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Hello every one - I have found this sight so...

Hello every one - I have found this sight so helpful to me with coming to terms and making all the right choices with having my BA surgery in the coming week I just thought I would share my feelings and experiences with you all as someone out there might find my info helpful - :)

I'm 34 have 2 children whom I breast feed both for 2 years each, and don't think I would like any more, so for me I feel it is the right time to treat myself to a little mummy make over and get the courage to get my boobies done .

I'm 52 kg / 160 cm tall I'm about a B / C cup but have no upper poll fullness and have small saggy sacs of yuk left - when I wear my padded push up bras with silicone filler in it they look awesome and I feel really great and in proportion, I have really battled with the idea of having a BA for years as it is considered 'vain' and my family don't support vanity , I also have a really holistic approach to life with diet exercise and the ' fake silicone ' does not really go with that lifestyle - but after loads of self help books talking to Dr's and having a Mamogram recently - and talking with the beautiful lady whom takes the X-rays / mammograms, having all try to talk me out if it - knowing full well what I'm in for I have finally made my decision to go for it .

I could talk for ever about how I came to make the decision to travel to Thailand, as I live in Australia - I had consulted 2 plastic surgeons in my area whom I just did not get the best ' Gut ' feeling about, so I started sourcing Dr's in Australia whom I could fly to and have my surgery and a few friends suggested Bangkok
Which at first totally freaked me out as I have a background in nursing and was a little concerned about the hygiene standards and protocols they have to maintain - and I must say I was VERY presently surprised they meet much higher expectations than Australia .

It took me months of Stalking different Ds on the net until I made my final choice DR Nond whom comes with the highest recommendations and credentials, he specialises in endoscopic procedures and is very highly regarded around the world for his micro surgery ect .

- So I found my Dr - booked my ticket / and arranged my consultation and surgery times . I had emailed Dr Nond photos and about 1million questions before I made my decision to go with him so I had no real need to have a Skype consultation - which you can have, but I did not need to have as I was happy with all the discussions we had previously had .

My breast surgery would have been $12,000 in Australia and my surgery with Dr Nond is $4600 plus my airfare / and accom

My husband is coming with me to look after me , and my beautiful kids are staying home with there Aunty for 10 days .
I'm already missing my 4 year old .... LOL
And I have not already left !

I've stopped taking al my fish oil / multi vit And just kept taking Zink / vit C and Spirallina to support my immune system.

I'm a total fitness freak so coming to terms with not getting my fitness hit was hard to get my head around at first / but it is not forever .

Look forward to writing more if my feelings and experiences for you all soon

Buy for now

This is my list of items I think I'll need for my...

This is my list of items I think I'll need for my recovery :

Plastic bags for ice packs
Ice cube tray -
Surgical gloves - to use when changing dressings
Coco oil - for moisturiser
Paw paw ointment - for chafing
Dressings / sterile gauze
Surgical bra
Arnica cream & pills
Spiralina powder - to help immune health
X-ray / mammogram
Vit c powder - promote healing
Eye cover- for travel
Warm socks
Anti bacterial wipes
Antibacterial sope
New toothbrush / floss on the sticks - easy to use
Salt if required bathing anything
Tea towel - soft cloth for wrapping ice packs .
Magazines / movies
Mobile phone / buy SIM card at BK airport
Button up shirts
Loose undies / shorts - apparently it can be hard to pull your pants up !
Remove all jewellery and nail polish before surgery .

I will get antibiotics / pain relief once there .

Wow - just had my consultation with Dr Nond today...

Wow - just had my consultation with Dr Nond today , we discussed size and tried on lots of sizes , discussed pros and cons on incision sights and my slight sag ect
After all that, i decided that I would be happy with 225 cc under muscle it is a little bigger that the size I wanted as after reading all the reviews going a little bigger is a wise choice .

I'm having incision in crease - as if I would ever require revision surgery / or for future replacement this sight is much more preferred if complications ever were to arise .

