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I went in and my doctor marked me up and made me...

I went in and my doctor marked me up and made me feel super comfortable. He even threw in lipo for free! All i remebered was the doctor giving me something to relax, them telling me to take deep breaths in a mask and then waking up to my cousin asking if i was ok, lol. They gave me experal and oxycodone for pain, i think i need something stronger because the oxy wears off in about 3.5-4 hours they have me on 5mg. They kept me overnight to monitor me which was a good thing. They also showed me how to empty my drains

2 days post op

In pain, but I am able to do things on my own. I took a sponge bath and I clean my own drains. The one thing I MUST HAVE is my neck pillow! Its the best!

the discomfort

OK, so I just woke up from my alarm is set for every four hours and just as expected, it was time for my happy pills, Lol. Not to mention I need to have a bowel movement, I think that's contributing to my pain as well. I will add more pics in the morning. Its 2:00 am right now

a beautiful front pose

Glad the "dead skin" is gone

a lovely side shot!

Another before picture.

feeling better today

So I woke up feeling much better, I had some breakfast and now I'm up watching TV. The drains are just starting to annoy me especially when I tug them slightly. Also, when I eat my stomach hurts, it feels extremely full, does this happen to anyone else? I am now able to take one oxycodone and 800 mil ibuprofen.

updated pics

3 days post op

side by side pic

Thought this might help!

side by side picture

feeling much better physically, not so much mentally

I'm walking much better, I am still waking up every two hours from discomfort but I'm so used to it now it really doesn't bother me. I am able to do more for myself, but the drain on my right side seems to bother me the most, its tugging a lot more than the left side. I still have had a bm! Plenty of gas but no bm, this sucks! I am also down to taking two oxy's a day and 800 mil ibuprofen throughout the day. Now for my mental status, I have been staying with my father who doesn't know I had a tummy tuck, he thinks I had hernia repair and so do my children. This is really beating me up inside not to mention my sister says I'm selfish for
Not telling him the truth. I just don't want everyone to know, I don't want to be judged. This is something I wanted for myself and no one will understand except me. Am I wrong for not telling my family? Its really stressing me out.

feeling better!

Not much has changed...I tried posting three times and keep losing my posts so I'm going to make this short and sweet. Today is a much better day I feel way better than day two. One drain seems to bother me more than the other but that's about it. Thanks for the well wishes ladies! I will keep u all posted

side pic

Still cant stand straight

Five day post-op

Everyday gets better and better! I feel so much better. The first two days felt like the pain would never end, it was constant pain and the meds didn't work. Only issue I now have is lack of sleep, I am up every hr. I take one valium at night to help me rest. My appetite is back and I have been watching my sodium. Ladies, please eat lots of fruit and drink lots of water, I believe this is helping me. I finally had a bm! That was the highlight of my day, Lol. I'm so glad I didn't go out and buy a ton of stuff, the only thing I have found useful was my neck pillow and the extra pillows I purchased. I'm still super super swollen I posted pics, I can't wait for that to go down! One other thing, my right drain seemstl to pull a lot more than my left and it bothers me. Other than that, I really can't complain. Oh and I'm still walking like the hunch back, Lol. That hurts like hell! My back feels like its literally in flames

updated pics 5 days post op

More pics

side view

Five days post op

cant wait for the swelling to go away

Liking the incision!

before tt!

pre tumny tuck

I still have stretch marks. I guess from two babies and losing 60 ps did the best he could. I'm still happy

things are getting better

Everyday I'm feeling better and better, it still hurts to get off the couch and get comfortable. I am able to walk around a lot better but I get tired quickly. I had a coughing spell today and it brought tears to my eyes. I cant feel the bottom of stomach but what I can feel are my sides where he did lipo! Its sore as hell! I'm draining less and less everyday which is good but I'm still super swollen.

side pic

I don't feel like I'm looking any better, I feel like I look huge! Not having a good day today

feeling down...

