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I was a early bloomer when I was younger, I felt...

I was a early bloomer when I was younger, I felt as if they grew over night! I really liked my breast when they first grew by grade 9 I was a C cup and loved it! But they never stopped growing! By grade 12 I was a 34 DDD. I was a dancer very active and i am 5'5 and only weighed 120. I am now 20 and just have birth to my daughter almost 3 months ago. During pregnancy my breasts didn't grow too much. Now I weigh 140 and wear a 34 G!

My GP referred me to a doctor in Banff Alberta since it is a much shorter weight then if I stay in province. The doctor said I should have no problem getting it overed thank god!! The reseptionist said the doctor would get ahold of me with in 2 weeks after that the consultation should be in about 2-3 months then hopefully surgery within 6-12 months! I will post pics of my girls soon!!

So big news! The doctor from Banff called me and...

So big news! The doctor from Banff called me and my consultation is next week already!!! I can not believe how quick that was only took 2 weeks! I'm amazed! And also kind of scared thy things are moving along so fast but at the same time soooo exited! I havnt even had much time to think about questions to ask the surgeon!! I guess I'll have 8 hours to think about that on the drive up!! But if any of you can help me think of some questions to ask that would be amazing!!!

LONG time no post!! So since i last posted on...

LONG time no post!!
So since i last posted on january 15th i have met my doctor in banff and booked a surgery date! It was suppose to be may 1st but i had to have my gallbladder removed February 1st and he wanted me to wait at least 4 months post surgery so anways my new date is MAY 31!!!!!!!!!!! i can not believe how fast he was able to get me in! the whole process from start to finish will be less then 6 months! that is way less then half compared to staying in saskatchewan for it! They doctor that did my gallbladder surgery said they arnt even doing breast reductions in sask anymore due to lack of surgeons! So i am very glad i went out of province.
If someone could answer this question that would be awesome! I have a 5 month old she will be 7 months by the time of my surgery. when will i able to do normal activities with her after my surgery? by normal activities i mean cuddle, carry, hold, feed i know i wont be able to play with her for a while or anything to strenuous.
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