Very Happy! 26 no kids, Very Tall and Thin, 300cc Low Profile Smooth Silicone Unders, result 32C

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Hey there! I'm looking for a little support as my...

Hey there! I'm looking for a little support as my BA is the day after tomorrow and I'm all by myself. I'm temporarily living far from home, and though I'm very independent it would be nice to hear some thoughts from other people who have done this.
I'm 5'10" and 120 lbs, and wear a 34A but don't really fill the cups. I'm very skinny and would like to maintain a slender look (not busty), but want there to be a little something so they look better in clothes. From my modeling experience I know that most people my shape have small breasts and I want to keep a natural appearance, so I'm only shooting for a 34B.
I'm very comfortable with the size and material, but don't see a lot of other ladies on here getting low profiles. My surgeon said it would appear more natural (I'm starting with very little breast tissue). It makes sense to me because my breasts sit kind of wide apart, and I'm not looking for them to stick out much (want to maintain a sleek look) but just want a little cleavage and something to squeeze ;) Does anyone else on here have experience or opinion on the low profiles? Will they stick out too much to the side or just help my new breasts be closer together?
I don't want to feel like they are still too small but I would be much MORE bothered if they were too big. Small breasts are more appropriate for my body, but as it is I have nothing! For this reason I am very comfortable with what we discussed and am really really excited. A little nervous since I don't have anyone here with me, but I'll be spending one night at the office so the nurses can help me through the worst part.
With just a day and a half to go, any positive thoughts would be appreciated! It has helped a lot to read all the stories on this site :)

1 week post op update!

Hey there, I'm doing well and very happy with the results :) Right now there is some asymmetry, but I'm not too worried since it's so early and I know they'll each go their own pace. The right breast is still sitting higher so it looks a lot smaller than the left one. I'm only hoping that the left one doesn't really drop any since I think it's as low as it can go already. They seem so much bigger than I was expecting but I think they're great and they still look sleek and match my frame under clothes. Even if they get a bit smaller (which I hear can happen due to swelling?) that will be fine with me since it's closer to what I was picturing anyway. I have armpit incisions since my surgeon is most experienced with that one, and the other scar types may have shown more on my small, perky breasts. The incision so far looks like when it heals it will be hidden away and just look like another skin wrinkle, so that's great. The only negative thing I have experienced so far is in my arms, but they told me it should resolve with time. I struggle to lift my straightened arms above my shoulder because of a painful tightness in my bicep near the elbow when I try to do so. However in the warm shower it was much easier so I'm not too worried, it just makes some things tricky right now. I also had some sharp pain down the back of my right arm and numbness elsewhere behind my arms and shoulders, but the sharp pain has almost completely subsided now so the nerves are just getting themselves sorted out I suppose. My breasts themselves haven't hurt at all except some soreness during the massage, and they're already feeling a lot softer in the upper parts. So far so good!
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