Stomach still looks huge I'm swollen I guess.

six day post op

I need to be patient ...but I feel fat

Side by side comparison...

These make me feel a little better because I'm not seeing any results, I look bigger than before. Maybe because I sucked my gut in 24/


Side by sods

side by side...

Idk why this thing isn't uploading the much easier posting from my iPad but its no way I hell I'm moving...I'm comfortable and as we all know its almost impossible to get back into the same position

here are the pics...

Just decided to post separately

made it a week...

Well I'm feeling better, most discomfort comes at night. Still having trouble getting off the couch but I manage. I posted pics but I still don't see much of a change...I will keep u posted! Thanks for all the well wishes ladies

seven weeks post op ...

Not much of a change but thought I would post anyway!

seven days, typo!

Sorry the above post is seven days not weeks! I cant wait till I'm Seven weeks po! Lol

no sleep ..

I didn't get any sleep last night, my back is killing me. I have my first po appt tomorrow and I pray these annoying drains come out! I finally saw my bb and I'm happy with it. I was so worried about it looking like a number one! I will update tomorrow, hopefully i will have more information once I leave my ps

eight days post op

Swell hell, as expected

stretch mark city ...

Happy with bb, I had so many stretch marks he got rid of most. My second son really
did a number on me,lol

nine days post op

So today was my first post op appointment and all went doctor only took one drain out which didn't hurt at all! What a relief...she wants me to drain a little less before they both come out. She also took the surgical tape off. I was told to use neo to help remove the glue. Once the scabs come off I can begin scar treatment, in her opinion it doesn't matter what I use, vitamin e, maderma ..whatever just keep it moist which is most important. I will have to go.back next week for the other drain to be removed. I am now in a tighter binder and I am required to wear this for another month constantly. I can wear a bathing suit type cg during the day while at work but I need to go back to the medical grade binder when I'm not working and at night. Overall, she along with myself are happy with the results. I included pics for u guys!

Ten days post op

No change except I got my filthy ass in the shower for the first time in ten I still have one annoying drain in and can't wait till it come out. Last night was the best sleep I have had in a long time. My ps gave me another binder yesterday which felt like it cut off all oxygen, lol. But its ok now, I also ordered one which is slightly larger but still tight for at night...cause its no way in hell I'm sleeping in that contraption the ps gave me. I'm going to venture out with the maniacs today for some Xmas shopping (bites nails) pray for me ladies....till later! Oh and I will update all the scar treatment things I purchased today as well.

christmas shopping nightmare...

Let me start off by saying..just because you're at the turning point doesn't mean your superwoman! My ass is paying for it now...horrible back pain, swelling from the depths of boyfriend tried to make me get in a motorized cart but because I think I'm entirely too cute and would rather walk like a hunch backed freak I'm suffering! Word of advice, take it easy! Your not out or the woods after ten days of a major


I just started crying my eyes out...I'm so tired of not feeling normal, my back killing me, sleeping on the sofa and being so dependent of everyone including my kids (17&12). I have horrible mood swings which is no ones fault lm just sick of feeling like this. Not to mention, I don't see much of a change! We all talk about swell hell, well these drains run close! I only have one in and this s.o.b hurts me more than my damn
Muscles. Not to mention my clothes don't fit and I'm up every freaking hour using the bathroom! And it always comes when im most comfortable....I'm about to say F-it and get a damn diaper and piss myself, lol. I'm just so over this and want to be my normal self again. I read about the depression and said, that won't happen to me...I'm gonna have a flat stomach...please..they need to man up, lol. Well boy was I'm wrong because I'm balling my damn eyes out over here. Sorry to be so depressing but I had to vent..hopefully I will feel better when this second demon (aka)
Drain comes out Thursday! Later sisters...

Swelling or Dog ear? I obsessing or does the left side look like a dog ear or is it just swelling? Ps said its too soon to tell.

here are the dog ear pics, i forgot them

Swelling ...

