No More Celery Stick! Yay :D - Phuket, Thailand

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Hi all :) I am a 19yr old girl from Australia and...

Hi all :) I am a 19yr old girl from Australia and I have been obsessed with this site for five months ! I am traveling overseas to thailand to have a breast augmentation performed by dr poonsak on the 03/01/2014. Although I am very young this is something I have wanted to do since I was in early high school as I am very slender at about 5'4.5 and 100 pounds I have always felt insecure about my lack of curves besides endless failed attempts to gain weight. I am healthy and have an athletic figure and consume more food than the majority of my friends but always stay super skinny! So frustrating but i guess my metabolism will slow as I get older :) I am tired of choosing what I wear based on if I can wear my add two cup sizes bras and would also like to go to the beach without still feeling like a boy (or a celery stick as I like to call it) even in my super padded bikini. I have had a consultation with a surgeon in my home town and he recommended for me to have 370 cc over the muscle HP silicone implants (we are allowed silicone at 18) but through my own research on here I was leaning more towards 350 cc mod plus unders (aiming for a big C -D cup). Any comments or advise would be much appreciated! :)) I look forward to hearing from you all and sharing my breast augmentation experience :D

All done! :)

Hi ladies, I had my surgery at 2:00 yesterday afternoon and I couldn't be any happier with hospital staff. Everything is spotless which I was surprised at because thailand a streets are pretty dirty ! Had a lot of tests and all result came back before I even finished filling out my paper work. The rooms are HUGE and they have a sofa couch for my partner. When I woke up I was very surprised at how little the pain was. My back hurts a little from sitting up and these things are pretty heavy but other than a slight pressure no excruciating pain .. Very surprised :) I had a little peek under my bandage and I think I am in love, dr poonsak will be coming in today about 9 or 10am to take my bandages off and remove my drains . Thankyou everyone for your support :) I will keep you all updated! X

Finally unwrapped :)

Got unwrapped yesterday and got told to wear a sports bra. Currently a very tight 30D ^.^ I have no pain at al exept for if i do too much walking around they start feeling heavy and I have to lay down :) I am day 4 post op and besides them being not squishy I love them this size ! I ended up getting 325cc HP U mentor which is a little less than I was planning (wanted 350/370mod+) but surgeon said that because I was so small , I think my bwd was 12.7 .. 5'6 99pounds that this is all I can go . I wanted to end up a D but I don't think I'll keep it . Bit of boobie greed :(



Trying to upload photos


I am still having no major issues but when my bf changed my incision he said there was a pin size amount of puss that came out? They have also been bleeding a little at 6 days post op. Is this normal ? Other than that and the fact that my back hurts from sleeping on it everything is going fine and I am very happy with the results so far :) I am also wondering what a good post op bra is , my surgeon said to buy a sports bra so I brought the 2 pairs of the one in my previous post as they are comfy and not visible through clothes. Should I be wearing a full coverage one ? Thankyou for all your help and support this community has been a godsent! :)

One week! :)

Reached my one week mark yesterday and I could not be happier with my new girls :) they are starting to drop nicely in place and all pain has gone besides still waking up with morning boob and sometimes my incisions ache a little ... Only lasts for about 10 minutes though :) they fit my body perfect and I am more than happy with dr poonsak , originally I asked him for bigger but am now glad I stuck with his recommendation . The only thing that sucks is sleeping upright on my back considering I usually sleep on my stomach

2 month update

Sorry I have been inactive but just thought ild share a picture of my 2 month post op. Couldn't be happier with the result :)

Bra photos

Just thought I would post a picture of what my breasts look like in a bra, currently wearing 10D. Any bra , padded or unleaded seems to make them look a lot bigger
Dr Poonsak, Bangkok hospital

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