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I'm 49/currently 200cc PIP implants and lift of 15...

I'm 49/currently 200cc PIP implants and lift of 15 years done in Melb. Over muscle. Dr stuffed up cut too much skin placed 200 overs instead of 300 understand. Uncool around areolas.

Not sure to get under or over but def aiming at about 350cc. I am currently 8DD. I am 5'1". Will be requesting areola not to be too small just in case I wish to reduce size in 5 or so years time

TT had many surgeries for medical reasons. Due to ugly incision from navel down about 7cm and due to previous cortissteriods life ft my belly very swollen. Now looks saggy I am jindof fit with strong abs although bit pudgey. Won't need my muscles tightened.

I'm hoping for full TT. If I'm unhappy with where my scar line will be I will get my TT done in Melbourne at a later date

I'm boarding my flight on 15 September to Bangkok. I am going alone. Have booked Atrium for one month at a cost of 1080 AUD

My journey will save me about 2 to 4 thousand AUD by not participating with a beauty crew

If all goes well for BA and TT I'm hoping for rhino septo to fix hump and slimline my round jolly nob :))

I will be vising local pharmacy tmrw to take my own supply of post opp care stuff just because I'm familiar with products and also for peace of mind

I will be seeing my go for perhaps antibiotics suited ..just in case

I've stopped smoking 5 weeks ago also I rarely drink

I haven't been taking any pre op vitamins but I will research and chat to dr .. Just to help speed healing process.

I'm quite calm at the moment Just hoping TT will go as I hope and hoping areola doesn't scab up chewing away definition as did with Melb surgeon. He hadn't given post op medical advice to the extent needed

Welcome to my journey

My aim for the next 12 months
1) implant removal and replacement
2) full TT
3) veneers
4) rhino septo
5) facelift and bleph

Found This For Pre Op Nutrition

Keep Surgurical Cuts Wet -

Heal Wounds

* if you wouldn't put it in your eye don't put it on your wound
* Homemade saline - one teaspoon salt to half a litre of water
* Vaseline!
* Won't be using dry gauze when plastering back up as sticks to incision..

Leaving tmrw for Bangkok

Nervous nervous
Thinking thinking butterflies anxiety

In the event of any surgery there's possibility of complications. I'm going in very aware. Anything from death severe infection and bad results

I'm hoping to chat thoroughly with Dr. I expressed via email of NY nervousness. He'd said not to be its quite simple procedure. Riiight lol

I'm worried about ugly scars around areola. Can't be worse than now hey. I can always get nice round ones tattooed. I'm hoping the TT scar will be nice and low. And hoping my belly button is not off centre. Maybe. . leave the button off?? :)))

I got hold of hospital grade hand sanitizer gauze for mopubg up saline and opsite flexifix. Pawpaw ointment as well. Will show to dr etc. Oh and must get flexi straws to drink water w ease

I've been flughting the flu the past week made strong chicken soup. Its helped immensely along w but c and h2o w app cider vinegar. I'm upping my water intake because I've been a bit slack. In taking hydralite as well.

I picked up my passport yesterday from Thai consulate. Stays longer than 30 you need a visa. I'm staying exactly 30 days. I got a visa just in case. Cost 45aud

I also went to ANZ bank. Did you know they have Thai baht and there's no charge to change AUD??? Unlike combank in the cbd.

I'm now going to pack.
Cut my nails off
Get medical travel insurance online

I'm also wondering if doc will rec lipo for belly. I don't want potholes

If BA TT goes well. Will be seeking veneers whilst I'm there.

Omg fml lol Bangkok

Firstly excuse my spelling errors. Im going to one finger type real fast as i sit on my rock hard bed eating some snacky potatoe chips whilst a kids thai program has just aired on tv. The familiarlarity of THAT kids music is somewhat calming.

So got some chocs for Dr. Got two pairs of raybans for 320$ at the airport in melbs. PS friggen timtams are 5 bucks a pack at Tullamarine airport wtf right?

I got a direct flight watched movies clooney hanks and throw in a horror movie. Prepaid for my jetstar meal. Got two meals and tea coffe included. Friggen 4$ for average size bottle water

Got to bangkok airport. Got a sim and credit for 300 baht. I calculate 4AUD is 100 baht. They installed blah blah. Ive got a huawei dual sim unlocked ph. Superb!

Finally found taxi rank. Language such a barrier. Show lady driver address. Make sure ypu have Thai address. She made a ph call and said miss 450 baht ok??! Who am i to argue?? The 500 i gave put a smile on her gace and she made extra effort to show me entrance of hotel doors

I forgot my adapter from western to asian! Will get to train station tmrw and head out to mkb ahopping centre

My room is clean. Bed of stone. No microwave! No stove! Big fridge tv both new a sofa glass coffee table. Shouldve tesearched beyter thpught this place had room service. Basically lol im frumped!

