Tummy Tuck with Lipo to Flanks, Inner/outter Thighs - Baltimore, MD

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Ever since I had my son 12 years ago I have not...

Ever since I had my son 12 years ago I have not been able to get back into a bathing suit, tight or fitting clothing due to extra skin and stretch marks from the pregnancy. I gained 100lbs while pregnant and never went back to my pre-pregnancy weight which I am ok with I lost most of it. I do not like having saggy skin, stretch marks and having to wear larger clothes to hide my muffin top.

Since my son is 12 yrs old I do not plan to have any more kids it is time for me to stop putting it off. My fears are like everyone elses: scared of dying, blood clots, and the hugh scar. I am single and my friends will help out but I wish I would of done this when I was still married for the added support. I'm in the military and when I realized that my discontent for my body was holding me back from enjoy life and summer vacations thats when I realized that its time.

I believe I can not allow fear to hold me back. You only get one life and I want to be happy and not ashmed of my body while I'm here enjoying this life. I will try to post my before pictures this weekend since my surgery is now less than a week away!

I'm the first patient scheduled tomorrow! A little...

I'm the first patient scheduled tomorrow! A little nervous but I feel exhausted and ready for sleep! Hope I don't oversleep I have like 3 alarms set just to make sure and my friend is comig to pick me up at 6am to take me to my surgery.
I took the pre-vitamins my dr gave me. I've only been taking them for a week and I'm already anxious to be done with them. I hate taking medicine especially larger pills but I'm following dre orders to a T. Scared not to...lol
Can't wait for this to be over with so I can stop worrying and stop worrying my friends. I'm sure they are sick of hearing about it by now!

Sitting in pre-op! Woke up at 5am and just wanted...

Sitting in pre-op! Woke up at 5am and just wanted to go back to sleep. I'm at OR now and surprised I'm not freaking out. They put in IV after 3rd try they finally gp it and right now I'm receiving IV antibiotic before the surgery starts. Also had to take a urine pregnancy test and put on gown and white knee highs with blue hospital socks on top so I don't slip . This feels like it's talking forever to get into the OR but really I only arrived at 6:45 and it's not 7:25am!

So after the nurse put in my IV for surgery the...

So after the nurse put in my IV for surgery the doctor came in asked if I had any questions and he brought out a sharpie and began marking my body for the tummy tuck/lip. When dr left the anesthesiologist came in asking me what I was having done and went over my heatlh history with me and explained how he fit in and what to expect from him and being put to sleep. Once he left the nurse came back in and took me into the operating room. The OR was freezing and they took my gown off me and had me stand with my hands on top of my head while they scrubbed me down should that I would be steralized. They said since I'm having lipo thats part of the procude but if I wansnt having lipo and just tummy tuck then that would be necessay. But bc on lipo they roll you around on the table and you need to be sterile. I was not allowed to use my hands to get on the table bc if I touched anything they would have to start the process to sterlize me and the table all over. The OR table was pretty skinny and had what look like two boards at shoulder level and thats where i have to lay my arms at.
The anesthesiologist came in put sometihng in my IV and he said it might sting to me it felt like a burning pain but it only last 10seconds if that. Then he said lets get you some oxygen. Within 30seconds it didn't smell like oxygen anymore it had a different smell and I heard the anesthesiologist say go head take a nap and next thing I remember is wakin up in recovery.
The nurses said they woke me up in the OR and I was awake and helping them by lifting my butt so they could put the binder around me. I do not remember any of that. I remmeber waking up in recovery and dry heaving and boy did that hurt. The nurse said I had a reaction to the anesthesia and they had given me every possible nasua medicine they could. The more I came around the less sick I felt. 1hour after I was in recovery I was stable enough to be discharged. I went to use the bathroom b4 I got dressed and when I sat down on the toilet blood starting squirting out from my lipo spots on my legs hitting the floor and all over the toilet. The nurse was in there with me and said everything is ok its normal. When I finished the bathroom the nurse helped me get dressed while my friend went and pulled her car around. They put me in a wheelchair and rolled me out to her car. The nurse put down one of those blue pads that have the plastic bottom in the car so blood would only get on that. She have me a few extras for my bed or recliner.
The ride home wasn't bad I didnt need my pillow or blankets but I was only like 25mins from home. When we got home I was able to get in the house fine and can walk even though I'm seriously hunched over. The blue pad was soaked with blood so I put some on my recliner and had to change them every few hours. (Do not wear nice clothing) My black yoga pants were saturated with blood/fluid so I had to change twice already bc I"m scared wet pants will break me out. I want to stay dry as possible. I sent me friend to Pet Smart to pick up those doggie traning pads so I can use them to sit on since I'm out of the ones my nurse gave me.

