BL and BA Dr Boonchai, Bangkok or PIAC Phuket??

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Hey :) I've been researching this non-stop for the...

Hey :) I've been researching this non-stop for the last few weeks! Turns out I need a breast lift with the augmentation due to some sagging. I'm 28, no kids with a DD which I wanted to fill out and lift a little. I also want to get labiaplasty done at the same time and have my heart set on Dr Pornthep as everything I've read about him sounds fantastic. Only thing is I can't find anything about him performing labiaplasty and I've been told he would do both procedures at once. Anybody have experience with this or can suggest another doctor at Bangpakok 9 Hospital to perform the labiaplasty? TIA

Boonchai gone to Bangkok

Hey everyone! So I had pretty much decided on going to PIAC with Dr Sanguan. BA BL and labiaplasty. But then I read last night that Dr Boonchai is now operating out of Bangpakok 9 and this is the hospital I was originally considering. I'm not sure whether to go through the whole quote and recommendation process again? I know Dr Sanguan has an amazing reputation but so does Dr Boonchai! So confused! I had decided Phuket because of the guarantee PIAC offers and also maybe a bit of a nicer place for recovery. Any thoughts? Thankyou!

Flying out tonight!

We are flying tonight to Phuket so exciting! We have a couple of trips organised - Phi Phi and James Bond etc before I'm unable to do anything haha but the weather says rain/storms all week :( oh well!

Surgery should be on Friday and right now not feeling nervous. I think I've done so much research and constant looking at boobs (lol) that I just want it to be done now! Might be a different story when I get there though!

Currently I have been recommended a vertical lift and implants 275-350cc. I'm also planning to get a labiaplasty. Dr Sanguan at PPSI :)

These are my before photos! Hopefully update soon

On the other side! Beware long post!

What a whirlwind! So Friday morning we got picked up and headed to PPSI. After filling in paperwork they took weight/height, bloods and X-ray. My consult was at 8 but went in more like 8.40.

Dr Sanguan is fantastic. Very easy to talk to, funny, answered any questions I had. So professional and he knew exactly what he was doing. He marked me up and then I tried on sizers. I thought that would be the hardest bit but made the decision surprisingly fast! I liked the look of 300cc but as I got a vertical lift as well he put in 325cc. Moderate profile round textured mentors.

So after a mammogram and ultra-sound I got taken straight to my room where the nurses dressed me, put in the cannula, the anaesthetist came to see me and about 30 mins later was taken to the operating room. I literally don't remember seeing the doc or the anaesthetist at all so have no idea when I went under. Next thing I was waking up and they were saying the operation went well and took me to the observation room. I did throw up a bit but mostly drifted in and out of sleep. Finally they took me back to my room - I think my partner was a little worried because I left at 10.45am and didn't get back until 6.20pm.

I was sick again and kept sleeping on and off, trying to eat a little each time I woke. The nurses are amazing, coming in all the time to check blood pressure, temperature and if I was comfortable. I more felt bad for my partner sleeping on the couch but he was amazing too :).

The operation took 5 hours (I had labiaplasty as well). I didn't have any real pain in my chest when I woke up just a very tight feeling like a big gym workout. I didn't need to press the morphine button at all. The next morning around 10.15 Dr Sanguan came in to remove the bandages, drains, gauze etc. and told me how the op went. He removed 20 grams from each breast with the lift and repositioned my nipples only a little. He said since I had no fever and hadn't used the morphine I could be discharged! Great news because I was already going stir crazy sitting in the hospital bed lol.

They brought me a bag with all the medications and instructions and that was it! So easy! When we got back to the apartment we headed out for lunch just a couple of doors down and spent the rest of the day watching tv and relaxing. They feel huge at the moment but definitely getting used to them!

Will update more later

Day 10 Post op

I've been meaning to update regularly but have been busy holidaying!

So for the first couple of days after the op I was very tight across the chest and taking all my meds but stopped the pain ones on day 3 (I think). I haven't really had proper pain at all and an incredibly easy recovery. I just needed my boyfriend to help me clasping my bra and opening doors for the first two days but that's it!

Every now and then I get some pain around the incisions. Nothing unbearable and it doesn't last long. I also get quite tender around the bottom of the breast towards the end of the day if I've been out walking around all day. They are still a bit bruised but I have been taking arnica since day one and I think it has helped a lot. I'm also sleeping in the granny bra they provided me with as it seems to have the most support and wearing my carefix 'Anna' and 'Alice' bras during the day.

On day 7 I went back to the hospital for my checkup where Dr Sanguan pulled off all the dressings and decided I could have my stitches out! I was a little nervous in case one of the wounds opened up but so far so good! They put steri-strips over all the incisions and waterproof films which he said I can take off around 4-5 days. I ended up having to change the films on one breast last night (day 9) as it was peeling and that was stressful haha. The film started to peel the steri-strips off the nipple so I ran to the chemist to get scissors to cut around the nipple - I was petrified of pulling them off and opening up the incision! But with some help from my boyfriend I'm all good now :) Dr Sanguan said I could go swimming if I liked with the films on BUT he forgot about the other procedure I had so I have to wait another week. I'm not sure I even want to risk it but see how I go next Saturday! He also said 4 weeks is when I can start wearing underwire, start exercising lower body and not worry as much about upper body restrictions at work. I can even go to the shooting range as long as the gun isn't heavy haha. I'll start scar treatment next week.

They are looking and feeling really great at the moment. I'm being quite careful but they feel more a part of me now than at the start. And it is very exciting finding clothes that I could have never worn before now look good! I'll upload some more photos :)

I've been so impressed with the whole process, Dr Sanguan and the hospital have been faultless! And I honestly thought I would have a much harder recovery than I have. I was out walking around within a few days and able to still enjoy the holiday. I'm hoping the next few weeks of recovery are as uneventful!

4 months post op

Well just over four months now! Healing well, hardly any pain just some random jabs and my nipples are still sensitive but also numb. Scars are fading a bit but still very prominent. The shape is amazing and I love wearing strapping dresses with no bra!
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