22 Years Old, No Children, Breast Augmentation in Thailand! Thailand, TH

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Hi there! I am 22 years old as of September 26...

Hi there!
I am 22 years old as of September 26 :)
I will be flying to Thailand on the 2nd of October and having surgery on the 3rd! There are a lot of tests they are going to before I even have it haha. I am actually a bit frightened of needles for blood tests etc.
However I am doing this for myself, and I cannot wait. I would love to be DD-E cup, 500-600ccs look good. I am about 65-70 kilos, not sure how tall maybe 160-170cm.
Anyone else going to Thailand for their BA?
I think I have packed everything imaginable too, bio oil to keep my breasts moisturised and help with scarring, sports bras, neck pillow and I'll bring straws and laxatives as I've heard you may get constipated! :( the photos I've uploaded are boob inspiration only! I do not own any of these photos unless stated otherwise

6 days to go

6 days until I fly to Thailand and then the following morning is surgery time!
I am nervous about having the blood tests and ECG and everything but it will be worth it!

21 hours until my flight...

21 hours 37 minutes until my flight takes off! So excited and nervous about getting the IV thing in my hand & blood test needle! Whaaa!

Pre Op!

Just had all my blood tests and X-rays. Doctor won't be in until 2PM, can't wait to try on some sizes. I am scared and nervous but so tired and thirsty. Realise how bad I need my hair done lying here make up less and o left my hair straightener at home haha. Ready to get this done so I can explore!

Day one

5:21am i cannot stand up or move, the nurses had to get me a bed pan :( my surgeon warned me dual plane would be very painful.
I am getting antibiotics around the clock great nurses.
Just wish I could get up :(

Day 3

I am still very sore underneath the breast more than anything!
I can finally get up on my own, past 2 days I've had help getting up from bed and chairs etc.
I went walking yesterday to thailand MBK shopping centre, probably not the best idea I slept as soon as we got back to the hotel was so exhausted and sore.

Day 4

Not feeling really sore anymore only underneath the Breast and I have a check up tomorrow. I am too shy to put photos up as I have tattoos which may make me easily identifiable. I ended up with 385cc silicone dual plane :)
Dr Angkana

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