I haven't been able to feel when I go from normal to super swollen until today! I had half a chicken salad sandwich and right after that I was in pain and bent over was a struggle taking a shower but once I put the contraption a.k.a binder on I instantly felt better! I will post pics when I come from my second po appointment because I really dont see much of a change...oh, and thanks for the feedback regarding my dog ears, I feel much better..Lol.

15 days post op appointment

Hello all...I haven't posted in awhile because I didn't really have any changes. I was having a hard time with bm's so I took some mom and that was cramping or anything! I have been off oxy's since last Thursday, no I'm taking two advil a few times a day. I get tired very quickly but that is to be expected. My ps is so happy with my results, no dog ears...Lol. he said it will all even out and if not, we will fix it later. He said he may be able to help me with my stretch marks in a few months. His recommendation for the scar treatment is as follows ...silicone strips for several months and plain cocoa butter and daily massages of the incision. He wants me to wear my binder 24/7 for a month and switch to something like spanx ..he was very aggressive with my muscle separation so in a few months I should see a line resembling abs!!! Ladies I feel great...I believe my nerves are trying to reconnect because I'm getting sharp pains everywhere but nothing I cant manage. I know I have a long way to go but I am so happy...I never thought I would be flat again ..if I had to do it all over again I would in a heartbeat! ! Happy healing dolls


OK, I have been doing too much these last few days! My body is yelling at me..I really feel better but towards the end of the day I'm paying the stomach just aches..its all over aching..not to mention I'm exhausted. I go back to work after X'mas and I feel like I need to get into the swing of things again ...not to mention, I have never been one to keep still but my poor body is asking me to. I guess I better listen! Happy healing ladies

I finally gave in..

So my hubby has been so patient and honestly I think he had been afraid to have sex...well today we couldn't hold back, Lol. Anyway, it was so good...but my swelling is out of this world...has this happened to anyone else? If its because of the sex, it was worth it, Lol
For sure

Three weeks post op...

All is the same...I am still swollen, Lol. I have pain on my sides which is from the lipo...I'm very stiff at night but I am sleeping in the bed which is very nice! My binder hurts me at night so I have been making it pretty loose which is contributing to my I stopped doing that, Lol. I saw my ps today due to a staple poking out...they removed it and are still very happy with my results. As for the "dog ear" he said I can have it fixed later...probably just some lipo. I am very happy with my flat stomach and I don't regret a thing!!! Summer watch out

Back to work ..

So this is my second day back and its beena little rough...the swelling is ridiculous. I have a desk job but I'm up and down all day. My ps told me I could wear a spanx like garment back to work but that was a mistake! I'm glad I brought my cg to work because I was in agony. Only thing I'm noticing is swelling in my upper abdomen and not lower...has this happened to anyone else.

25 days po...

No real change, I decided to post pics when I woke up today. I'm still very swollen but I am able to fit into my old clothes which is a good thing. Before surgery I was 153 and I'm 156 now, Idk if its swelling or holiday weight gain but I'm not worried, I will get it off! I measured my waist and I'm a 30, I wasa 29 before surgery so I'm sure the extra inch is due to swelling. I am still sore from my right drain but and I'm itching like crazy...I started using silicone strips at night for my scar and cocoa butter massages during the day. I'm just being patient, the swelling is the worse part! Happy healing dolls....

A few more pics ...

Everyday gets better...

I'm still swollen but I can finally notice a difference. I feel most of my swelling after I eat, no matter what it is and at the end of the day. I have on a pair of my pre surgery pants on today which makes a me feel great...I couldn't button these two weeks ago!