No lift required thank god , the scar would be horrid - however in the future if I wanted a lift they can do hunger local - remove nipple and reposition .

At the moment I'm thinking the natural look is my hugest concern and having the nipple a little lower will only make me look more natural .

My other concerns were pain management - which he mentioned all the usual meds recommended - and told me I might have nausea for 12 hrs after surgery .

The BNH Hostpital is very impressive, I'm a ex nurse and the infection control and patient treatment is very high standard here they all speak great English so you have a full understanding of what is happening .

Came out of surgery last night - bit of pain -...

Came out of surgery last night - bit of pain - morphine in drip is helping , I am a total sook and the swelling and pain is quiet bad - I'm staying in Hostpital another night as I'm not managing the pain very well . Really hurts to get out if bed and every time I eat I vomit - I'm feeling really shit !!!!
Hope I get better soon
I've got ice packs on the new girls - but they are so swollen - and my ass hurts from sitting up in bed ...
I finished winging now -

Hello there - I'm a day 1/2 since I had my BA...

Hello there - I'm a day 1/2 since I had my BA feeling much better , ate some dinner last night and finally kept it down ..... Yippee - small things !

Dr had a post of check and was really happy - still quiet swollen and tender , and just recommended ice ice ice / rest rest rest - I was happy to have the wrap / strap taken off for a bit , I had not resized how tight it was - that helped reduce some pain - I have it back on but not so tight !

My bottom really hurts from sitting up in bed / I'm going to try some diff positions today to see if I can reduce pressure .
I'm heading out today for a massage on my legs / bottom / and head as a little treat , as this will help with circulation and lymphatic drainage .

I'm taking Arnica tabs for swelling and Zink & vit c for healing - and spiralina for iron & minerals , trying to eat pineapple too as it is great for swelling.

Still no bowel movement - but I have not really eaten much to poo out - but I might get some laxative today

Also taking antibiotic / pain relief and anti imflamotory tabs from Dr .

Feeling happy in my self - I know being in pain can get you a but depressed so I'm going to be kind to myself and give me something to look forward to each day , so I don't get too bogged down with pain and restricted movement.

I'm also doing lost of leg stretches - walking around my unit -

As far as clothes ..... Ummmm well I did not put any pants back on after surgery as getting them on / off puts strain on my muscles - so just wearing a soft waffle weave dressing gown - easy to go to toilet with and sponge down in . I feel like a little old nanna .

3 days after surgery -not feeling too 'beautiful...

3 days after surgery -not feeling too 'beautiful today ' feeling crappy actually , I was hoping to feel a bit better each day, but I feel in just as much pain as yesterday - I decided to let my self lay a little flatter in bed last night for 1/2 the night then propped up in a sitting position for the other night - I have to have my hubby lower and lift me on/ off the pillows as I can not do it myself yet - it is soooooo painful to do it myself , feels like I'm ripping flesh ..... :(

Still on all meds - I was going to try a less strong painkiller today - but no hope !

Enjoyed the bath - enjoyed looking at them in my surgery bras.

Still using my ice packs. !! And watching movies - eating ect

My body wants to move around a bit / lower body so I'm doing weird moves with my legs while standing to stretch them out - I find this helps me get rid of a bit a gas build up from my tummy !

That's all for now x

Had a horrible scare last night - after dinner and...

Had a horrible scare last night - after dinner and a little walking around I went to bath and clean / change my wounds , I took my bra off and got hubby to look at wounds and the left side had yellow / clear puss oozing out of where stitches were - I was horrified as this was not NORMAL

I started crying and we hopped in a taxi back to Hostpital where they cleaned the area / contacted my surgeon ect - they THINK it was just a little infection out side the skin - not draining out from inside ........

I'm totally shitting my self now - I wish I had a lovely 'every day gets better' comment - but I don't today .......
This is just Fu#*+% !!!!!'

