27yo, No Kids, 36G to 34DD!! WOOHOO Banff, AB

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Hoping to be a C cup in the end. I'm so ready for...

Hoping to be a C cup in the end. I'm so ready for this to happen. So happy that Alberta Health Care is covering this! I'm so tired of having large breasts, I just want to be able to walk into Victoria Secret and be able to buy a bra off the rack!!! What a feeling that will be!!
I'm a little nervous, but also very very excited to get on with the surgery! This whole process has happened very quickly so far!

So excited, no nervous

I had my consult on the 3rd and my surgery is in less than 2 weeks!!!! I had read a couple other reviews from 2 ladies in Alberta and thought that I would have to pay some out of pocket for whatever wasn't covered by insurance, but I ended up only having to pay for the surgical bra ($57.75)! SO AWESOME! I've wanted this since my mom had it done when I was 16, 11 years ago! I'm excited that it's coming so quick but also really nervous. Did anyone else feeling like they were losing a part of themselves? I'm worried that I won't feel like 'me' anymore. But I don't know that I feel like me now.
I went into Pink and VS yesterday looking at bras and I'm so excited to be able to buy bras off the rack! It doesn't seem real yet!

I bought a couple sports bras in size Large, I'm hoping these for or are too big after! :-)

5 days to go!

I'm getting excited, not many days to go now! :-)
I was looking for pictures on real self yesterday to show my surgeon, and I came across some pictures of some really bad infections (one that needed a skin graft), now I'm worried that I'll have an infection, I'm not sure how I would handle that. I had to email my nurse and show her the pictures and she said it's very rare to have something THAT significant, but they are always in contact with us after we go home and we can always email them pictures if we have concerns.
Has anyone NOT had an infection?
My surgeon is performing the 'lollipop' method on me (no anchor incision under the breast), so I'm hoping that will help with not getting infections as there's less incisions.
I'm trying to get everything ready for when I come home and looking for suggestions - what was your one saving grace for after surgery?

Tomorrow is the big day

Less than 24 hours and I'll be in surgery. It feels so surreal! I'm still a little worried about the healing process - I've seen so many of you ladies with different infections in the incision and I just don't know how I would deal with that! But I'm getting the 'lollipop' method, not the 'anchor' so hopefully not having the T with help with not getting infections.

Is there anything you guys would suggest to have on hand for the car ride home and when I get home? I hear 2 pillows in the car is helpful?

I did it!!

Today was the big day! Everything went swimmingly, dr said my levels were pretty much constant throughout the surgery :-)
We were up at 3 this morning, I showered, and then we made then 2 hour drive the Banff as we had to be at the hospital for 6am, bright and early! The hospital is so small, it's very nice. Dr MacLennan was so awesome today, put my nerves at ease. The only scary part was walking into the OR, I was a little shakey seeing everything there and being hooked up to monitors and IVs, but the nurses were all awesome and took my mind off things a little bit. I woke up a bit groggy, but relatively good now - about 4 or 5 hours later. The only thing is that my mouth feels so weird and it's so dry all the time, and I can't really taste yet.
We will be leaving the hospital shortly for home, just waiting on my T3's to be filled

I can't believe today actually happened! I've wanted this procedure for so long that it was always a kind of fairly tale, it would never happen, but it has!!!! Dr MacLennan checked my incisions quick and boy oh boy them boobs are PERKY! She said they took out about 400cc's from each breast plus the lipo! I'll find out tomorrow what the exact count was from the nurse when she checks up on me.

I'm posting a before picture and will post an after picture tomorrow evening when I have a shower!!

But other than being a bit scared in the OR this procedure is totally worth it!! I look so small already!! And my boobs aren't falling to the sides as I lie her and type this.

Hopefully when I get home it will be a breeze :-)

Surgery schedule

So yesterday was an awesome day! I didn't get much sleep last night, I think a combo of the meds, having to pee(!!!), taking Tylenol 3s every 4 hours, and just plain old excitement! (I cannot stop looking in the mirror! But I haven't taken off my surgical bra yet, so I only know what the to half looks like)

Yesterday we had to leave Calgary at 4 am to be at the Banff Mineral Springs Hospital for 6, so I was up at 3 to have a shower.
We made to the hospital a little before 6 and the security guard took us to admitting which opened a couple minutes later. (Mineral Springs is the cutest little hospital, I think it has like 45 beds and 2 ORs, and the BEST nurses!!)
The nurse took us to my room and I changed into my sexy hospital gown and robe (bring your own slippers!) and the nurse put on my circulation socks which have the toes cut off so they can have another place to look at you nails/oxygen level during surgery - hence slippers are handy for those cold toes!
During our drive there (at 5:30a) I had to take my Emend pill that helps with nausea, so glad I had this! (Side note: Emend is packaged for chemo patients, so it comes in 3 pills - a 125mg and 2 80's, you just take 1 80mg tablet. For me before insurance the pills were $115! $23 after insurance - expensive for 1 little pill!)

