32 Yrs Old, Liposuction on Butt, Outer and Inner Thighs - Bangalore, IN

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Little Background: I am 32yrs old and have been...

Little Background:
I am 32yrs old and have been overweight whole my life. I used to work out on and off kinds. And then was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, had a sedentary lifestyle etc. All this added to my huge weight gain. There came a stage where I reached 94kgs and then finally there was no option other than lose weight. With diet, cardio, weight training, yoga and running I came down to 65kgs. I am a typical pear shaped person, weight loss that didn’t change my body type. Infact my lower body started to look huge?. Finally decided to choose an alternative option. Read about invasive and non-invasive procedures. Cool sculpting was one option which was supposedly best non-invasive option. I was quoted price of 2,20,000 INR. There were no side effects but results were not that impressive I felt. Since I had a lot of fat to lose was not sure if this was apt for me. I think its for more leaner people. Anyway I met Dr. Surindher on 12th Nov’16 at his clinic. He seemed pretty knowledgeable etc. After a bit of research on the doctor I decided to go with him. Well here, I faced some difficulty as I could not find many reviews on any doctor. Doctor introduced me to his wife, who had undergone liposuction herself. Speaking to her actually helped a lot.

My starting Measurements:
Height: 5'4"; 163cms
Weight: 148lbs; 67kgs
Smallest Part of Waist: 26"
Below Belly Button: 31"
Hips Across Butt: 43.5"; 109cms
Right Thigh: 25.5”; 67cms
Left Thigh: 25.2”; 65cms
Outer thigh circumference: 42”; 106cms

About Surgery:
I booked an appointment for 18th Nov’16. There was initial round of blood tests to be done. After going through the reports, doctor was ok to go ahead with the procedure. I was asked to come at 9am on 18th and on empty stomach. I had a cup of tea at 6.30 and a sip of water by 7.30. After that went to the clinic. After examining again and marking me, I was taken to the OT. I was given Local Anaesthesia. So in total some 3 pricks I had – 1 for injecting IV with antibiotics and painkillers and 2 for Anaesthesia. The procedure began at 10am and finished at 3pm. Not sure if it is long or alright. Doctor was performing traditional liposuction procedure. During the procedure I was feeling very cold and was shivering constantly but the staff was very cooperative. They were holding my hand to make me feel warm etc. Finally after the procedure they immediately put the garment on me and warm blanket. This is my first surgery and I don’t know if this is how people react. In total doctor removed 10.8 litres of fat.

Post-Surgery Same day:
I was shifted to recovery room. They put on the heater there. After a while I was given hot water and tea to drink. That helped me a lot. When I could sense my legs as in started gaining control over them, I tried to stand with assistance but kind of collapsed. So decided to rest for some more time. After eating food around 4.30pm, I was feeling much better and at 5-5.30 could walk with assistance. As the medicines started wading out, I could feel pain. Especially when I sit, I used to feel pain in my hamstrings and butt, right leg was more painful than left. Walking made me feel much better. So I was walking most of the time in the clinic. Later at 7 I decided to go home. I had to return home alone, the front desk girl – Sindhu, offered to drop me home. I am grateful to her for that. Sitting in the cab with my legs hanging down was painful. I had to extend my legs and sit. My house is in 3rd floor with no lift. Sindhu helped me climb stair and finally I reached home. I had quite some pain and sitting was painful. I have a low threshold for pain, so if this was alright for me then people might find it less painful. After dinner and after taking meds I dozed off. I was scared that with the pain I might not be able to sleep well, but surprisingly I slept well. I had slight bleeding when I went to pee at my butt. May be couple of drops I guess.

Post-Op Day 1:
Morning I woke up at around 9 I guess. The pain was there in some places. It was mild pain, mostly discomfort while walking, sitting etc. My legs feel very tender, so walking is very slow. Getting up from chair etc is slightly uncomfortable. So far it’s been ok. Going to loo is quite painful, especially when you are trying to sit or get up.

Measurements on Day1:
Weight: 148lbs; 67.2kgs
Hips Across Butt: 43.5"; 109cms
Right Thigh: 24”; 61cms
Left Thigh: 23.5”; 60cms
Outer thigh circumference: 41”; 104cms
Waiting for the swelling etc to go down and see the final results. Not sure how long it will take. Posting a few pics also. I see slight changes mainly in inner thighs but nothing more.

Post op Day-2

Well I am getting little used to it. I have slight sensation in my front thigh. More like when someone is trying to peel your skin. Last night was more today little ok I guess. Now I see my calves and ankles swelling up. It was ok until yesterday. Most difficult thing is going to the loo especially when you have to poop where you have to remove ur CG and sit on the seat :( Also sitting for long makes it painful when I stand up n start walking. So have to walk frequently. Not posting any pics today coz I think everything is going to swell up today. Will keep you guys updated.

Post Surgery -Doctor review

I am yet to review doctor coz I am waiting for my results. So probably will review after 6 weeks. Whatever treatment, I went through so far seemed good.

Post-op Day 5

Swelling has increased a lot and also the bruising. My ankles and feet, especially right one is swollen quite a lot. I am kind of getting used to the pain and discomfort. Pain is more of the skin peeling feeling. Mornings are horrible. Takes almost an hour to settle down. It gets quite painful to get up from bed, go to loo etc. Doctor asked me to take Lasix half tablet, but after reading the side effects, I am scared to take it. Hanging on with lot of water, electrolyte intake. Posting pics of swollen legs.

Post-op day 5 pics

2 weeks post op

After 2 weeks my legs are still quite swollen. N feel bigger n tighter than what they were before. Adding pics.

After 3 months

Not sure how much change is visible, but my shape looks back to where I started :(

After 3 months

After 3 months

After 3 months

After 3 months

After 3 months

Visited doctor after 3 months. Got some new pics. Do you see any difference ?
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