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So, I had a gastric sleeve op in Feb 2012. My...

So, I had a gastric sleeve op in Feb 2012. My start weight was 122.5kgs !! Late 2012 I was almost at my goal weight so I began the journey of research for my plastic surgery. I got my quote for full tummy tuck and breast lift through Medimakeovers for 190000thb and was set. I paid their admin fee and begun to get excited. I got an email back from Daniela a week or so after paying saying the dr had reviewed my photos and the price for my breast lift had gone up, so in total 218000thb. ($6300 up to $7250). I questioned this and was told I would need more work as my breasts were super saggy... The director wasn't happy she had to explain this to me, you could hear the anger in her voice. I was understandably upset and told her I would have to think about it and find the extra almost $1000. A few months in, I emailed her and said I couldn't afford to do both breasts and tummy tuck so would just be doing my tummy. She then told me that the dr likes to do vaser lipo with his tummy tucks and has recommended I have it also (at an extra cost of $3000). I asked why it wasn't mentioned before I cancelled my breasts and she got really snarky with me saying if I had be boobs done at the same time I wouldn't need it but if I didn't have the BL, Id need to have the lipo. I told her id think about it and speak to the surgeon. I found the $$ and decided to have my boobs done instead of the lipo and when I told her this she said id need the lipo regardless. I should have known then and there this was a bad omen !!! Things plodded along and time was going fast. I asked to pay my hotel in advance and was sent a credit card authorisation form. I filled this out and was unsure on the amount of nights I would need to fill in, so I asked on the MM forum. Daniela herself came in and said 9 nights and that if no one was booked into my room afterwards, id probably get free late check out. So, I specifically added up my 9 nights and write 9 nights accom ONLY on the credit card authorisation for and thought nothing of it until I checked my bank. I then got an email stating I had paid for 10 nights with a discount on the 10th night. Hmmm, so I call up and speak to my consultant Raquel, who swears black and blue I will be in the hotel for 10 nights and when I didn't understand, she said she would call me back. Not 5 mins later I get an abusive phone call from Daniela the director. She literally screamed down the phone at me that I was just being difficult and she "knew I would have an issue with this". I remained polite and when she stopped for a second, I said to her that I was merely asking her a question about the costs and why I was charged for the late check out that I didn't want nor authorise. I told her that I didn't like being spoken to like that nor yelled at and that I no longer felt comfortable to ask her questions. She apologised for yelling at me and I asked her if we could forget about it and move on.. She said no and I left it there as I was flying out 2 weeks later.

During this time, I was scared, upset and seriously reconsidering the company I had booked through. I posted something to this effect on another forum stating I wasn't happy with the company I has booked through. I never mentioned names or anything, just that I wasn't happy with the service and was suss on the company as any negative thing said on the forum was removed and the poster swiftly blocked.

Daniela had someone send these posts to her and the next post I made on the MM forum, Daniela came in and blasted me about it and blurted all my personal info all over the forum, including lies saying I was wanting discounts and that's why i was not happy with them. I begged her to leave it alone and stop sharing my personal info. I was mortified... All this and I hadn't even left the country yet.. The day comes and we had an uneventful flight to Bangkok. I travelled with my exfriend and my mum, all booked for surgeries.
Arrive in BKK and there is the man to rush us through customs and take us to the car. He is holding up a sign for mum and the mention of my name...OK
We check into the hospital residences, no mention of me whatsoever. They had mum and exfriend register, not me...OK.
Next morning the nurses are due to collect exfriend and I for pre op tests, mum the next day. They collect exfriend and come for mum. AGAIN no mention of me even though its MY surgery day not mums. they had no idea who I was !!!

Finally get it sorted and get pre op tests done. They took extra blood for an additional test that they later charged me for and made me pay to see an extra doctor to read said tests but that's minor crap.