Went for a walk down lane way busy with few eateries and mbikes and cars its when i remembered TRAVEL INSURANCE whilst dodging vehicles bikes gutters and uneven sidewalks in the dark

Got to 711 loaded w cup noodles. Clay face masks couple bottles water snacks and my fave thai treat coffee satchets

Im going to have to get a few oup cups. Im not worried to much about food but im also thinking w no room service i can see myself festering away haha eww

I emailed dr earlier. I have a feeling his staff will rock up at my door in the morning. So i guess i better clean up my mess. Put on a clay mask... Take a sleeper.. After i wash up of course! and hit the stone. Err sorry ... Hit the hay

I was just thinking whats the point of such a big frige if theres no stove or microwave???

1st Appointment Today

I was thinking yesterday to move temporarily to a 4 star hotel with room service.. Mainly for food servic whilst I'm immobile. But after having trouble with WiFi the manager here was helpful and caring so I think I'm at a good placevfor support if I need. I'm sure they will bring food if I'm getting emancipated lol

Yesterday I caught the MRT and bts to MKB shopping centre to find extension lead and western charger. I cldntbremember department store name and the chicks at info were pre occupied w their PhD and kept signalling me in wrong direction. So any friggen mobile shop! When I game u i decided I going back to hotel. Voila there's the department store! Near where I originally entered two hours before!

Even the woman at info in del store said there's no plugs. But I found it in kitchen electrical section. Got a few gifts from there toomy train rides for the day cost $5 aud5 litre water at supermarket is 13 baht I got sushi fro supermarket. So sweet I had cpl threw rest out...

I rang doctor office got hold of Angry Nice lady haha. I cldnt understand her enlush. I thought she said Time she meant type. Cute lol. Texting and calling me she's organized for me to be picked up at 10am. She was impressed I'm staying one month and said I will need health check before surgery. I have a pre existing condition. My Aussie doctors have nothing against my boobs being redone... Just not overseas.

I have a feeling Dr won't do tummy tuck but if he doesbhe prob recommend a little lipo. I don't want a fitted stomacher its just a fear regardless of who ever was to do it

I chatted to a friend next year will be going to Europe for face eyes and nose. Except nose doctor I like isn't same as facelift Dr.

initial Consult DONE

The drove was already in the foyer
Lovely aircon sweet songs happy funny driver leather upholstery ..nice
Greeted upon entry. Shoes off. House sandals on. Receptionist reviewed. Name address ph number etc. Dr came in. Smiley lovely. Gave his two opinion on boobs. 1. Over muscle 400cc incision under breast 2. Under muscle areaola insertion and lift around ar ola for extra 1000aud. He used the word double bubble I kept giggling. Double bubble. If I was to choose over muscle he said he would keep trying different rent sizes avoid double bubble. I chose under and areola lift. My areolas ugly misshape due to Melb doctor..

For the tummy tuck he showed incision will be low so "I can wear a bikini" lol too cutecute. He seemed impressed with my strong abs and said once he's opened me up if I need a stitchbor two on my abs that he will. I can feel a slight uneveness between two an muscles... Do e shall see.. He said I don't needvlipo! YaY!

Because of my pre existing condition Monday at 8am I have an appoint with specialist for the all clear or clear.yikes!

I'd explained the Melb doctors didn't want me going OS but were happy for Aussie surgeons to do it. I have family to support. I can't afford 30grand for both.

I then had bloods taken. Wee sample and EKG where the y used clamps and suction cups. I was dreading that horrible glue. YaY no glue!

I paid 500 deposit. Let's see what specialist says after Monday

I got dropped off at hotel. Bought this delicious sugar butter toastie. Yum!

The first driver said there was another 4 patients.. Busy Doctor.. Not all his patients post online

I personally know 4 other ladies with great outcomes.

Bring on the pain! I can't wait!

here's my before pics


8100 AUD for
Implant removal
Re implant 400cc
Tummy tuck

The Sunday..

Arch. Just want it done :)). Tmrw 8am appointment with a clinical doctor to see if he willvgive the go ahead to Plastic sugein.. If he does I reckon..Tuesday/ Wednesday I'll be in.. I recalled my time with Melb dr who orinally did the great lift BA... I remembered him thinking he placing the implants under... Duh

He botched the surgery befirevmine and a lady I'd met also..

