35 Years Old with 4 Kids! Thailand, TH

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Booked in to see Dr Kasemsak to have a "mummy...

Booked in to see Dr Kasemsak to have a "mummy makeover" ! I'm nervous and excited as I'm hoping this will get my body back to what it was prior to having my children. Also hoping it gives me the confidence to love myself again so I can feel confident naked in front of my husband of 13 years. Look forward to updating you further. Love reading other stories. I hope mine is as successful.

56 Days out

Ok, so I'm 56 days out and I have read every article and watched the videos which have totally freaked the living s*#t out of me! But I'm glad I watched them so I know exactly what the procedure involves. Now I'm just currently nervous and anxious. With saying that I'm still counting down the days :)

Met Dr Kasemsak before arriving

Destination Beauty was holding a seminar and my doctor that I'm booked in with was attending. So I made the big decision to drive the 600km round trip to see him, which was the best decision. I got to have an appraisal with him and he agrees to everything I had already booked in for :). The breast augmentation and lift and vaser liposuction of my upper and lower abdomen and my hips. I thought I had read everything I could but actually going to the seminar was great. I got so much more information. Anyone that is going over to Thailand to get this done you need to purchase your compression garments before you go. Ask your rep to send you a photo of what you need and just google it. I found mine online pretty cheap :). So I'm now 27 days out from surgery, I've kicked my butt into gear and doing a workout everyday. I have been taking herbal tablets for weight loss, multi vitamins etc. they tell me I need to stop taking these 2 weeks prior to surgery. Also no smoking or drinking or they won't do the surgery. So I've gone from very worried to excited now, as I have met my doctor and know fully what I will be expecting to happen.

Not Happy

Monday 29/6 I was booked in to see doctor and have surgery, they picked me up at 9:30 from my hotel and by 11:30 I sent my family away to do something for the day. I sat there and watched people come and go and no one said anything to me. At 12pm they tell me my surgery has been cancelled as my dr is in an emergency, so catch a taxi back to your hotel and come back tomorrow. WTF!! Not only am I starving as have been fasting since dinner the night before they have watched me sit there for hours on end and not say anything. So the next day I go back in again my doctor is no where to be seen so I see another doctor. Had consultation and all scans X-rays etc. All going well they take me to my room in the hospital tell me to put my bags down and follow her. So doing as I'm told I go. To find I'm laying on the surgery table to get my procedure done! No word to my family to letter know as I had now friggin clue it was happening straight away. So I wake up in recover at 3pm all night I ask to get word to my family who would be worried sick about me, nope nothing. They finally transfer me to my room Wednesday morning and can finally put my family's mind to ease that I'm still alive. Everything seems to have gone fine. Tummy tuck, lips of hips and breast lift with augmentation. I begged for them to take my cathita out so I could get out of bed, this took 2 days of begging for it to happen. So that came out Saturday, which was the first time I had seen a doctor since having my op!! Who then said he would take my drains out today (Sunday) and I could go back to my hotel! You need things to look forward to when you are stuck like this so I was excited! My drains have started leaking and keep telling the nurses who now seem to be avoiding me cause I seem like hard work! Doctor is not coming today! Well yes he is, I keep arguing with them and feel like I'm getting no where!
Upon booking my surgery through Destiation Beauty, they told me 4 nights in hospital. So far it's been 5 and they are saying it will be 7. No one has offered to wash my hair or even brush it for that matter!
I'm starting to loose my shit, the doctor better be at 5, which is the latest time I've been told. I'm currently have a dirty bed and clothes as they haven't been in to wash me today! Which is prob no point till the drains come out as they are leaking!
I don't know if this procedure would of been better done in Australia but communication would of been a little easier.
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Booked through Destination Beauty. Have been great so far

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