One of the nurses came by a little after we got there and gave me 3 tylenols (not T3s). And soon after that Dr MacLennan came by to mark me all up. She just moved here from Vermont and this was her first time operating in the mineral springs hospital, and we think the girls at the practice played a little joke on her and gave her 5 of th oldest markers because all of them were dry, it was quite funny!! But she went out and found one that worked and then marked me up like a piece of art work! Not the most comfortable thing when they pick up your sagging breasts :-( but you won't have them for much longer so it was okay!! Then we had a tiny nap and the anesthetist came in and asks me some questions about my health and then it was time to go around 8:30a. The scariest part was leaving my boyfriend as i walked into the OR, it's a scary place if you're not a doctor or nurse! (My boyfriend was going to have a nap in the warm truck while he waited for me but couldn't sleep as he was worried about me, I guess my eyes said it all as we said bye, but he came and checked in at the nurses station a couple times and they said they hadn't heard much so no news is good news). All the nurses were great trying to get you to relax and take your mind off everything. The last thing I remember saying was telling dr MacLennan to 'make me pretty' and she laughed and said 'I will!' And then I woke up in recovery, they asked my pain, it was about a 3/10, it got up to a 4/10, later went down to 2/10 and has stayed there. Dr MacLennan does the lollipop incision, so I don't have the anchor scar under the breast, so it probably hurts less, but the lipo sections hurt the most. It feel like I worked my chest out at the gym for like 10 hours - more of a muscle pain right now.
After I got back to my room I was so so thirst, I still am!, and my throat hurt - to be expected - right now it sounds like I have a throat cold. I had a few nausea spells after I went to the washroom the first time and one a couple hours later, but I think becaus of the Emend pill it was a lot less worse than it could have been! The nurse was great and gave me a cool towel and a Gravol pill and I was okay. At 12p they gave me 2 T3s and then again at 4. I tried to eat lunch but only managed to eat the peach fruit cup, the sandwich was too much, mostly because my mouth felt weird and I couldn't taste much, I ate the bread a little while later. Then around 430 dinner came (turkey and gravy with mashed potatoes and some zucchini and snow peas), I ate the mashed potatoes and some of the peas, oh and I had half a chocolate cupcake (no icing) and that was delicious! Around 5:15 I felt good enough to leave the hospital and so we made the drive home again. We picked out puppy up from my parents house and she's all freaked out because I smell weird! She keeps sniffing at my boobs and looking all concerned! Sweet girl!
So far the pain has been manageable. It hurts the most when I've been lying in bed or on the couch and try to get up and it hurts for a couple minutes but subsides. I describe it as when you have a sprained ankle and rest it and then try and walk on it again but the more you use it the better it gets.
I don't have any drains or stitches to be removed (they used dissolving stitches), and I have no restrictions on what I can or can't do with my arms. I get to shower later this evening which will be nice! I'll finally get to see what they really look like! I'm kind of nervous to take everything off, I just hope they look okay!!


I tried on my old bra (36G) over top of the cami and bra... Oh my is that ever comical! I honestly cannot believe that my breasts were that big! Just having these breasts for less than 24h I feel more 'me' than I have in a long time!! I'm so happy!

So strange

It's a strange feeling when all of a sudden you don't need support for your breasts and they just stay up on their own!! Amazing but very strange!!
Over the past couple days I've noticed less pain and I've lowered my T3 dosage (day 1: 2 pills every 4 hours; day 2: 1 pill every 4 hours and I started taking 1 Advil at the same time; day 3: 1 pill & 1 Advil every 6 hours) so far so good. My appetite has almost fully returned. The day of surgery and the day after my mouth felt very strange, like I couldn't taste anything and I was VERY VERY thirsty!! Chewing things like bread were almost impossible, it was like chewing cow cud and it just wouldn't go down my throat, I had to wash it down with water. But all is good now!

Lipo bruise

Forgot to add a picture of my right side with lipo bruising

Comparison photo


Pain so far has been very bearable, but I woke up this morning and my lipo spot on the right side is just KILLING me!! The nurse said its normal and to take Advil / aleve/ Motrin for the time being and if you feel like you need to, Tylenol as well.

