BA in Phuket with Dr. Poonsak in October 2014! - Bangkok Hospital, Phuket, TH

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A bit about me first.. I am 26 years old, and...

A bit about me first..
I am 26 years old, and live in Australia. A mother to an 8 year old and a 7 month old (never breastfed). 5'11" tall and currently weigh 65kgs. My bra size has dropped back down to an A cup :(.

For a very long time I have wanted to get breast implants done, but always told myself I shouldn't be selfish and waste that much money on myself. My self consciousness about my breast size affects everything I do, what clothing I feel comfortable wearing, my sex life, whether I would be able to wear a wedding dress I would actually like, after seeing amazing dresses on more well endowed women at bridal expos, etc.
A few years ago an old acquaintance shared her BA story with me, she had gone over to Phuket to get it done for a third of the price as it would cost here and she was extremely happy with the whole process. She told me how professional the surgeon was, how clean the hospital was, how she got to enjoy an awesome holiday while she was there but most importantly how happy she had been with her new breasts. Ever since then the idea has always been in the back of my mind. Then one day at the start of this year I started emailing Destination Beauty (my contact there is Frencee and she has been great, always answers my emails promptly, even when they're silly questions ;) ) and got a quote back and just decided what the hell, so booked myself in (I did look at a few different companies, but decided Destination Beauty suited me.), booked the flights and paid for the hotels. I used the excuse that we will make an awesome family holiday out of it, our first trip overseas! We are going for 18 days, have booked the procedure for 7 days after we get there, so we get a whole week of pain free exploring and activities, and a more relaxed laid back 10 days of exploring before we head home!

I haven't researched as much as some of you ladies on here have done. I am pretty much going in to my consultation with Dr. Poonsak very open minded! I do have some 'wish boobies' in mind, but I understand it completely depends on my body shape, existing breast tissue and so on, at this stage I will be just happy to have any, but I do want to go as big as will suit me. I did pick Dr. Poonsak myself though, I have seen some great BA before and afters pictures and a few good videos on YouTube.

I will upload before pics and my wish boobies when I get the pictures on to my laptop! And I will update this when there is anything new to share :).

Please feel free to share any advice or tips you have! Especially if you have any regarding travelling with small children (though I have researched that A LOT lol)

5 weeks and 1 day to go!!

I know I have been slack with uploading pictures. I promise I will get around to doing it soon! I want to upload some in a couple of dresses or tops for before and after purposes too.
Only 4 weeks and 1 day til we head off on our family holiday and 6 weeks and 1 day to go til I go off to the hospital ALONE for the surgery. Nerves are starting to set in, but it's funny I am not really worried about anything going wrong. Must be all the great reviews I have read on here.
I REALLY REALLY hate to fly though, longest flight I have been on is 3 hours so the flight to Phuket is going to be a real test for me :(.

I've started packing already. We're almost all organised (just don't know whether to buy a bra for after the surgery or not, before we leave home)!
Eek, bring it on!

Get my new boobies today

I've finally uploaded before pics, and I get my new boobies today. I don't really have wish pics to share. I've been in phuket for a week now, having an amazing time. I hope I heal enough to enjoy more of this trip. I'm not really nervous, but at the same time I am lol. Wish me luck =/

2 days post op - mixed feelings

So I got in the taxi and went off to the hospital by myself for my consultation appointment with Dr. Poonsak on Saturday, went through all the registration process, blood tests, ekg, chest xray. Had the consultation where we decided on 350cc right and 375cc left high profile silicone round by edioscope arm pit incision. Started stressing they'd be too small then and I'm not feeling much better now about them. Is this normal? I started to freak out when I was laying on the table, is it worth all this money etc. Dr poonsak held my hand til I fell asleep. I woke up in recovery feeling a bit freaked. No real pain or anything til I tried to stand up and use the toilet a few hours later.
I'm still not sure how I feel about the size.. I really wanted to go big. But he didn't really offer anything bigger, he explained for my breast width that's all he would recommend =( is this what boobie greed is? I'm so worried when the swelling goes Down I'll be even more disappointed. As far as pain is concerned, I'm coping okay, and sleeping okay, have been out shopping for a few hours, ate tea, been to the aquarium, I just haven't been able to wash bottles, open doors, hold my bub etc. The hospital beds are terribly uncomfortable! I have a dead bum still from sleeping sitting up in it haha.

15 Days Post Op - Still disappointed with size

Yesterday was a bad day, the pain in my left boob was so bad I was in tears most of the afternoon and over it! The pain meds I was prescribed didn't really lessen it any either. But today I feel great. I work tomorrow, so fingers crossed tomorrow is a good day too!
I am still super disappointed with my size. I know everyone on here is saying that it seems to be normal, and the surgeon probably gave me the most he could, but if that is the case then how do some women have 450 - 650 cc implants? I am almost 6 foot and I think broad, so I think the implants I got aren't big enough for my frame. Luckily my partner likes them, otherwise I would be completely devastated. I don't believe he would tell me if he didn't like them though.
I've had a friend say that they aren't as big as she thought I would go, yesterday we had a family party, my aunty commented 'they didn't give you much did they', and my sisters partner said 'they are disappointing.' (God I hope none of them see this review!)
In clothes, they feel the same as if I were wearing one of my padded bras.
I was hoping once they settle, drop (as much as they will) and fluff they'll look a bit bigger, but in actual fact they really tend to look smaller because all swelling is gone. (Depending on which PS's you want to listen to and believe.)

Speaking of Plastic Surgeon's, it drives me crazy how they all have differing opinions on everything! I have read a lot of peoples questions and surgeons comments on things like massaging, and sleeping on your side, and support bras, normal pain etc and I can't find a conclusive answer to any of my questions ! lol

Here's hoping when I post next, I'm feeling a bit better :)
Dr. Poonsak Sumritmanoporn

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