36HH to a 36C, made in Thailand. Post op healing weeks 1-7

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I don't really know what to say, I have been...

I don't really know what to say, I have been reading this site for months and I just want to thank everybody for sharing there experiences. I couldn't afford to have the surgery done in Australia or New Zealand so I sneaked away to Thailand to do it. I haven't told anyone except my husband and we knew we were taking a risk and you get what you pay for so I just wanted to share my experience.

I am 4 days post surgery, I spent 3 days in a Thai hospital. They took care of me well and I didn't expect beautiful breasts or anything just smaller ones. My bra size was 36 HH with overflow.

The surgeon wanted to do a free nipple graft because my breasts drooped so low he said it is harder to keep the blood supply. I asked him if he could try keep the blood supply and if it looked like the nipples were not responding then we would do the nipple graft.

He agreed and said he would try. When I saw him the next day he said he kept the blood supply but it took him longer as it was difficult with my long breasts. So my operation took almost five hours.

One nipple looks really good my right one looks a bit black I thought it maybe dead but the doctor says it is just bruised and will go away.

I will attach some photos of day 4 I never took any photos of day 1 to 3 as I didn't think I would write a blog or have anything interesting to say. But I just want to show people like me who read this forum but never say anything because they are too shy.

It is day 8 today yesterday I saw the surgeon and...

it is day 8 today yesterday I saw the surgeon and my left side is doing well so we took the stitches out and it feels good. The right side is still bleeding at the junction where the T meets and there is a small hematoma there. The surgeon put me on some more antibiotics and told me to came back in 5 days to take the stitches out of that side, but I am worried about the hematoma. I think if it doesn't stop bleeding from that junction I will go get a second opinion about the treatment options. I would like to post some photos but I still haven't figured out how to yet sorry!

Day 9 and the left side is healing beautifully no...

Day 9 and the left side is healing beautifully no oozing, no problems. Right side how ever is still bleeding slightly from T junctinction where the hematoma is and from a small point at bottom of nipple. However swelling is coming down and bleeding is less than yesterday. Maybe it's starting to heal or maybe I am running out of blood!

Day 10 post op. I am back home in Australia. I...

Day 10 post op. I am back home in Australia. I went to visit my GP, who took the stitches out of my right breast. He wonders why they didn't use dissolving stitches. He said there is small infection where the wound had been leaking. In the T junction and under the nipple. He gave both areas a slight squeeze and guess what is poured out with blood! Just when I thought I was starting to heal. He said it is old blood from hematoma that is in my breast. And that it is better to come out. And all today dark brown old blood has been dripping out. In the shower I bent down to pick up the soap and it trickled out really fast so I stayed bent over like that until it finished coming out. Sorry to gross you out! It didn't smell this blood and it is not sticky like fresh blood just dark brown ooze. My breast seems smaller now too but still dripping away. And the bottom corner where the skin hematoma can be seen peeled off paper thin skin. My doctor said it may come apart right there at that corner but we will wait and see. Another week of antibiotic prescribed. Pain is minimal unless I accidentally bang them. So let the healing begin!!!

Day 14 post op: I took the steri strips off the...

Day 14 post op: I took the steri strips off the left breast which I thought was healing well yesterday while I was in the shower. They were coming off anyway. But then in the corner under my arm and at the T junction it started to trickle out that old brown blood. The right side is still dripping at the T junction and a few spots around the nipple. I was getting a bit depressed yesterday, thinking I don't know weather or not I should have cut my girls off or not. But I just stayed in bed and slept. I think I was exhausted and doing too much too soon. Today I feel much better much more positive and I just put pads in my sports bra and change them. And I think they look ok!

It is past week 4 already. I am starting to heal....

It is past week 4 already. I am starting to heal. I am getting used to the new me and this week i am going to slowly introduce exercise to get rid of the tummy that magically appeared when my breast disappeared!! I will post week 4 pics soon. I have a weird holllow under my skin where the hematoma was and i am still weeping from the juntion of each breast but no smell or infection. Doctor says all looks good. I just wish i would heal up so i can go for a swim!!

Week 5 only 2 holes left to heal up. They look...

Week 5 only 2 holes left to heal up. They look ok, they still feel tender at times. They are not perfect but they are better than what i started out at and I am enjoying the freedom of small breasts. I have however developed a bad habit of looking at ladies with big chests and thinking to myself they need a reduction!!

Week 6 and 7 The holes at my T junctions have...

Week 6 and 7

The holes at my T junctions have finally closed up. My breasts are soft round and normal looking. I am starting back at doing exercise with no problems at all now.They still feel a little tender if they are pushed on too hard. But all in all my healing is coming to an end and I am ready too take on the world. I have gone from a tight 36HH to a comfortable 36 C (soetimes D).I can breathe better. I can jog without discomfort. I like the novelty of wearing no bra. I can lay on my back without being choked by my breasts. I can wear dresses with no straps. I dont have red marks from rubbing underwires and straps .the list is endless. I am looking frward to my first swim next saturday in a bathing suit that doesent have a built in bra. I will put up a couple more photos but then this is the end of my blog. thank you to all who supported me in my journey. I will still be around the site encouraging and supporting others.
I hope this blog helps whoever reads it.
your friend,
Pauline. (PJ)
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