Today I ordered puzza lol... The food vendors weren't open yet... And they don't look very outsider friendly.. Pizza was great though

Tmrw willbstock up on pre prepared meals or cup soups and of course water.. Ive got my hydralite here annnd my super long extension cord I bought from Tokyo at MBK...

I'm planning on being nicely pumped with painkillers

Before I press update.. I had bloods done in Melb two days before flying out.. My vein is still so sire.. She wouldn't stop talking and slipped needle further. At the Thai doctors office one of the nurses drew blood from my hand.. No bruising no pain

So... Remove all the stigma of where ppl should/shouldnt get your surgery done..

no go... I'm determined

Went to yanhee with chaperone .. And interpreter greeted us. Interpreter stayed the whole 6 or 7 hours we were there.

Physician was extremely knowledgeable. Very impressed. I had bloods done a chest xray and ultrasound

Back to physician he said my renal function wasn't so good

He advised me on reducing one of my meds. Told me best if surgery for BA is done in hospital with renal specialist on hand

When we went. Back to plastic surgeons office.. Lovely Dr Pitchet of BPS he was regretful and said he didn't want to take the risk of causing me inadvertantly.. Issues with my health. He won't do BA or TT.. Apparently I'm "skinny" with not enough fat over my transplant kidney .. Which is located on left lower abdomen...

I'm going back for bloods on Wednesday and to talk to physician. If its a no ho for BA ($5000) I will get the next flight out. And seek a dr at home for BA. It won't leave money for TT. The ultrasound found a bengin list cust near my ovary it was recommended when I get it removed to get my TT then..

I think my bloods were out if whack beause..
I took coedein e the night before bloods
I'd taken multi vitamins which amped my cal ium to high
I haven't kept up my fluid intake enough ..

So Wednesday will be either do or fly home..

Its understandable that dr pitchet bps won't do it.. There's no physician/specialist for renal where he is. He was thinking if my health.. And also his reputation..

The hospital visit today cost $280 AUD...

Stay tuned...


So.... Today I feel positive. I have an appointment at yanhee on Thursday. If I get the go ahead will book maybe with Greechart

If not will see either Professor Nark Ashton or Dr Vlad Milovic.

TT will have to wait for a few months. Cost of BA.. Removal re implant is anywhere from 10 to 18 thousand. Realistically ... I think I'd be looking at 15 16... If I'm charged for removal. 14 years ago I paid about 12.5. to Melb doctor.. He did a good job but ended up with smaller implants over muscle. Instead or larger under. He did a great job on the lift but had no internet back then or support from his office on post op care.. Left areola scarred from scabbing... And he requested I pay for the 200cc. As my 300cc he couldn't fit were in the trash... I didn't pay. And didn't hear from him again.

I keep getting cute stickers from 7-11... Lol I think they like me! cute.

uhm.... runaround

Got the MRT to bang sue station. Got off. Hailed a taxi. Cost 80baht... About $3 aud

Outside yanhee food stalls and food hall... Omg.. I got fried chicken and a salad... Omg soooo good. PS... Those statues of animals ARE NOT FOR SALE ahem... Was a prayer thingey... Oops

Went inside to Yanhee after stuffing my face.. Delicious.. Inside I thought it looks different.. The chick from last time said we were going to yanhee... Maybe I'm on the wrong floor.. I was 20 mins early... Well my dears. I WAS AT THE WRONG HOSPITAL... SHIT!!!

I'd planned that renal and plastics in the same hospital.. I'm good!

But noooooo can't be THAT easy

Got into a taxi. Fumes via airvent.. I was thinking which plastic surgeon shld I research for piyapet hospital (spelling...CBF)

But noooooo there's no plastics there!

My bloods came out good BUT physician still saying no ugh but he'd said if bloods are good and I go to a big hospital I can get it done... NOW I find out... There's no plastics there and he still said no... FML..

So I walked totrain station got to MBK shopping mall. Got some gifts and trained it back to the hotel. Ibread that Dr Boonchai is really good too

So my top list for boobs in Bangkok would be
Dr Greechart
Dr Boonchai
Dr Pitchet BPS

In Melbourne
I'd ho either
Professor Mark Ashton
Dr Vlad Milovic

An interpreter was telling me about Dr Thep... Uhm... Scarey... You gals read about it.. But her and two friends are very happy

So now... Back home soon... I've had enough...

what the???

Piyathai does have a plastics centre!!! The physician said they don't!!! Dr Boonchai works from there!!!

still here in BK

Still here...
Tmrw I'm off to Smile Dental Sukhimvit for cleaning fillings and laser whitening...
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Will review when complete

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