I think all the crazy ideas in my head is the worst thing to try and overcome ...

Ill try and keep an positive energy today - drink lots water / rest

And pray when I look at my dressings in a few hours it is clean ........

- also used a sodium chloride enema last night ( before my discovery )
It was horrible - but got rid of all the marbles ...... Lol

Really missing my kids too at the moment , but glad they can not see me in pain . :(

Hello - feeling great today, my little infection I...

Hello - feeling great today, my little infection I had on the suture has cleared really well - thank god !

I don't handle surprises well - not ones like that !!

I went out shopping for 4 hrs yesterday , felt great to move again I kept bringing my hands up under my armpit and making circle movements every hour or there abouts, this has really help bring my posture up better as I was hunched over a lot .

Has sutures out yesterday , Dr was really happy, said I did not need to wear strap any more , and to stop using ice as it was not of any use from now onwards, just got today left of antibiotic - and it is 12 pm and I still have not needed anything for pain :)
Still feel sleepy though .

He said I can start my usual vitamins in 7 days , and to keep my support bras on for 6 / 8 weeks, I asked him about scar creams and he said ' they are all the same - moisture is the best thing for scar, so choose something with nice moisture content in it.

So thanks for your thoughts girls - and your stories, it has really kept my head space positive, as this type of surgery really is no walk in the park !

My DR profile : Board-certified Plastic...

My DR profile :

Board-certified Plastic Surgeon
Associate Professor
Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

I am a professor of the largest training center of plastic surgery in Thailand, Chulalongkorn hospital. My career started in 1998 after a full training in general surgery and plastic surgery.

I furthered my education by training at Australian Craniofacial Unit in Adelaide, South Australia for one year and at Tampa Bay Craniofacial Center in Tampa, Floria, USA for another one year. In Australia I gained high-level skill in manipulating facial bone structures in different ways, not to mention other surgical procedures for various craniofacial deformities. This become the basis of my current capability of cosmetic facial surgery.

In Tampa I experienced advances in plastic surgical instrumentations and devices as well as various cosmetic procedures commonly done in Florida. It was the golden period when I had opportunities to attend conferences in plastic surgery in US, to learn facial cosmetic surgery, breast surgery and body contouring.

Chulalongkorn university is the largest medical school in Thailand. It ranks the first in Thailand, 138th among the world's top universities and 51st in Life Sciences and Biomedicine area by Times Higher Education 2009.


1990 - Honor degree of Medicine from Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

1997 - Diploma of Thai Board of General Surgery

Received the best resident after the training completion
Be elected as the chief residents througout the three years of training
1999 - Diploma of Thai Board of Plastic Surgery

2000 - One-year clinical fellowship training in Plastic Surgery and Craniofacial Surgery at Australian Cranio-facial Unit, Adelaide, South Australia

2001 - One-year clinical fellowship training in Plastic Surgery and Craniofacial Surgery at Tampa Bay Craniofacial Center, Tampa, Florida, USA

Board Certifications

Diploma of Thai Board of General Surgery, 1997
Diploma of Thai Board of Plastic Surgery, 1999
Plastic Surgery and Craniofacial Surgery, Australia, 1999-2000
Plastic Surgery and Craniofacial Surgery, USA, 2000-2001

Member, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Executive member, Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand
Executive member, Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand
Executive member (and founding member), Thai Cleft Lip-Palate and Craniofacial Association
Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand
Current Responsibility

Council member of the Asia Pacific Craniofacial Association
Council member of the Thai Cleft Lip-Palate and Craniofacial Association
Deputy Head of the Princess Sirindhorn (Chulalongkorn) Craniofacial Center, Bangkok Thailand
Council member of the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand
Council member of the Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand
Committee for Plastic Surgery Board examination

19 papers in international journals
28 abstracts in proceedings books

Ok girls, I'm 9 days post op now and I have...

