Veneers to Fix Damaged Front Teeth from Accident - Bangkok

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I went to Dr Sunil's clinic . I had requested...

I went to Dr Sunil's clinic .
I had requested that I don't want a hollywood smile, I needed advice on the best treatment to strengthen my damaged ( in an accident ) 2 front teeth. It was agreed that vaneers would not only fix it would straighten the crookedness.
I went in for treatment and the "specialist " insisted it couldn't be done unless I get 4. So i paid the extra fee.
I told the specialist, Dr Phiyepet, it was important to keep the size of my larger front teeth, and the arc of my smile. She agreed and cut my teeth.
When i returned for a fitting the size was not the size I requested, and they were small and square and very ugly and the arc with flattened, I pointed this out and said I need it to be changed, they did not look natural, they were too small and square and ugly, I want them be bigger and rounder, as they were, with a natural arc.
She insisted over and and over " It's same size, your lip is just swollen, the side ones are longer, so it looks different, it's the same size, but i can cut them and they will look the same size "
I could see they were smaller, I said i wanted them bigger and rounder, there's no room to cut them , they were already too small.
I insisted I wanted the front 2 longer, and rounder . " the response was "No cannot, I cannot add porceline to vaneers ".
I said you have to send them back.
She said she cannot they were already made to fit my mouth.
I kept insisting I wanted to shape to be natural , with a natural arc, like my old teeth.
She kept insisting it was just an illusion coz my lip was swollen and the 2 side ones were longer.
it kept going round in circles. Her saying nothing can be done, me saying i did not like or want them.
What she did NOT MENTION was the fact that I did a choice to send them back to the lab, instead she lied, and told me nothing could be done.
She continued to lie and tried so hard to convince me that the size was the same , and nothing can be done, but she can re-shape them after they were fixed. " I must finish now, can change shape after, I can fix , I must finish now, you sign, I fix " .
I was stressed.
She said she "must do it, no other choice."
i said I wanted my arc.
I realized I had to leave with no front teeth , a swollen lip , lots of pain and unable to speak due to the the injections.
I was very upset and stressed and now convinced I had no options. My head was swimming, I hated the look, the size , the shape, the ugly flatness and i continued to say so, with my FALLING OUT TEETH, and sore swollen mouth, she had promised to re-shape them. I was hoping what she was saying was right, it was just the swelling and the longer sides, and after she cut them, it would work out, and my arc would return
I had no choice, and she kept insisting. I gave in not wanting to leave with no front teeth after she'd destroyed my former ones, and paying a whole lot of money , not only on the process , but flights and hotel fees.
She Glued them. Didn't reshape them, they were really ugly, flat, protruding, small, square teeth and all of a sudden they looked GREY. I said so, she denied it.
But I could see it.
I was rushed out.
I was expected to sign an agreement, saying i was happy, I didn't, and in the review I wrote I wanted my front teeth bigger.
The next day I awoke without the numb swollen lip, and they were definitely smaller.
I contacted the clinic straight away and wrote the fact I was not happy.
A meeting was arranged.
In the meeting the secretary came along. She agreed the colour was wrong, but then turned around and blamed me for signing the paper saying I had agreed, to the shape and colour, i told her what happened, and also added that the colour looked ok before she glued them.
The dentist refushed to fix them and denied everything, saying that none of this had happened, she outright lied ! I said so, next minute i had the dentist and the secretary ganging up on me saying i had agreed. I never agreed, and continued to explain my situation, saying she didn't give me a choice. She kept lying and denying everything, so i asked the nurses to confirm, they said they didn't speak English, but then she did agree that when I was trying to talk and my teeth kept falling out that i was saying the size was wrong, but then added , it was just because my teeth were falling out.
The secretary added , you signed and agreed.
I said I was forced to , as I was. I would be there at that moment if I was happy and to check what i wrote in the review, ( I wanted my front teeth to be bigger )
Another good point,I have recently learned, specialists should never glue them on if they are ill fitting. It is dangerous and can cause future problems, such as leakage, falling off teeth, water damage and bacteria can get in.
They greyed during the gluing process due to poor technique, which happened after the signing .
Even though I had been forced to sign, technical mistakes were made during the process , after the signing, which still puts the dentist and the clinic at fault.
Dr Phiyepet

Very pushy, very stubborn , pretended to listen to my requests, didn't take them on board. Lied to me about about my options, and choices, denied solutions to resolve the problems. Didn't inform me about the outcomes, even though I asked. She just pretended to agree. Denies what took place. used unprofessional gluing techniques , which turned them grey, and applied loose fitting teeth. ( which i only learned was wrong after the process ) It is the most distressing, horrible , frustrating dental situation I have ever been in. She refuses to fix the problems or admit to them . They were great at getting me to pay too.

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