Just wondering what helped you guys through the bruise healing???

I wish there was a special cream!! AHHGGG ;-(

Size update

So I went to the mall yesterday and after trying on 36C size bras unsuccessfully, I got myself sized! Turns out I'm a 34DD and occasionally a 36D. But hopefully over the next couple months the swelling will go down :-) but 34DD's don't look that big!
I tried on a bra with soooooo much padding in it (I didn't realize it had it), OMG it was hilarious!! Definitely did not buy!

Back at work

Well I'm a full one week post op today! YAHOO! It was also my first day back at work (boo), but other than needing a nap in the afternoon, everything went pretty well! I have a desk job so no real strain there.

2 weeks post op!

I can't believe it's been 2 whole weeks already! My new boobs are really starting to feel like they're mine. I still can't feel my nipples, but not stressing over it. The lipo bruising is almost completely gone, though still a bit lumpy. My breasts aren't hard, I don't think they ever were after surgery. Currently the only pain I'm experiencing is from the surgical tape. Every time I'm stretch or reach for something it pulls a bit, like ripping off a bandaid really slow, ouch. But everyday I cut away the ends that have come off and hopefully soon it will all be gone! (Dr said 3-4 weeks). There's a piece that came loose from around my left nipple, just a tiny piece, so I got the tiniest peak at my scar, looking pretty good so far! :-)

Today I'm also being adventurous and wearing a real bra to work (9 hours), so we'll see how I feel at the end of the day!

4 week update

Well it's been a whole 4 weeks! Seems like yesterday that i was at the hospital!!

A lot happened last week, I was pretty upset. Sunday night my left vertical incision started leaking, but I still had my surgical tape on (as instructed), so I didn't know what was going on. I took a picture and emailed it to my surgeons nurse and she called Monday morning and asked that I remove the tape later that night and update them again.

So I came home and just before bed I had my boyfriend (Matt) remove the tape. I couldn't see what it looked like so he took a picture, he asked if I was ready to see it. And I'm lying there like OMG WHAT HAPPENED?! And then he showed me, and I just started crying. Part of my sutures (dissolving) has come apart and it was just disgusting. I texted a picture to my surgeon right away and she called and told me not to worry. She said the skin was all nice and pink, no infections. She instructed me to put a light layer of polysporin on the opening and to cover it with a non-stick gauze pad.

Tuesday morning came and Matt had left early for work so I had to change my bandage (he had done it previously). That took a lot for me to look at and touch it at the same time. I felt so nauseous!! I got it done and went to work, ended up not being useful at all(!!) and let my boss know what was going on with the sutures (she knows about the reduction) and she was like omg go home! Which was good because I needed time to process what was going on. I sent an updated photo to the nurse Tuesday night and said that for my own piece of mind I would like to come in to see the surgeon. So we booked me in at their Banff office (1.5 hours away) Thursday afternoon.

My mum came with me to Banff, which was nice :-)

The nurse came in and quickly checked me out, and then the photo girl came in an took photos, and then the nurse came in and asked if I'd like the remainder of my tape removed, I said yes. Then the photo girl had to come in to take photos again without tape. Finally Dr MacLennan came in took a quick look at the opening and said that everything looked really really healthy, it just looked like the running stitch came out on the top 2 layers. Then she looked at her watch and said hmm 3 o'clock, let me go talk to the nurses, but I think we might be able to stitch this up!
Omg I almost kissed her!
An hour later I was out of the office with new stitches!! I was very surprised at this because originally I had been told that re-stitching was not an option.

Dr MacLennan said that what happened to me was very very unusual. She thinks that the running stitches loosened and fell out somewhere near the beginning and that it was not anything I did.

So after Thursday it was thanksgiving weekend (in Canada) and let me tell you just how thankful I was that I didn't have to deal with that unsightly wound anymore.

People kind of laughed when I told them that I had to leave work that Tuesday because of thought of the wound. But it really is a big deal! I've never broken anything so I've never seen under my own skin, so this was very very upsetting for me. I didn't even care about the scar that would form, I just wanted it closed!! So thank goodness that that was able to happen!!

So four weeks in and I'm doing really really well!! Very happy with my results and with Dr MacLennan, she is so awesome!

Dr. MacLennan is awesome! She answered all of my questions and put my nerves at ease during the consultation. Surgery was awesome and I'm very very pleased with the results thus far. I would definitely recommend Dr MacLennan!!

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