Botox Spoiled my Under Eye Skin - Bangalore, India

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I am 28, made a mistake 5 months back used retin A...

I am 28, made a mistake 5 months back used retin A under right eye 3 days, got the eye burn and turned right eye dark. My Doc suggested me to have 1 unit botox to stop skin movement for 1-2 months and 4 sessions of Revlite laser for skin tonning.

Trusting on Doc without knowing about any treatment i agreed for both. Instead of 1 unit, she injected 2 units not diluated botox under right eye 4 1/2month back. After 2days only my injured eye swallon badly, i didn't noticed any reduction in bump size in starting 3moths, but after daily strenous exercise almost 1 month on 4th month and oil massage circular motion helped to reduce the botox upto 70%.

In 4 1/2 moths around 80% botox has gone but still has small bump existing (and face is now symetric and boths eyes are aligned). I am noticing many small diagonal wrinkles, some crackes, lots of crispiness and 2 big wrinkles, loose skin like rubber (45+ age old). I am afraid, will i get my original skin back

Please anybody can tell me
- How long it'll take to wear off reamining Botox?
- Will it be smooth, flat and tight like earlier?
- Will cracks and wrinkles be heeled up?
- What is possibility to get back my original skin back?
I am stressed since April (5 months), Now too much worried about under eye skin healing and get back my original look..

Completed 6 1/2 months now. I was given 2-3...

Completed 6 1/2 months now.

I was given 2-3 units of Botox under right eye. got thick eye bag after 2 days after receiving BTX, lines near to eye drooped down appearing as wrinkles

first 3 months: there wasn't any improvement but under eye skin was tight and glowing though i had darkness due to retinA burn
For skin tonning i had 4 sessions of Revlite laser for tonning but didn't achieve any good result

4 & 5 month: did strenous exercise 1 & 1/2 months daily, Eye bag size reduced a lot (almost half in size) but skin became very loose (felt like skin has no elasticity and its hanging like old lady 60+)
Got tired of doing exercise, i stopped it for almost for month

6 month: No improvement

Seeing little improvement this week (Thick eye bag reduced a lot upto 70%, both eyes almost symetric, seeing some movement in under eye, some tightness in skin
Still skin is loose and wrinkly..

I can say now, BTX will wear off someday, cant say how long it'll take.. I guess 1-2 months more for me!!
Yes!! BTX gave me some wrinkles and roughness under eye.. I dont think they will go with time

Re-writing a new note. I had tight, clean and...

Re-writing a new note.
I had tight, clean and healthy skin and no wrinkle around the eyes except a very fine cut of around 1cm under right eye orbital, frankly it was visible if u see it closely in-fact I myself noticed it first time around Feb’11. After going through some online reviews to get rid from cut, I tried out RetinA 0.5% for 3 days consecutively in April 3rd week (which got prescribed by Dr for Acne on my request). I felt pain and burn (redness with some darkness) on 4th day
I realized my mistake and rushed to the best surgeon for recovery, I told her I want to fine cut disappear as well.
She offered me few treatments like some sessions for very mild peel (specific to under eye area) or laser toning etc
Finally I agreed for 4 sessions of Revlite laser. She also suggested me to have 1 unit botox (to block the movement for 2-3months to achieve the best result). As I wasn’t aware of Botox stuff and she told only positive results and lasting it 2-3 months only). I have taken Revlite and Botox same day (25April’11), as per her words I was given 2 units of Botox under right only (though asked me for 1unit). I was injected two times close by area under eyes

On 2nd morning itself, I noticed severe thick eye pad, my right side of face had swollen look. I lost my face symmetry, right eye moved little upward, I was looking like joker.. I waited a week thinking it could be swollen due to injection, visited Dr next week I said that it would go in few days, but no improvement.
Visited Dr again after 2-3 weeks, she suggested me RF laser to wear off Botox faster. I taken 2RF sessions it didn’t work then stopped reading –ve results online, and again continued with Revlite to tone out under eye darkness. I ended up to have 4sessions of Revlite @1064 wavelength (mild strength only) and 2RF sessions in 3 & ½ months. But didn’t get any improvement, only darkness under eye reduced the little and then I completely stopped visiting the Dr

I read somewhere that strenuous exercise causes Botox to wear off faster, started doing it 1hr jump up and down (1500+ times min) daily until sweat out completely from 3rd months onward for 5weeks, really seen improvement (by end of 4th months puffiness gone down upto 50%) but adversely I started getting red rashes, dryness and acne on face (even on body) I couldn’t continue further.. I was badly caught in Acne 1st time.. but again stopped noticing further improvement in reduction in puffiness. After 1month rest (no exercise), I again started doing some exercise (from 5&1/2 moth) like walking 4-5miles to office, using office stairs (at 13th floor.. no lift), 10 min morning exercise like jump etc and also had home trip where we was tracking and roaming at lot .. All these things again caused Botox to wear off noticeably.. (@6 & ½ months, I was upto 75% reduction in puffiness or eye bag)
But I had looseness, hanging skin from 4th months onward skin was too loose like completely lost skin elasticity from 5th month onwards (like I am in my 50+). After 3+ months (@6 &1/2 month) I went to Dr for looseness cure.. as usual she recommended laser for skin tightening but long conversation I agreed with her for last try.. (This time treatment was intense and I walked down 4-5KM after treatment), result was i got swelling and itchy feeing another 4 days, I almost cried daily, I asked for an appointment with Dr after 2 days telling all problem but they gave me after a week (not even treated me), Now its more 2 weeks after laser.. didn’t see any improvement

Completed 7 months and 4 days today, I haven’t noticed further improvement. I have my wedding on 14 Jan (exactly 1 ½ months remaining). Completely disappointed

I am broken heart due to Botox, I looked so ugly and irritated that I lost my love (4 yrs old) Both were from different caste and both side families agreed after 3 yrs struggle (I was just 27, turned 28 on 26Aug’11).. I was insulted by his family due to joker look.. I let my love go and decided to get married to school friend (far relative), got engaged on 28th Oct
Marriage on 14Jan… Just praying to God ‘Please recover me that’s enough’ I can live with all cut, fine wrinkles or cramps got due to Muscles contraction blocking and RetinA burn.. Just want to get rid with puffiness and skin looseness before my marriage

I could fade up my Acne and burn marks using Aleo vera started since last 6-7 weeks, having Vitamin A & C and Protein X daily, alternate day using Vitamin C and Honey on face


I just want to say:
Botox can wear off little faster by doing strenuous exercise – particularly jumping (that’s my experience)
All the cosmetic treatments give instantaneous result (but may be good or bed), Unluckily I used RetinA, Laser tonning, Botox.. None of them worked to me in-fact I blasted completely every time (It’s almost 7 & ½ to me struggling)
Healthy life style, diet is way to keep your skin good and lively, results are slow but always good

NOTE: IF YOU ARE THINKING TO HAVE BOTOX, PLEASE THINK ONCE.. may be results are positive but actually it weaken your muscles gradually (if u wait to wear off completely, u’ll notice all the changes)

8 mons to complete in a week, Botox has almost...

8 mons to complete in a week, Botox has almost worn off, having hanging under eye muscles, it looks like there is no fat, 8mons old burn not yet healed. Right eye skin looks peeled and thinned out. I can clearly notice lot of fat loss under both eyes due 2RF sessions and 6revlite sessions (for skin toning) – upto 30 – 40 %
I have marriage after 4 weeks, I have booked an appointment for fat transferred (step cell transfer – more like vampire filler kind of) for next week – no choice left, can’t take risk of fat grafting because no time left for marriage
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Never take any cosmetic treatment again in my life

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