23 Years Old - BA 450-485cc Silicone Cohesive Gel - Above Muscle

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Hey everyone! I've literally been following this...

Hey everyone! I've literally been following this site for years and I'm finally taking the plunge!
I am so nervous but excited at the same time. I'm having my surgery done by doctor Susan Maclennan at Banff Plastic Surgery.
So far I'm very pleased with my interactions with the clinic and my consultation with my doctor. I'm very nervous about the surgery itself and the anestestic. I'm going above the muscle so I'm praying I will not be in a huge amount of pain or that I'm getting too large of an implant. If anyone has advice or words of comfort about the surgery itself and the anestestic.. It's greatly appreciated. As well as going above the muscle with regards to pain and recovery.
Thank you!

It's surgery day! I'm freaking out!

Hey all, today is the day. I slept well surprisingly.. But I'm so nervous for the anesthesia and waking up after surgery.
My main concerns are not liking what the look like, unsure of the pain or if I will be sick from the anesthesia.. Or even wake up at all.. I'm crazy I know lol but these are all things that cross my mind as I've never gone through surgery before other than my wisdom teeth. Any advice for day of surgery jitters is appreciated!!!

It's done! I finally have boooobs

Hey all. Today went a lot better than I ever could have imagined. I was greeted by a very kind nurse Christine. She got me ready to go and filled out some paperwork. Also got me an adavan to make me chill out. My doctor came in after to chat about what's going on. She drew on me and took photos. From there my anaesthesiologist came in and reassured me of all my worries. I woke up from my nap in zero pain and still am. No initial sickness either! I'm doing great and have zero pain other than the tightness of my ski. This clinic is amazing and I was so well looked after. Not enough kind s words to say

Pre and post op pics so far

23 - 5'1 140lbs 485cc above muscle Cohesive Silicone moderate round

Hello all. I am about 18 hours post op. I can't even begin to say how great my experience has been thus far. I was always looking for realky detailed reviews on here so that's what I'll provide. First of all. Banff Plastic Surgery is the best of the best. They are a little more expensive but I have no second thoughts at this point. Dr. Maclennan is an angel.
I arrived and met with the Rn Christine. I was deathly afraid of the Iv so they gave me some advan to chill out. Which I did. Dr. Maclennan then came in, she drew on me and we went over size or questions I had. At any point I did not feel rushed or stupid by any of the staff might I add. After that my anaesthesiologist came in and he was beyond kind and funny. He made me feel assured I would be okay and did everything he could to make me comfortable. Before I knew it we were chatting about my niece and then I woke up in recovery with ZERO nausea or side effects from the meds. Talk about a relief. Next I thought about pain.. Oh God how bad is it going to be? I've literally had no pain. I feel slight pressure when I walk or whatever but I have total arm movement as well. I am also taking my meds on the dot. I set an alarm in my phone for a few minutes before my next dose and get them in before I have a chance to hurt...if I even would!
This process was much more scarier in my head.. I am beyond amazed with how things are going I hope I have no troubles healing or with pain. I have a week off of work so that should be sufficient and allow for a good recovery.

RealSelf has helped me so much. But you also need to remember that you have to be wise when choosing a surgeon and that everyone's body is different and no two experiences are ever alike. Good luck to any of you making this life changing decision!! Xox

Day 2 post op!

Feeling good! Showered today and took a look at my incisions! Have to leave the tape on for 3 to 4 weeks. I hardly need my meds anymore so I'm weaning off them slowly. Really taking it easy over all but recovery is much better than expected. My left boob was dropped and less swollen than my right but it's starting to even out and I'm not panicking anymore!
Banff Plastic Surgeon

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