29, 5'6" 135lbs - Lift and 310cc implant over muscle

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I've struggled with my weight my whole life. I was...

I've struggled with my weight my whole life. I was used to carrying around DD's but 9 months ago I made the decision to change. Almost 50 pounds lost and though I'm in the best shape of my life, what were my breasts are now just skin and nipple that barely fill my shaped B cup bras. I want to feel beautiful all over again. I didn't work this hard to come this far to feel this way, so I am doing this for myself.

Final Countdown

17 hours to surgery. Feeling very anxious !!! Wishing for a problem free surgery.

Survived surgery !

Got out of surgery around 1 o'clock. Feeling okay, definite tightness in chest and some pain. Movement in arms restricted. Overall feeling okay. Ended up removing 26g from each breast and putting in 310cc implant in each. Have not had a good look yet. Implant definitely sitting high, I think my nipple looks low. Not worried though. Will have a peek tonight and take a picture !

15 hours post op

Actually managed to sleep for a solid 6 hours. Woke up in a little bit of pain on right breast. Decided to walk around a bit and take another pain killer. Had a sneak peek last night and took off the compression bra and I think I'm going to be so happy if they settle the way they are ! Still hard to tell how it will look in the end but what an improvement so far ?? Only thing is they seem so big !!!!!!! I hope a lot of the size is swelling. Fingers crossed !

The first before and after picture !

Unreal !!!

More before pictures

I've decided to include as many pics as possible for anybody else thinking of doing this !

Before pictures

I'm a whole lot less embarrassed to post these now that I've had my procedure !!

Day 2 post op !

Woke up feeling great ! Can move my arms a bit more comfortably around my head. Swelling went down in sleep. Had a bit of a scare, swelling got really bad yesterday and stretch marks started coming through. Will take it easier yet today despite feeling better. Going to try to keep off pain meds, it seems tolerable without and they sure do a number on backing up your system ????

Morning pics. Swelling down !

Day 3 post op

Have not taken any pain meds since day one. The tightness seems to be reducing as the days go on. I'm surprised it's happening this quickly ! Most pain I have now is in my back and I know it's from hunching and walking funny just not used to this on my chest ! Would like to take some ibuprofen for swelling but have read mixed reviews on if it's a good idea or not. Same for Vitamin E, was instructed to start taking after 48 hours. Anybody else do this ?

Question !

Where is best place and what kind of front closure support bra to buy to wear right now ? , the compression bra I was given is way too tight and uncomfortable.

5 days post op

Tightness has started to reduce. Can fairly comfortably put my arms over my head. Having the odd pain in right breast only, hoping it was just a few and it's over. Also noticed kind of a gurgling from right breast as well. One is sitting higher than the other but not worried. Long road ahead yet ! Looking forward to them dropping more. I feel like a fembot from Austin powers ????

Bruising set in

Some pain today, but less tightness. I'll take it ! Hate the look of the bruising but I guess that means it's healing. Mind the stickers, was sending a picture to my mom lol

One week done !

So happy that with each day the tightness is reducing. Actually slept a little on my side last night (not on purpose) and it felt great. Pins and needles in nipple yesterday, PS office said its normal and is just my nerves regenerating. Interesting feeling ! Hoping in another week I will have full range of motion back.

Day 9

I can see more settling, and I have sensation returning in nipples. Good and bad thing. Incisions stung when I showered today. I think I preferred it numb lol

Day 10 hello lopsided !

So they're each doing their own thing. I like what my PS office said, they're sisters, not twins ! I won't fret about it. Everyday is some kind of progress, we'll see what boob does what tomorrow ?? Plus side, I CANNOT BELIEVE I'm finally going to be able to wear this kind of workout shirt, without a straight jacket bra. Exciting !!!!!

When will the pain go away ?!

For almost a week now, I've felt like both breasts are badly bruised and sunburned. Shirts, bed sheets, bra, anything that touches them is horrible. PS said its nerve hypersensitivity and will resolve in time. Has anybody else experienced this and know anything that helps ? Painkillers seem to have only mild effect. Otherwise, they seem to be dropping nicely. A little lopsided today, but overall they're looking okay. I think.

No more tape !!

So after 3 and a half weeks, I finally took off the tape. This was not an easy feat for me as I have a very weak stomach.

Interesting to see them now in all their glory for the first time.

Mixed emotions. Trying not to be overly critical of the things that aren't perfect. Slightly lopsided, one nipple pointing a bit out from the other. I can't believe how small my areolas are ! Will take some getting used to. It's exactly what I asked for so I really hope I end up liking it !

Feeling vulnerable for some reason without the tape on now. Hoping it will only take a few days for the incisions to dry out so I can finally have a bath.

Also, I'm ready for the nerve hypersensitivity to go away. Breasts still very tender and sensitive to the touch as well as clothing ribbing against.

I made a before and now photo and it really made me feel better about the imperfections I do have. So much better than I was before !!!

6 weeks or so post op

Things are coming around. Still far apart but are settling. No issues with incisions. Lopsided still and seems to change day by day.

Not in love with them and don't hate them either.
Dr Hall-Findlay

I had other consults booked, but after seeing Dr Hall Findlay I cancelled the others. I knew she was exactly the surgeon I wanted taking on my surgery. Dr Hall-Findlays mannerism was so honest up front and straight forward from our first consult. I appreciated everything she said. She made me feel she understood exactly what I was looking for and explained to me exactly what she could do to help me get there. The supporting staff were so friendly and helpful. Not a bad thing can be said about this surgeon or her clinic. Highly recommend.

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