39 Years of Age. Dr Narongdej, Bangkok Thailand

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Very nervous and anxious about getting surgery...

Very nervous and anxious about getting surgery overseas but i know of so many botched operations and Doctors here in Australia, that I don't think having surgery in your own country gives an automatic guarantee that things will turn out fine. I'm in need of lift, implants and tummy tuck. I love Thailand as a country and have been there twice before so my choice came down to finances and the chance for another holiday in the end. I don't want my work mates to know of the surgery so I am using 5 weeks holiday leave to 'travel' over seas :)

Australian Doctors

Has anyone else noticed the lack of reviews by Australians using Auatralian Doctors? This is why I ended up choosing overseas. Much more information available! If I could have used a local popular surgeon I would have, but i would have had to travel to Sydney or Melbourne for a good one. Over 4,000k's away!!!

Local versus overseas

So still doing heaps of research and feeling more happy with my overseas surgery decision as I have seen some very botched work by Australian doctors!!! Getting surgery locally is no guarantee that all will turn out ok!!!

Destination Beauty Seminar

So tonight I went to Destination Beauty Seminar in my home town and I am now more confused. Considering changing to Dr Pichit. I took some more photos and its interesting how imperfect and uneven my breasts look in the photo. I think this is simply beacuse of how i am holding my phone to take the pics! They are pretty much even in real life!!!!.....I thinl....

Green light from my Australian Doctor!!

So I went to my local Australian Dr yesterday as I thought I better be up front with her about my plans and she is SO EXCITED for me!!!!!!!! She said she has lots of patients that have travelled to Thailand for new boobs and she said the workmanship is far superior to Australian Drs as they have heaps more experience! It was so nerve calming to hear that from a professional whose opinion I value! I am now starting to relax again and feel happy about my decision. She also stated that as far as patient to stuff up ratio goes, Australian Doctors are way worse than Thai Drs! I have her full support and encouragement to proceed with my surgery overseas!!

Less than two weeks!!!

Oh my gosh, I have been so busy at work I hadn't realised how quickly time has flown by!!! Less than two weeks to go! I fly to Phuket on Monday then Bangkok on the 11th for surgery on the 12th. Tried to get some decent before bikini shots but the lighting in my house is very bad :(

Two more days!!!!!

Not long now and I must admit to feeling very annoyed! I just want advice on end results!!!!! I don't care if my surgeon is unfriendly, speaks no english and is down right rude and arrogant as long as i have beautiful boobs and a nice belly to be proud of afterwards, the rest is irrelevant to me!!!!! Does anyone else feel this way? When i had surgery in Australia, I can't remember even speaking to my surgeon before being wheeled into surgery!!! They are there to cut, slice, dice and stitch you up! Not to make you feel warm and fuzzy! Can someone please just give me straight answers?! I'm confused with scrolling through endless reviews....just to read people complain that they weren't feeling the love and felt like they were just there to pay the surgeons wage! Of course that is all you are to them! Is my surgeons work good or not?!!!? Rant over. My nerves are in tatters......


Well....not off to a good start....arrived at hotel. The room is grotty, shower is cold and the clothes dryer doesn't work after I washed all my clothing from Phuket. My ex husband (who I'm still married to) announced to the world today on facebook that he is dating one of my friends. All his family are mega happy and excited....I have been crying non stop and feeling like I'll never ever be good enough even with nice boobs and flat stomach...and I am ready to jump back on a plane and call it all quits... IS THIS NORMAL?!!!

Met Dr Nj !!!

Well....all scrubbed and ready to go! Dr Narongdej and I clicked and hit it off really well!!! I found him super friendly and polite! We even laughed and joked a bit! After my melt down last night, I am feeling much better and excited now. I will attempt to post pics but the internet is very slow...

Before pic

trying to upload photos but the hospital wifi isn't the best....

Before surgery

oh the pain......

Wow, I thought I was a tough chick but the pain has really knocked me about!!! The boobs aren't to bad, just heavy and tight, but the tummy tuck....holy heck!!! It hurts to breath, cough, walk, move!!! Today is day 3 and i am finally able to shuffle to the toilet. I have zero appetite after vomiting from a shot of pethidine, I find I am now to scared to eat! Dr NJ has been great, very friendly. The nurses seem nice but there is a massive language barrier, but hey, thats to be expected. My tummy tuck scar seems nice and low and i can't wait until the pain subsides so i can try on bikini's!!! Boobs are sitting further apart than expected, but guessing thats from swelling and they will change heaps over the next few weeks/months...happy with the size and i got what i asked for, high and perky!! I'll do my best to upload more pics


Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck

More pics

Day 4 very sore still


The beginning of the next stage of life. Bring on my 40's!!!

