27 Year Old. B Cup Hoping to Go As Big As I Can Within Proportion to my Body. Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda.

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Hi ladies. I've been reading so many reviews and...

Hi ladies.
I've been reading so many reviews and experiences on here for months which have helped so much in my decisions so far.

I'm 27.
Approximately 53kg.

So I'm planning to fly from Perth to Bangkok in August 2016 for my breast augmentation.
I've decided to go with Dr. Pornthep after reading so many raved reviews on his work and professionalism.

I'm very athletic and active so I want to achieve a result that is within proportion to my body but desire a more voluptuous upper region haha.

I have been contacting CosMediTour back and forth and they have been a great help but I'm still deciding if I should organise it myself or go through them. Can anyone please help me with this decision??
My husband will be coming with me so I won't be alone.
Is it better/easier going through an agency? Does it work out the same price whether doing it along or going through CosMediTour?
Any help would be much appreciated?

So it's still a long way away but I'm glad I've been planning in advance since there's always more questions and research that arises. I'll update more when it gets closer and final decisions are put in place.
Any helpful comments would be much appreciated =D

Wish boobies.

So these are some wish boobies I love.

Before Pics

These are my before pictures.

Breast Augmentation: Agency or directly through the hospital???

Can anyone help me decide whether to use an agency (I'm thinking CosMediTour) or to go directly through the hospital?
I'll most likely be going to Bangpakok 9 International Hospital.
Does the price work out the same?
Is it easier going through an agency?
Please help me decide =)

New Doctor choice: Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda

Soooo the lastest updates to my months of planning have led me to change my doctors choice to Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda. I came to this choice after stumbling across him through someone elses review of him. He has the reputation of being a perfectionist, gives honest opinions and he has excellent credentials to top it off.
You plan everything through his assistant and himself. His website has all the information needed to help understand the process, pre op, and post op instructions etc.
I will be flying out with hubby on the 04th August and will have the consultation later the same day. Followed by surgery the next day.
I don't think it will sink in untill everything is completely finalized and it gets closer.
If anyone else has had Dr. Nond for a Breast Augmentation please let me know how it went ????
Dr Pornthep

I am having Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda now.

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