29 days post op

So this is my third time trying to update, and it won't let me post my pics...anyway. no real change, I'm focusing on my scar and losing ten more pounds. I have been using the silicone strips almost 24/7...I take them off the shower and clean them...but I wear them at night and during the day and they have already softened my scar! In between I rub cocoa butter mixed with maderma on my scar and massage that in for at least a minute, maybe longer. I have been itching like crazy...its insane, lol. I don't scratch, I just rub. Today my stomach muscles were aching which was strange, I didn't call my ps, I'm hoping its normal. Of course I'm still swollen but some days are better than others. I will try to post pics later. Happy healing ladies

almost 30 days po

This is the only pic it would allow me to upload! Sorry dolls. But its a closer pic of my scar.

Abouy five weeks in..

No real change, still the swelling seems worse but it could be a mental thing...I have an appointment Friday with my ps and I have a list of questions, Lol. My weight is the same and so are my measurements...I really hope my waist goes down some. I wear my cg 24/7...I have a love/hate relationship with it. Still doing scar treatment...I recently ordered derma e so I will use that in between the silicone strips. I can say my scar is a flat line, I don't have too many bumps but it seems to have gotten darker which I read was normal. I think it gets worse before It gets better. My main issue is the swelling and my lack of energy. The top of my stomach swells...not the bottom..well its not as noticeable. And my hips are still swelling! I added some pics from the morning when I was less swollen...I will update after my doc appointment. Oh and I noticed a pink lump in my belly button? No odor or soreness but it is still numb...not sure what that's all about but its on my list of questions...

five week post op appointment.

So the first thing my ps said was ..."remember ur true results won't show for 6 months to a year" lol. But I still had questions ...first, the upper abdominal swelling..she said its very normal and will
continue to happen. I had a pink thing in my navel and she said that happens as well, she used a nitrate stick and said that should heal it, so far so good. My sides are still very sore and hard and that's also normal, it comes from the lipo. I will need revision surgery for that pocket of fat on my left side, she said its either that or skin and if I'm still unhappy with it in six months, they will likely do some quick lipo. She also said my body is going to continue to change and I will notice that as the months go by. One bummer was she doesn't think my waist will go down much more, but my personal goal is to have a 27 inch waist ...I'm now a 29. She also needs me to wean myself off the binder! ! Oh no! Lol, she said to only wear it at night and spanx during the day...well I tried that this weekend and it wasn't so bad. I will post pics of my faja for u ladies. Other than that, She is very pleased and so am I. Oh and my scar is looking wonderful in her opinion and I will continue to do the same treatments daily.

updated pics

I have tried so many times to update, lol. I'm almost six weeks po and I still swell, its mostly upper abdominal swelling but my waist is going down...I am working out and plan to lose ten more pounds..I'm 5'2 and weigh 151...other than that all is still the same...but everyday gets better...remember that dolls if u are just starting ur journey!

more pics...

Just a few more, lol

Second day without wearing binder..

So I have been going without my binder during the day. The first day I didn't wear anything and I was swollen at the end of the day but it was my normal swelling, nothing major. The next day I decided to wear a girdle tank top for some support and I was swollen but again, nothing out of the norm. At night, I still wear a cg and in the am I'm flat...I have a faja that resembles a bathing suit but since I have a horrible yeast infection I decided not to wear it. I'm thinking of getting a tank top faja or a corset. I added some pics, not much change...I also added a close up of my scar. The area where the drain was is a lot darker but with my scar treatment I'm hoping it lightens. I am still numb below my navel and I still swell a lot, but other than that I'm good. Happy healing ladies!

scar update

It didn't upload all of my pics! Here is a closer view. My scar treatment is, silicone strips for two days straight (except when I shower of course) I don't take them off, I wear them for two days straight. I massage my stomach with maderma and cocoa butter oil for 2-5 minutes twice a day.

Seven weeks in...

So my belly button still had that pink tissue protruding so I went to my ps and they put a nitrate stick on it, hopefully it will go away, if not I have to go back in two weeks for another nitrate treatment. Idk if it would normally hurt but I'm numb down there so it doesn't matter..I'm still numb from my bb down. My sides are still sore from lipo and my swelling still happens, I'm no longer wearing my cg during the day, only at night. MoSt of my swelling is above my bb, my waist is a 28 and by the end of the day I'm a 29. Its still sore when I sneeze but manageable. And my incision is a little sore but I still massage it for 2-5 mins twice a day. I added a pic of me playing dress up. Cant believe that's me! Loving my results ..happy healing ladies

Playing dress up...