Dress ups

Its only 5 days but i had to have a play. I've lost my cleavage!!! Hoping my boobs decide to meet up again once the swelling goes down! Will need new bikini bottoms as my current ones don't cover the scar line. Still fit into my previous bras but i know i can't wear them for about 6 months as they are all underwire. Hopefully in 6 months I'll have some sort of cleavage back as well!!

All my old bras still fit!

Yes I know I can't wear them yet because of the underwire, but so pleased the Dr listened to my requests of not going bigger! (I'm a natural DD) They are still sitting very high and wide at the moment but I have been told that with massaging, they should eventually drop a bit and I should get my nice cleavage back! I loved my cleavage previously

2 weeks post op

Today marks two weeks since surgery. Feeling a bit emotional. Boobs still swollen and painful and hurt to massage. Tried to get good 'selfie' pics of them but its to hard to capture them at the right angle. I still haven't showed boyfriend yet. If he says anything negative, I'll bust into tears...

Almost 3 weeks post surgery

Almost 3 weeks post surgery. Still experiencing a lot of pain and heaviness in my breasts. I have nightmares about the implants dropping out the bottom as that is where they appear to be sitting! I thought they'd be higher up? When does the pain and heaviness start to ease up?

Before and after

Before and after

Compression garments

hey ladies, these are the kind of bras and compression underwear i purchased in Australia. All around $10 or less from Best & Less, Kmart and Cotton on. Dr NJ said they are better than what they can offer. I wear to bras for extra support as my boobs feel so heavy. I roll the underwear down once for extra compression around my waist. Very comfy. Buy a few as you'll tend to sweat heaps when you go outside in the Bangkok heat! Also, they never bandaged my stitches so you need to keep them nice and clean!

4 weeks post

The photos really don't do much justice as I am attempting to take 'selfies' which doesn't show my boobs at 'relaxed and resting'. Still in more pain than expected but each day keeps getting better. Nil infections :)

Another pic showing the changes :)

4 weeks Post

Bring on 40!!! Bikini body ready!!!

So pleased with results! Had a nervous few weeks at the start with the whole OMG what have I done to my body!!! But things are falling into place nicely! My belly button is going to be amazing as well once the scarring all heals up!!! YAY!!!

Can't wait for summer

i can now wear bikini's that have no underwires or padding!! The options are limitless! Before i always needed padding and underwire to give my saggy sad boobs support and lift

Woot woot

So happy!!!!! They are settling nicely into place. Still slightly tender and sore and i am not back into exercising yet which totally annoys me but doing heaps of walking. Keen to get back into weights but I just can not physically do it just yet


I went and got Professionally measured up yesterday. I have gone up a size from 12DD to a 12E. I can still wear some of my old bras, depending on style but i kinda spill out the top a bit more than I used to.


I have a lumpy breast. The photo is not to clear but there is an indentation there that I'm sure shouldn't be :(

destination beauty you suck!

Here's a suggestion DB....How about you reply to my emails instead of ignoring me?! You were always so quick and prompt to reply BEFORE surgery, but now its all over, no comment! Yes I hope you moniter this. Rant over

Massage is helping the lumps and bumps

Hoping I panicked to soon. Time will tell...they are looking better daily with massaging...my friend, who is a professional photographer did a photo shoot to boost my confidence. Yes that pic is my new puppies!

Tummy Tuck Scar

i took a few pics to show you the scar. My bikini's actually look much more flattering when worn higher on my hips, as I have short legs and it gives an illusion of them being longer! Who would have thought....and yes, if it looks like I have put on weight, yes I have. Still can't exercise properly yet and I have gained a whole 6kg since surgery due to inactivity and comfort eating as a result :(

Double Bubble f*#k!!!!!! Not happy

Yes i have a double bubble, and yes the silence from DESTINATION BEAUTY is deafening. I wouldn't want to return to them to have it fixed anyway. Very frustrated

2 years on

I figured I should give you all an update on long term results! Like most of you I was so full of fear and doubt. It seemed to take forever for my boobs to settle nicely into place and the pain to cease! At times I thought I would need corrective surgery to fix them. It took almost a year for the pain to completely subside as well. Things like push-ups and upper body weights were a big no no for a long time. Now over two years down the track I can say this was THE BEST decision I made. My only regret was that I didn't do it in my 20's. Now in my 40's I am totally loving my body ????
Thailand Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr NJ to be very friendly and upbeat. I told him the results I wanted an showed him some pictures of my desired results but I let him decide what size implants and procedures to use as I figured he's the expert and i am not going to tell him how to do his job, as i get really annoyed when people tell me how to do my job! We got on fine, and my results so far seem very good. No complications or worrying concerns. Time will reveal all :)

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