43yrs 147p (67kg) 19and20yr Old Daughters BA and BL 400cc Under muscle

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Really looking forward to my BA. I'm going from NZ...

Really looking forward to my BA. I'm going from NZ to Bangkok for my surgery. September isn't coming soon enough. I find I'm wasting so much time just going through this site, have got two photos for wish boobs. Have enjoyed watching everyone go through this together. So not alone with all you boob friends.

Wish boobs

These are my wish boobs . Found on this site. So who ever they belong too hope you don't mind me loving them. :-)

I may have a few togs

The togs in the middle are my new DD I would like to for fill after surgery :-)

My boobs

I love that my new boobs will make my old girls feel and look fuller. Well that is what I'm hoping for. Here's my girls I'm trading in :-)

Weight change.

Is it ok to be losing weight 4 weeks before surgery. When would the cut of time to stabilise before surgery. Just trying to get another 4kgs off before September the 5th

Help please

Hey ladies 17 more sleeps till my B day. Yay. give me some ideas. I am booked in but was just curious to what your opion would be. What procedure would you have done if these were your boobs now. I am a full B at the mo. And I want fuller and bigger

Fly out 2moro

Oh my goodness. I can't control my excitement. Totally don't think I'll sleep tonight. Have set alarm for 2am then shower and head to airport. Think I have over packed but I've packed for the 8 days I'm on the ground in Bangkok just incase I can't go to far. But suit case is only 15 kgs when aloud 23. So plenty room for shopping. Got my hair done today so I don't have to stress about that for a few days :-)

Wahoo. Gone over the Boobie side.

Had my surgery this morning.
Got to choose my sizes and decided to go 400cc with Lift.
Tried the 350 & 400. They said once I go under muscle and D&F my 400's will look amazing. So that's what I decided. Plus I said I only want to do this once and I know I'll get boob greed , so 400 won hands down. Wow , once I was resting in my room I used my toe to scratch my foot, who would have thought the muscles in my chest would scream from that. Toes muscles in the chest ??? Haha I was like. Are you serious. But I certainly wasn't laughing.
So happy I'm on the other side. They asked if I wanted to go home as I'm doing so well, I said no as I'm in my accomadation by myself ,but would be happy to go tomorrow morning If all goes well. They were very good about that. Have had chicken soup , two cuppa tea's and a litre of water, so thirsty.

PO Day 4

Doing really well. Have my hospital check up tomorrow. Can't wait to get the nipples all cleaned up and see for the first time. Was out shopping around bangkok on day two.
Sadly the med's have irritated my bowel so I have to eat then take med's then stay close to loo for a couple hours. Today I only took my breakfast one, but I stopped the nurifen now as I think that would be the one doing the irritating. So far so good. And pain isn't really anything. If I have to I'll take a couple pandol before bed. Been enjoying two baths a day , but really looking forward to shower after tomorrow. The shower here isn't the best. So enjoying the bubble baths before going home on Monday. The girls look huge and I love them, but I'm sure they will settle.

Hospital check up

Had hospital check up and all is very well.
Still swollen and my body a bit puffy, but I have been walking for miles around Bangkok in 33 heat day and night. Apart from
Anti botics and swelling pill. I am on no pain relief.

One week today

Doing really well. Flying home today. Will
Be a long 24 hours but def worth it .

Happy one month. Get there

6 week treat

Went and got fitted. Brough two nice bra and undie sets and a sports bra for now. The only problem with these pretty numbers are they my my breast itchy. Anyone else find that?? I can only wear for about 6 hours max and I go back to my post surgery comfort bras. Hehe.

Not only are my boobs looking and feeling great , I have also lost 11 kgs so I can feel confident in my bikinis????

4 months update

Girls are all settled

Weight lose

So before surgery I lost 6 kgs. Then after the surgery in September to Now January I have lost 12kg in total . I feel amazing and my boobs look amazing in tank tops/singlets . Love feeling trim in summer. Now to stay focused to keep it off

Bra shopping

I am wIting anything month to go bra shopping again. The girls are still settling so just buying a few at a time :-)

6 months

Really really happy with my results. It has been six months and think it's the best thing I ve done for myself. As well as loosing 12kg I feel AMAZING in and out of closes. So much happier that's for sure .
Apart from the people I have told , No one has noticed so that's even better. They more comment on my weight lose journey than my boobs.
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