66 Years Old - and I Can't Stop Looking in the Mirror!!! Gorgeous Thai Facelift. - Thailand

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My son, who is a theater make-up artist, had been...

My son, who is a theater make-up artist, had been encouraging me for years to have a facelift. I never got around to doing it - until now. I am presently on vacation for two months on a small Thai island The Thais are renowned for their cosmetic surgery skills, I have plenty of time to recover in a relaxed atmosphere and the price is right. And I would finally like to look as young as I feel inside! So I decided to go for it!I made an appointment through an organization called "Beauty Med Thailand". They offered me two possible hospitals on the Island Koh Samui: Bangkok International Hospital or Bandon International Hospital. I researched the two hospitals and discovered that with the exception of a huge price difference (Bangkok Hospital would have been 5 times as expensive as Bandon International) there was apparently no difference in the quality of the work done and the care given. So I decided to go with Bandon International and made an appointment with the surgeon, Dr. Choomchoke. He examined my face, made suggestions and answered all of my questions. What I had originally wanted done was a mid- and lower- face and necklift as well as correcting a droopy eyelid which resulted in one eye being larger than the other. Upon examining my face, Dr. Choomchoke, who speaks good English and answered all of my questions, informed me that I had an "hyperactive eyebrow" which means that one eyebrow was 1/2 to 3/4 of a centimeter higher than the other. True. So we decided on an upper facelift as well to correct the positioning of the eyebrows. He would do the upper eyelid surgery at a later time after the major portion of the swelling from this original operation had gone down.So the pictures here are of a full face- and necklift as well as the lower eyes. Most of the swelling has gone down now and I am scheduled to have the upper eye operation in three days. So I will add further pictures at a later date.I arrived at the hospital on Monday morning about 11 a.m. and the pre-operative tests and examinations including blood tests, EKG, lung X-ray, etc. were done. (Another thing I loved about this Thai hospital experience was that there was no time wasted waiting for examinations or doctors to have time to examine you. Everything went as smooth as clockwork.) Everything was okay and late that afternoon Dr. Choomchoke started operating - the operation took about 6 1/2 hours. I woke up in my room with the nurses at my side. I spent two nights in the Hospital and was very well cared for. I had the ubiquitous IV drop and also two blood drainage containers (Is that what they're called ???) as well as a catheter - so I wasn't exactly mobile! I also looked horrible for the first week. The doctor told me that in the 30 some years that he has been performing such operations he never had a Patient that bruised the way I did. In the meantime though almost all the bruising is gone, the swelling is going down and I am happy, happy, happy!!What I found absolutely amazing is that there was no pain whatsoever during the entire healing process. Some stiffness, some tightness, a bit of tingling where the nerve endings need to renew themselves - but that was it. The only painkiller I had was for a bit of a headache immediately following the operation. There were also no after effects from the anaesthetic. Would I do it again? Immediately!!!!
Regrets? Why did I wait so long?

Before and After Photos

Sorry it took me a while to get these pictures up and online.

Hope the pics are helpful.
Am happy to answer any questions you might have.

Without sunglasses

I haven't posted a photo without glasses because the eyelids have not been done yet. He will do them on Monday (2 days from now) and said that seeing as I tend to bruise easily it will probably take a week or so until the bruises go away. The full effect of having the eyelids done will be visible in about 6 weeks.

Yes, I am still in Thailand. And loving every minute of it!

New photo

Here's another photo. 2 weeks following surgery. I had not yet had the upper eyelids done. In the meantime they have been done, but I just got the stitches out the day before yesterday and the results are not yet clear.

I think I need a new passport.

When I was leaving Thailand and at the immigration desk the official looked at me, looked at my passport and then looked at me again and said, pointing at the passport, "This isn't you." My heart sank and I thought, "How am I going to solve this problem!" She took another look and then she said, "Well, it must be because you are blond in the picture and now you are brunette!" I breathed a sigh of relief and boarded the plane.

12 hours later, upon arriving in Vienna, I had to show my passport again at the Austrian immigration counter and the same thing happend again! It was a bit easier this time because I could explain to the official in German that I had had a facelift and therefore the passport picture and my face did not match. He laughed, said he thought, seeing my results, he might go to Thailand himself some day and waved me through. So all was well - but I will get a new passport sometime soon!

The world has lost an artist

I have returned to Thailand and wanted to contact Dr. Choomchoke. The hospital informed me that he passed away in September. I was very sad to hear this. The world has lost an artist and a very kind man. May he rest in peace.
Dr. Janwimaluang Choomchoke

He did a perfect Job!! He visited me twice a day the two days I was in the hospital (Bandon International Hospital on the island of Koh Samui). The follow-up care has been excellent and has not involved any extra costs. A week after the operation the stitches were removed (although only 2 1/2 weeks have passed, there is absolutely no scarring and it is almost impossible to see where the stitches were) and he wants to see me for a check-up once a week until I leave Thailand to return to my home in Europe. He is a very experienced surgeon. His Asian manner is more reserved than what I am used to in Europe and the States. Very professional and gentle. He speaks good English and answered all of my questions.

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