BL and BA Dr Boonchai, Bangkok or PIAC Phuket??

Hey :) I've been researching this non-stop for the...

Hey :) I've been researching this non-stop for the last few weeks! Turns out I need a breast lift with the augmentation due to some sagging. I'm 28, no kids with a DD which I wanted to fill out and lift a little. I also want to get labiaplasty done at the same time and have my heart set on Dr Pornthep as everything I've read about him sounds fantastic. Only thing is I can't find anything about him performing labiaplasty and I've been told he would do both procedures at once. Anybody have experience with this or can suggest another doctor at Bangpakok 9 Hospital to perform the labiaplasty? TIA

Boonchai gone to Bangkok

Hey everyone! So I had pretty much decided on going to PIAC with Dr Sanguan. BA BL and labiaplasty. But then I read last night that Dr Boonchai is now operating out of Bangpakok 9 and this is the hospital I was originally considering. I'm not sure whether to go through the whole quote and recommendation process again? I know Dr Sanguan has an amazing reputation but so does Dr Boonchai! So confused! I had decided Phuket because of the guarantee PIAC offers and also maybe a bit of a nicer place for recovery. Any thoughts? Thankyou!
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