Bottoming out 4 Days Post op with Dr.Pichet Rodchareon from Bangkok Plastic Surgery - Bangkok, Thailand

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Here is the full story, I brought a photo and...

Here is the full story, I brought a photo and shown Dr.Pichet Rodchareon of how do I expect to look like. And a day after the surgery when he took off the tight dressing, I noticed it straight away that something not right because I could pretty much flap my breast around that it went down south like I had a saggy boobs. And his reaction just said that don't worry about it and if I want too, I can have it fix right now without explain it to me what happened or I should just trust him that it would be okay with the tight dressing over 3 months. Which my reaction was trusting him and I was still drowsy from the anasthesia also just got out from a surgery, there is no way I would want to do it straight away. 2 days later I sent a photos to my husband back on our home town still on the tight dressing, which my husband replied was it looks way too small from what we asked for. Then I opened my tight dressing and realized that it is too small from what we asked for.
So then I call him and complained about it which he replied with that I chose it, more to blame it on me. Also because my husband weren't there on the initial consultation which was just 5 mins anyway and he hurried me to do the implants asap.
I actually still don't mind that the implants bit too small as long as I have boobs, coming from flat chested.
4 days post op, after another checked up and opened the tight dressing again. My sister that came to help me babysit our 2 yo daughter, pointed out that my left breast looks weird and again, he reassured me that everything is fine. But from that on, I got a gut feeling that something not right and researched more, which finally I found out about bottoming out. And tested not to wear the strap for 2 mins, straight away the left boob went below my breast crease and my nipple pointed out.
So then I emailed him straight away and asked him to call me on my room hotel, he called me and got angry that I kept contacting him over it. Which undirectly he admitted that he did something wrong but he just won't say it and said don't worry about it that I would get it fix in another 3-6 months with flight and accommodation on my own cost. Since then I couldn't believe on him anymore to get it fix with him if he won't even admit that he did something wrong. So me and husband decided to took it out while I was still in there. Emailed him on 5 days post op and explained the reason why, because I don't want to live with my left boob bottoming out for 3-6 months until we can afford the revision and don't want to have any trouble if I come back home, which we know that it would cost more to fix it back home. And would be happy as long as everything come back to normal.
Had explant 6 days post op and the next day when he opened my tight dressing, I noticed that my left breast not same as the right one. I don't have any roundness under anymore like the right one before the surgery. So I asked him about it and all he said it would come back normal after 1 month.
4 weeks after explant, I didn't get any emails whatsoever to ask how am I. So I emailed him because I am still worry about my left still empty on the bottom, also numbness on the bottom half under my nipple. Now my breast not symmetry anymore like before surgery. Confronted him again about it and sent him all the photos that I took but he wouldn't admit it instead used the size issue as why I did the explant and he gave it for free already, which I should be thankful for it. I would be okay if my left boob come back to normal, which what I was hoping for because it was just 6 days that I had the implants and shouldn't strecth my skin that bad. Which I believe he did something wrong to me left one. Until now I still asking him for a refund at least just to compensate me with my left deformed boob. But he never reply anymore. I wants to get it fix, but no way I would go overseas after what happened and want to fix it in here but it would cost me $15000 minimum for it and would put us on debt for it.
I seen some of other girls that had a BA with him and have a great result so I wouldn't say don't go or go with him to have a BA.
All I would say that there is always a risk something goes wrong even if the surgeon have really lots of good reviews but then again, nobody perfect and this surgeons out there make a mistakes, even it is small percentage.
And overseas surgery might save money if everything goes smooth but if something went wrong then it would cost more.

2 months post explant with Dr.Pichet Rodchareon, still deformed.

After 2 months post explant, nothing much change. My left breast still sore to touch, the bottom left breast also numb and sore. As well as my scar. My breast not symmetry anymore consider that I had the implants just for 6 days.
I remember too how he made me signed something dodgy to cover his a** if he does something wrong. And wonder any of other surgeons does that too?
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Consultation time was rushed and he won't explain much about anything that I somehow felt rush to do the surgery straight away, saw him less than 5 mins for overall 20 mins signing the contract etc with his assistant. Overall he wasn't that nice as all the good reviews he have on his own website. From the beginning I saw him and from the way he talked to me, I already felt that he wasn't nice at all but I thought he had a bad day and still went for it after we paid ticket and accomodation for my daughter, my mom and sister to come and help babysit my daughter while husband back at home town working. I should have follow my gut and cancel the surgery. Another info that he would make you sign a contract before the surgery stated that in any case of disfigurement, danger or damage that would happen, you can sue him or get your money back or name and shame him on social media. So it's a bit suss and dodgy of him.

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