Went in for consult with Dr Thiti and came out feeling confident. I pushed my boobies right up and said, I want them to look like this. Volume at the top, no sag and perky. What do you need to do ? He played around a bit, drew me up and said that was it. I asked if I needed implants as I wanted to stay a D at least and he said no way. I asked Just in case, if I could still have them in later if they were too dmall and he said yes.
With my tummy, he pulled all the skin down and flat and said that would be what it would look like. I was concerned with dogs ears at the sides and he said id be fine. I told him to cut as much as he needed, I wasn't concerned about the scar..just to be flat. I mentioned the lipo that Daniela had told me I needed to have and he laughed..He said..."where from ? I take no fat, you have no fat"

All was good, and I was prepped and ready to go. Terrified, but ready.

Exfriend had issues, but that's another story, so I am wheeled in for surgery...
My first recollection is waking up in agony. Not from the surgery, I hadn't taken my Pariet (for heartburn) and my insides felt like they were on fire !! I looked around for a nurse and called out. I was in ICU. I asked for my meds, explaining what I need, she understood NOTHING. I asked another nurse..NOTHING.. I cried and begged for an English speaking nurse and was ignored for near on 4 hours. I even cried for my know, like real tears like a 5 year old does. LOL. I finally got out of ICU and into the ward and they got my pills..thank god. I slept and rested and Dr Thiti came to see me in the afternoon. My breasts were covered in a bandage and my tummy was wrapped in the blueys they use under your bum when you have a pap smear and tape. He took off my bandages and I could see the difference in breasts immediately. Smaller, perkier..LOPSIDED. I asked him about this and he said it was swelling, and would settle. I believed him Put my compression bra on and undid my tummy. Heres where I have to admit, at the looked fabulous. Scar was (and still is) super low and so very neat. Tummy looked tight, I was thrilled !!

Rest of the stay was uneventful, I was discharged and as mum had her surgery after me, she still had 2 nights in hospital, I stayed in with her. On discharge, I was given some paperwork, including an email from Daniela to the hospital about me. (I clearly was NOT meant to get this) It was horrible, saying I was cheeky and trying to get discounted and free surgery. Will post pic of it later. When I asked Nurse Pat (the international nurse) about it and told her I was hurt by it, she took it and refused to return it. Still to this day, never did. She told me to forget about it as she had to work with Daniela and didnt want me to make waves...NICE...great support huh..

On our last night at the hospital, mum and I went shopping on the advice of Nurse Pat. She put us in a cab and we wandered the Asiatique markets for an hour or so taking it easy. Upon our return, we were asked to leave the hospital as they only had record of us staying 4 nights not 5. They argued with us until we got our paperwork out to show them we were meant to be there and we finally got to bed after 11pm.

We were then kicked out of the room at 8am and made to wait downstairs until 1pm to go to the hotel...
Back at the hotel (Grande Centrepoint Terminal 21) mum and I rested, shopped, rested, shopped. On my first follow up appointment 25th August, we went to have stitches taken out. Dr Thiti took out half of them but I had developed a small hole in my right breast. He said to keep an eye on it and he would see me again in 2 days. On the 27th we had the rest of the stitches taken out. My hole had gotten bigger and he said it would require restitching. He had no time that day so I had to come back in 2 days again. He said this was caused by my compression bra and to ditch it and get fitted for a supportive underwire bra. He said he would put local anaesthetic in and restitch the line. I was freaking out.

2 days later, back at the hospital and he opens it up and my hole that began as a matchstick head size, was now 2 inches long and an inch and a half wide. You could actually see the muscle was horrid. Dr Thiti said I would need to go back into theatre then and there and left the room to arrange it. The nurses came in and asked me to sign paperwork and said I had to pay an extra $1000 as Daniela had told them it was due to me smoking. Now, Ill be honest...I was still smoking. I had specifically asked Dr Thiti if it was due to smoking and he said NO. He said this was due to the compression bra. I refused to pay and told them Dr Thiti said it wasn't due to smoking and they confirmed this with him and said it was free.

I went back into surgery at 11am and walked out of the hospital at 1.30pm after a GA.

On return to the hotel, I received an email from Daniela saying I had voided my surgical warranty by smoking. (Fair call, I was warned). I ignored this as she was actually IN the hospital when I had to go back in. No kind words, no good luck, no nothing !! I ran into her in the lift at the hotel and she didn't even introduce herself. Ignored me and mum when we said Hi and left breakfast when we arrived. Sorry, going off track here...