Ok girls, I'm 9 days post op now and I have finally made it home, after a few flights - had a stop over in Singapore to break the flight up which dragged out travel time , having my time over I would have just booked a direct flight and taken something to help me sleep - as I did not sleep at all, which has made my pain today a little worse than theist few days .

But all in all - it is was ok my boobies felt fine on the flight.
It was so great to see my kids too - they ran up and were squeezing me so tight .... I was like ouch ouch .....x

They did not notice anything yet !

As I mentioned I'm feeling sore today - I think my tolerance is less tolerant as I've had no sleep, so hopefully ill be ok tomorrow .

My breast feel tight, i feel the muscles contract and relax if I'm stressed or get a fright which hurts , and they still kill in the morning when I try and get up out of bed - why is that ?

Looking forward to going to my local store and buying some non wire bras - as the surgical ones are not too inviting !

I'm really happy with my size, I know they will get smaller but I was after a small Shapley bust look - rather than the big boobe look , I'm really sporty and wanted something that will suit my body shape - so I'm happy so far ,

Hello - I will be 3 weeks tomorrow, and I must say...

Hello - I will be 3 weeks tomorrow, and I must say every day things get better and better , I'm slowly getting back to normal .
My incisions have healed really well, using bio oil / coco nut oil on them now to keep scars moist , I have all my sensitivity back , which was really important to me and they are getting softer and less tender each day.
I'm back walking every morning and driving car ( which was hard at first as I have a 4 WD ) but I'm fine now. Still sleeping on my back ... Grrr I know some girls are on there side - but my boobies are saying 'No Way ' to that right now .
I have a follow up with my Dr in a week - ill send him photos and report and concerns them .
As I have textured inplants I was asked not to massage them - which is strange as I just want to feel them and rub them .... Ha ha

The price I have mentioned $4500 was including extra insurance I took out - it was a waste of time / would not bother with it if I was to do it again - as Dr Nond will look after you if anything was to ever go wrong any way.
I will fix up the price so it does not confuse others - :-))

Really happy with my size , as you can see I only went 225 cc and I feel so natural and totally sexy.

Can not Wait to start running and horse riding again - and pick my kids up ,

This experience really makes you appreciate the small things in life , like your health, your family and the ' being still ' time really helps put everything in your mind at eze knowing you've made the right decision for the right reason .

Love to all you girls x
Thanks for your support xxxxx

Well tomorrow I'm 4 weeks post op - and I'm really...

Well tomorrow I'm 4 weeks post op - and I'm really happy with my progress.
My scars are healing great - however they feel really tight - I'm guessing the internal stitches are there for months and might be pulling causing the tightness . They are settling in really well and softening each day . I feel really lucky to have not lost any sensitivity in my nipples or around the breast as I know this can be a problem. I'm beginning to start to sleep for short periods of time on my side now - which feels great as I hate Back sleeping - I'm just using pillows to put between my arms to stop the arm pushing the implant around in its pocket .
I've started light Pilates this week and lots if walking as I was starting to feel like a sloth .... I have had really sore back/ shoulders from the inactivity of my shoulders / arms which really sucks - massage has been really great to releive the tension - about 3 days ago at night the muscle in my shoulder blade was really hurting / almost felt like it was effecting my breathing - but my hubby gave it a quick rub @ 3 am ..
And it went away right away . - so don't stress if this happens to you .

In loving how I look in clothes now - bra shopping is so fun !! Even though it is a no wire zone for a few months I'm cool with that - found some great lacy wire free ones today at bras n things .

I'm finding all my usuall daily activities are all done pain free now and I'm back enjoying the kids again - playing hand ball & being able to tackle the huge strong cuddles they have for me all pain free .
Look forward to getting into weights and running again in the next couple of weeks -
Will chat to Dr Nond tomorrow - if he says anything I think might be helpful to others - ill pop another post up for you .
Thanks girls xxxx

Nearly 12 months post op

I thought I would just post a great photo - let my results speak for themselves ....
I very happy
Dr Nond

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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