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So I'm off to Bangkok on Wednesday to see 2...

So I'm off to Bangkok on Wednesday to see 2 surgeons that I'm interested in for my plastics. Body Lift, Arm Lift and Breast reduction with lift. The 2 Drs I'm seeing are Dr Chartchai at Samitivej Sukhamvit Hospital and Dr Komwit at Bumrungrad International Hospital. Very nervous but I've done all my research and I have all of my information and questions ready so it's just a matter of deciding which one I think I will be the most comfortable with and the one that will be able to give me the results I'm looking for. I have lost over 50kg over the last 3yrs and kept it off for
Over 2 of those years. So it's very important to me that the Dr I choose has had experience with weight loss patients before.
Once I've made my decision Its pay the deposit and book it in for early August. If anyone has any information they would like to share about these Drs or can think of anything they wish they had asked before surgery please let me know. It's starting to get very real now.

Flying Out Tomorrow

So along with my appointment with the Doctors this week I'll be checking out a couple of serviced apartments because when I come back for the surgery's we will need to stay in Bangkok for 5 weeks. I was told that I would need to wait for 3 weeks after the Body Lift before they would do the Breast reduction, Lift and Arm Lift. Then another 2 weeks so they can monitor my healing progress. I think I'll also shop around to see how much cheaper some of the things I have on my list to take with me are. That way I can wait and buy them when I get back in August.

Zoom Whitening

I took advantage of this trip and had my teeth Zoom whitened. They look pretty good but struggling with the random sensitivity pains that keep shooting through my teeth. Which is normal they have given me a gel to use on my teeth if they get to painful. So far I would definetley recommend Ivory Dental Clinic Bangkok very clean and very professional. Tomorrow morning is my meeting with Dr Komwit to discuss the procedures I want at Bumrungrad Hospital. The first of 2 appointments. By the weekend I will be booked in for August can't wait.

First appointment Dr Komwit Bumrungrad Hospital Bangkok

So I met with Dr Komwit this morning and he seems great agreed that I need the Body Lift first then follow with the Breast Lift and Arm Lift approx 2 to 3 weeks latter. He said that he didn't think that I would need a reduction as all I have left is skin so he thinks I will be happy with the size once lifted and the excess skin removed. I was looking for a full B or C. He also said that because I had lost the weight 2 yrs ago he may be able to do the second surgery earlier but it would depend on how my healing goes he expected me to heal fast as the weight had been lost and steady at my current weight for 2 yrs. He was very nice very calm and seemed to know what needed to be done. If I decide to go with him the Body Lift will be done on the 6th August.. I still have an appointment with Dr Chartchai tomorrow so I won't be deciding until after that. The cost from this consult came to about $15,500 Australian. That includes 3 nights hospital first surgery and 2 nights for the second surgery. I know Dr Chartchai will prob be double that but I'm ok with that it will come down to who I am more comfortable with and who I think will get me the results I am looking for.

Dr Chartchai

So I had my appointment with Dr Chartchai yesterday and there's no comparison he certainly comes across as very confident in control and answered all of my questions exactly how I hoped he would. He is more than double the price of Dr Komwit but My husband and I walked away thinking we have no choice he has to be the one. I have been back and forward with if I go with Dr Komwit and worse case scenario I need revisions I still have 20k Aus to do that but if all goes well then I have saved that amount.
Then I go back to Dr Chartchai and I just know that I will be totally happy with his work. So the decision has been made and I fly back here on the 4th for surgery on the 6th August. Very excited but also in a spin about making sure I'm ready for it. We also found a fully self contained apartment not to far from the hospital and sky train. So it's also systems go. First surgery is body lift and 2 to 3 weeks latter breast and arms depends on how fast I heal.

18 Days to go

So I've been shopping like a crazy person trying to get everything I need to take to Bangkok. So far 3 front hook and eye bra's, 1 Bolero ( Bra and arm combination ) compression garment and a Backmax contour pillow set. Although I almost screamed when it arrived today. I don't know what I was thinking, it came in a huge box. So trying to get my head around will I be able to take it with me. It's light but big. I Guess I can try to flatten it and put it in a suitcase I'll have to do a trial. I wanted to use it on the bed and lounge throughout the day as it creates zero gravity which will make sure I don't have any pressure on any of my incisions. I can't get a recliner so I thought this was the next best thing. Not so sure now.

1st Surgery completed

I had my circumference body lift completed on the 6th August and all has gone really well. So far other than the itching and the electric shocks under the skin all is going well. The Dr also included a Bra lift to the back because he didn't think I would be happy with the result without it. The swelling is pretty bad by the time I go to bed at night but I'm doing everything the Dr has said and continue to wear the Bolero Compression garment and the binder.
I go back tomorrow for the Breast Lift / Breast reduction and Arm Lift so I'll be in hospital for 2 nights. Then back at the apartment. We plan on being here for another 3 weeks after that so the Dr can monitor my recovery from both surgery's. It was a big decision to travel to Bangkok for surgery but so far it has been a great experience. The hospital care has been better than even I could imagine. I'll post photo's in a couple of weeks once the swelling settles down a bit.

Backmax Contour Pillows

Just wanted to mention anyone that can't rent or doesn't have a recliner the Backmax Contour Pillows have been amazing. It was a struggle with all the luggage but I left it in the box and put it under the plane. It replicates a recliner or hospital bed. It relieves the stress on your body while lying down. We just move it from the lounge during the day to the bed of a night and it has been fantastic. I find it hard to sit so lying on this during the day on TOP of the lounge has been great for my recovery. Hopefully it works just as well after the 2nd lot of surgery.
Dr Chartchai

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