from head to toe almost hearing "eww look at that cheap shoe she's wearing".

Lets face it. Its hard to ignore. In this modern world, looks sell. Especially my line of work. Pressure

So off I went searching to correct what I thought would made me beautiful. And hunt for that 1 surgeon
- I hated my zygo arch. It made me look malnutrition, sunken, tired and ill
- Being Asian, my mom said "your downturn nose is bad luck. No money no husband" (LOL)
- My Weak chin.

I was still working in Singapore that time.

Out of the 16 interviews (yes I remember, 16 consultations), I finalized to go ahead all of the above surgery with this Doctor. He is from Thailand. And an expert in anything "boney" on the face so Ive heard. I think he even documented several studies. His CV was astounding. He is the President of the Thai Society of Plastic Surgeons, Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, National Secretary to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & the Council at International Society of Craniofacial. And I recall he is also a professor in one of plastic surgery school in Thailand.

I flew to see him. His Certifications, photos of Thai King ceremony in recognition of his work, his praises, photos of high profile people. "So far so good" I thought.

My surgeries were done at his clinic at Sukhumvit (Thailands business district. The 1st floor being the lobby, consultation and a dental office (his wife is an Orthodontist). The 2nd floor is the Operating theatre and 2 or maybe 3 recovery suites. Very clean place. But getting to his office can be tough.

I cant recall much. But all I know is he isnt those that has some fancy flashy website, promising you the moon or sun. A patient seated next to me while waiting for consultation was telling me many high profile figures came to him. He is humble. He isnt the salesman type. He isnt the pushy type. He will never do a surgery on you if he feels it isnt necessary. And take time to explain why.

During my consultation I already felt beautiful. He was meticulous with exceptional eye for detail, patient extremely friendly. I "bonded" with him. And yes he is the one.

We planned our surgery. I was 31 years old:
1. Rhinoplasty + brow bone burring + scalp/ hairline advancement (i added this in since he's gonna cut a long line across the front hairline anyways and I hated by high forehead.)

2. After number 2 is healed (prob half a year or so. The Zygo/ cheek reduction and chin sliding Genioplasty will be scheduled.

"Please. I want results to be natural. I dont want to look like some alien cross dresser stranded on earth" He laughed.

3. And finally (you know, us girls, might as well. Besides my left breast is slightly smaller then right), a 350cc Mentor cohesive breast augmentation. Done "under muscle" (is it called pectoral muscle? if so yea its placed under it).

Rhinoplasty + Scalp Advancement + Browbone burring.
Recovery was a breeze. I cant recall any pain, discomfort or anything post rhino and brow bossing. The staples on the hairline was taken out several days and nose packing shortly after. I was warned taking out the packing will be painful. Not. I was out and about shopping.

The result is magic. The browbone area burring + nose job. Im beyond happy. Its so natural and looking from brow down to tip of my nose, both resulted in such harmonious, natural and so aesthetically beautiful in every way.

Zygoma Arch/ cheekbone reduction + Chin Sliding Genioplasty
Fast forward several months The Big One came. The day scheduled for Zygoma/ cheek bone reduction and chin sliding genioplasty.

On the morning of surgery, "Take this (Arnica Montana) the doc said. I had to take one before surgery and finish the remainder capsules post op. Went into the Operating theater, was chatting with this very lovely anesthesian, saw her butt and blacked out.

When I woke up 2 nurses was beside me. I cant recall much but was given some medication. Shortly after i was given soft food. There was not a sec that I was left alone. If ther was any discomfort or pain, it wasnt a big deal to me as I recall. The nurses are incredibly caring although they spoke not excellent English. But they understood what I wanted.

Now Im going to tell something you girls will probably kill me. Im a smoker. LIGHT smoker.

Once i lied and said "oh Im going out to look at those lovely roses at backyard". And could quickly went down to the backyard, light a cig puff a couple and before I could do a third. Not a chance. The senior nurse came. "Nope, stub it out. and I mean now. Come on! Don't even try. I'm your jail warden!" she said. I begged for her to finish just this one stick. He took it off my hand and stubbed it out into a flower pot. We both laughed.

Oh and one thing you must know. This Doctor NEVER ever likes using foreign materials for facial procedures. Not even atificial fillers. Cheeks too flat? Fat graft. Nose to wide? He'll fracture and reconstruct a new, aesthetically appealing nose. He doesnt like implants or even artificial fillers to the face.

I was actually struck at how quick my healing went especially swelling. I had no bruise at all except for slight faint ones at the neck. The swelling came and subsided very very fast. I believe it was the Arnica that helped and the Dr's superb skill.

Attached are the images of the surgeries pre and post results of my wonderful Dr. I started to gain confidence. My career also got better. I got tons of compliments but many didnt know what Ive done except those few and those are the ones who had themselves surgery done.

Fast forward 2014. This begins another chapter where I thought its time for another phase of rejuvenation works. With mounting work, almost having to fly every month, death of my mother and a whole lot of stress took a toll on my face. Im already showing early signs at 41. Cheeks start to sag abit, marionette and nasolabial lines. This time I went to a different doctor because my current doctor's schedule and mine just didnt fit. One failed terribly. And this was done at one of most reputable hospital in Thailand mind you. I will be writing this review soon, pending their response because I didnt want to put my life at risk and Im contemplating if I should fix this problem here while Im back in Singapore for the chinese new years, or do it when Im back in CA.

Why it failed, because I this time, I didn't educate and do research much.

Stay tuned!
Dr Charan Mhatumarat M.D., F.I.C.S

Sorry the name should be Dr Charan Mahatumarat What else can I say. He made me more beautiful then I expected. A true genius with magical hands. I highly recommend him.

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