Mum and I left Bangkok 2 days after my second surgery but continued to fight infection. All my wounds healed over and my tummy was tight but my boobs were SO wrong...
So to wrap it up, some of you may have seen posts and pictures on other forums about my surgeries and experiences. I had not posted any negatives, just positives and praise for the hospital, hotel and nurses. Somehow Daniela has twisted these posts (I took screenshots to save my ass) and sent me an email saying Medimakeovers will have nothing further to do with me and if I continue to speak out, I will hear from her lawyer. She had also stated in an email..hang on, Ill copy paste it...

"If you continue to make comments such as this I will ask my solicitor to contact you. I find unfortunately that your comments on forum such as the ones you are on, about Medi Makeovers defamatory and I have discussed your comments in total with my solicitor and I will take further action if you continue to comment in the manner you are doing. My solicitor has copies of all your comments."

"Bangpakok 9 and Medi Makeovers will no longer deal with you.
i have also been in contact with *insert other agency* as the owner is vice president of the AMADTA and I am the President. This is the association of Medical tourism agencies. The hospital has also confirmed to them they will no longer accept you as a patient due to your actions and words"

When I requested my paperwork and before and after pics and also asked who I would deal with for any complications and aftercare, this is what I received from Daniela

"As mentioned in the email previously you are also no longer a patient of Bangpakok 9 and Medi Makeovers as you are a smoker and they dont offer this to smokers"

So there you have it. ZERO support from the company I had paid to look after me.

I have since emailed the hospital about my breasts and Dr Thiti has advised me to wait 4 months for final results. When questioned further, the hospital replied with this

Dear *Zephyress*,
Good day.
Regarding to your concern about repair, if the case if due to complication and infection, the hospital is willing to redo the procedure free-of-charge but accommodation and travel expenses are not included.
And if the case is unsatisfaction on the result, the patient need to pay the hospital charges, we can give discount up to 40% of the total cost but we cannot guarantee because this is cases to case basis.
Thank you so much.

Not sure what to make of that but I have also emailed about my tummy and have just had a generic reply saying they will get back to me asap. Its been almost 2 weeks already !!

Just to add....

I should probably add that all photos were taken AFTER surgery and I have photoshopped my head out of the first


So today I received an email from a solicitor acting on behalf of Medimakeovers. Please see attached pictures.

So, I have been *demanded* to remove all blogs, make an apology to Daniela and put in writing that I will not make false or misleading defaming statements about Daniela or her company Medimakeovers.

So, here it is...

1. I do not have the power to remove this post/blog, nor the other posts I have made. When I accepted this review, it was with the understanding that I would not be able to delete it. This is not in my ability to do so.

2. I sincerely apologise to you, Daniela, that I have not had a good experience with your company, or you. I apologise that it has come to this, despite my best attempts to reach out to you for assistance. I am sorry I feel that you have neglected your duty of care to me as your client to look after me and act on my behalf with the hospital when things went wrong and I am also sorry that when I had complications, you dropped me as a client stating it was due to my *actions* which on request you have failed to inform me on what I had done wrong at the time. I am sorry that you have failed to provide me with answers and paperwork in regards to my surgery upon repeated request, and im sorry that you attempted to prevent me from having communications with the hospital to ensure my post op needs were met.

Most of all, Daniela, I am genuinely sorry that I ever contacted your company at all.

3. I have removed all false and misleading statements that I have made about you and your company. This totalled 1 post in which I said that I was travelling with Medimakeovers and was happy with the services. This statement in hindsight, is false and has now been removed. All other statements and posts are the full truth and can be backed up in a court of law if needs be.
I have not, nor will I in the future, make false, misleading defamatory comments in regards to you or your business. You have my word that I will speak ONLY the truth about my experience.

I think its fair to say I would NOT recommend Medimakeovers to anyone. If my surgery had of turned out ok and received this treatment, I could have brushed this off. If I had their support in getting this fixed, my review would have been different but since my outcome was unfavourable, I have been bullied and threatened by this company and the director to the point of fear. This woman in my opinion is unprofessional, nasty and a disgrace to the medical tourism sector.

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