Never thought I would wear anything like glad I did this for myself

Still swelling lol

I'm still swelling everyday! My waist is a 28! I'm no longer wearing a binder during the day, just a girdle vest and a binder at night. My scar is darker than before but I read it gets worse before it gets better. My navel is all healed! But it feels so small inside, very weird...its the width of my pinky. I'm not working out lol just doing squats. I still have tenderness on my sides and my incision is sore at times. Other than that, I'm just loving my new body! My jeans don't fit in the waist but they fit these big ass thighs, Lol. Happy healing dolls

three months post op..

Hey dolls...I know its been awhile but I have been very busy. So I am still 152, my waist is a 28 and my hips are a 40...I'm still numb below my navel and it looks like I'm going to need revision surgery. And yes, I will be cut again. She's going to have to cut the fat out and lipo it. As time goes on, u can notice the extra fat on my side and I cant stand it. My scar is darker now but she said it will lighten within a yr. My ps said I will notice subtle changes over the next few months but nothing drastic. I no longer wear a binder or spanx. I wear my binder at night some days bit my ps wants me to wean myself off it. I thought it was impossible but it just takes time. I'm going to post a few pics...later dolls! Happy healing!

three months po...

three months in...

quick update

HI all! So, no big change. I have an appt tomorrow with my ps to discuss my revision surgery for my side. I think she is going to schedule it tomorrow. Unfortunately I will need to be cut again but I won't be down long, I can go back to work the next day. I no longer wear anything, no spanx or cg! I might wear it if I'm super swollen. I still swell four months later! Just at the top of my stomach. My scar is darker now but I still rub it with cocoa butter oil and mederma. I'm so happy with my results and I can't wait for summer!

a few pics!

I love the mirror now, lol. I'm also still 152 and my waist is a 28. It was a 30 before surgery.

Revision surgery done!

So I had my revision done last week for the excess skin on my left side. They did twilight anesthesia for the procedure and extended my scar. Unfortunately, it seems like my scar was raised but I'm hoping it is just swelling and will be lower in time. The good thing is the bulge of skin is gone! Not a lot of pain just discomfort, it was mostly sore the first couple of its just tender. I will post pics later. I'm really hoping my scar lowers itself in time on that side.

revision update

I Saw my ps today and its been a week since the surgery. She told me it was more excess skin than fat and she had to extend my scar due to that. She also said I'm swollen and my scar will fall more so I don't need to worry. I was also instructed to wear my binder again and spanx during the day for the swelling. Overall I'm happy and I will deal with the extended scar. I would rather have that than uneven sides. I still swell everyday maybe not as much as one month po but I swell...I still love my binder four months later, it makes me feel secure. But as u can see, I love the mirror and cant wait for summer! To all my dolls just starting their journey, trust gets better! I cant believe I'm four months in!

8 months post op

Hello ladies, I know it's been awhile since I last updated but I have been so busy loving my new body. I went to see my surgeon when I was about 7 months post op and she decided I no longer needed to see her! My revision surgery went very well, I am pleased with the results. Although not perfect, much better than before. I have gained a few pounds:-( and lost them again, and gained them I think I am about 156 right now. I can feel it in my stomach area, it's very tight and uncomfortable. but I am currently working to get the extra pounds off. I was about 151 before surgery so I don't have too far to go. The weight isn't noticeable but I know and everyone who knows me, knows I am a fanatic about my weight. This has been the best summer ever, I wear my bikini's proudly, I walk about half naked (hubby love it) and my confidence is through the roof! For the ladies that are just beginning their journey, remember the pain is gets better, I promise!
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