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I am so excited that this year is flying by! And...

I am so excited that this year is flying by! And that my surgery date is so near. I am having Alarplasty and tip plasty done in Bangkok on July 25th.

I use to have a cute little button nose in my teen years and now that I'm 25 it seems to have grown 10x its size and my alars have flared. I have a bulbous nose, something of a African American bulbous nose and can't wait to get a proper tip back! I'm sharing my story for those wanting to get rhinoplasty done on their bulbous/ ethnic nose as I never found much information or pics or stories regarding ethnic noses and it frustrated the crap out of me!

I will update more when it comes to the surgery date and will be glad to send/ post pics :)

3 More Weeks Til my Rhinoplasty in Bangkok!

I thought I'd attach a picture of my nose for anyone else looking for ethnic rhinoplasty stories. I've always packed on the make up and contoured the crap out of my nose but my alars are flared and my tip is large and bulbous. My goal is to have a much much much smaller nose and small alars that do not flare out.

I'm so nervous that this month is finally here! I've always felt so insecure about my big nose and it has really affected my over all confidence so I'm so excited !!!! I've be flying to Bangkok on the 24th, surgery on the 25th and I hope to be feeling well enough to explore by the 28th as my partner will fly in that day but regardless I will force myself out of bed to explore :)

Flying out in the morning!

I am flying to Bangkok tomorrow!!!! I cannot wait I am so anxious and nervous more so about leaving my toddler for the first time I am absolutely excited for my surgery! When I land at 1:10am I will be picked up by my driver, taken to my hotel (Somerset park suanplu) and then picked up again at 830am to have my consultation at 9am! Bit of a rush, not looking forward to the 2 flights and 1 lay over approx 12 hours in the air ;/ anyway I will update when I get there ! Xox

Day 3 post op

Well where to begin?! I am day 3 post op. My room was amazing, I felt very well taken care of, the staff were so lovely.. Bit hard with the language barrier though. All the staff at destination beauty are great! I've read many reviews saying the staff wasn't good but in my case they were amazing! There were quite a few other women getting surgery and they were all treated the same. Dr rungkit was a lovely man, I explained exactly what I wanted to him and he told me what was achievable which I am happy with. Waking up from surgery was tough... I wasn't nervous heading into surgery but waking up was a struggle. I was in so much pain and I couldn't see clearly, I just remember saying I can't see I want to see. The pain I'd say was definitely 10/10 I was whimpering and shaking all the way Upto my hospital room where I was given morphine and I'm not sure what else. Day one was terrible, I tried to stay asleep and get drugs as often as they could be given. I could not open my eyes and the packing in my nose was very sore. Day one is not fun! The nurses come and check on you quite often which is good but annoying because I just wanted to sleep. Day two was much better, still sore. Pain was probably 6/10 I didn't do much but by the afternoon about 4/5pm I was being discharged to my hotel. My swelling had come down a lot and I was able to clean myself up and walk down to my driver. Who is also so so lovely. I haven't had to carry my bag since I've arrived! So far so good.. Oh and my throat hasn't been sore. I read a lot of reviews saying their throats hurt but mine wasn't that bad. I feel good enough to walk around today Day 3, I feel no pain in my nose or head anymore still very swollen but not as bad as day 1&2.

This photo is from day 3. Day 1 & 2 are quite disturbing so I don't want to freak anyone out too much.

Love my new nose and it's only been a week!

So I got my cast taken off yesterday and I love my new nose!!!! Dr rungkit is amazing and destination beauty are flawless. I'm not a fan of Bangkok tho so I'm ready to go home! My nose is still swollen but it is exactly what I asked for and I can't wait for it to be fully healed !! So so happy! And flying home tomorrow. Anyone wanting any info on dr rungkit or pics please feel free to message me. :)

Healing process

Day one and two are terrible! I recovered very well and quickly though. I was out shopping and riding elephants by day 3 :)

Only 7 days post op :)


I only shared my experience to let people know how great Dr Rungkit is. This was a very personal thing for me and thought people interested in my doctor should know how good is work is but since people can't play nice I've taken my pics down. If you want pics or info message me! :)

For those sincerely interested in my results..

I have decided to post some pics to my page again since I've got quite a few messages regarding my progress. :) I am 2 and a half weeks post op and very very happy with my results! My swelling on the sides of the nose have gone down a lot but still a bit tender as well as the tip. My goal was to have smaller nostrils and a nose tip much smaller than my original nose. I think it's a very big improvement and I'm happy with my nose for once in my life lol. I was always going for realistic results so it wouldn't have been easy to disappoint me as my state of mind was ' anything smaller than this nose!' Lol. I'm feeling great. Getting back into training, nose is still numb to touch and not painful thou, few headaches here and there but all is bearable. I look forward to it going down even more in the next few weeks but all In all I'm very happy with my results. Xoxo
Dr. Rungkit Tanjapatkul

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