Since I've been home today my pain has been...

Since I've been home today my pain has been managble. I did get the pain pump that automatically gives medicine to the tummy area and so far I've only taken 1 Vicodin. Not because I'm in pain I'm just sore and uncomfortanble and do not want the pain medicine to wear off and be in pain. I've been napping all day and it has been a lot better than I thought so far but then again my PS and the nurses both said tomorrow will be a lot worse so we shall see. It made me feel better than my recovery nurse has had a tummy tuck and knows how I'm feeling.
As for lipo on my thighs! My thighs feel so weird where they did the lipo. When I touch them its like hugh water pockets or something they feel hollow and very puffy. I have already started to bruise a little.
As for discharge instructions my dr said eat as tolerated, no shower only sponge bath, gave sheet to track for drains and when I drain the bulbs, gave me my next few follow appt dates and a tracking sheet of how and when to take my medicine.
Thats all i can think of so far it wasnt too bad.

2nd day post op-- Sleeping in the recliner wasn't...

2nd day post op--
Sleeping in the recliner wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I'm a slide sleeper so sleeping on my back was uncomfortable. I work up 2am and my back was on fire. I had lipo to my flanks which covered most of my lower back. After having the recliner laid back most of my weight on my back it caused it to sting/burn. So I woke up went to the bathroom and was feeling dizy/light headed. I took a nausea and pain pill. My friend gently rubbed my back a little and I thnk that helped some. I still haven't taken off my binder I will wait till I see the dr tuesday. I'm scared if I take it off I might not get it back on.
My PS called around 12pm to check on me and see how I was doing and if I had any questions. I asked him if I needed something on my thighs and he said biker shorts or Flexee. I might ask my mom to get me a pair.
As for today when I woke up I'm in more pain than yesterday and my bruises are starting to show. Pain is still manageable but I'm taking my pain medicine every 5hrs or so since today is suppose to be the worse. My PS said tummy tuck is bearable but when you add lipo it takes it over the top. I guess he is right bc they removed 3400cc of fat from me.
I really don't have an appetite so I ate a piece of bread to take with my medicine and a protein shake.
The dr gave me a nausea patch that goes behind my ear. I put that on the night b4 surgery and it last 72 hours. The patch is known to make u thirsty so I'm drinking a lot of water which makes me pee alot. My PS said it is good since I need to be up and walking some so I don't get blood clots.
So far the worst part has been the anesthesia. I was very sensitive to it which made me dry heave and nausea. My recovery nurse said I'm very sensitive to anesthesia which most people are not which was causing me to get sick.

3rd day post op-- In general my body feels a lot...

3rd day post op--
In general my body feels a lot better and I do not need the pain medicine as much. However I have only been getting up to go to the bathroom. I've been taking it easy but getting up enough to prevent blood clots.
When I woke up this morning my throat was on fire and I had a 101 fever so I called my PS. He said he thinks since I havn't been letting myself cough that the mucus and everything is sitting on my throat and irritating it from where the breathing tube was at. My body feels fine but my throat is on fire and I can barely drink ice water much less eat. I tried jello and that even hurts. My PS said he will call me in the morning and if my throat is still bothering me he will have me come in.

4th day post op-- Last night was a nightmare. My...

4th day post op--
Last night was a nightmare. My tempature continued to spike and my throat start to swell and close off. Around midnight my mother came over and took me to the ER. I tested positive for Strep throat!! Just what I needed. ER gave me penicillin and released me. I came home took pain meds hoping it would help my sleep. My throat hurt so bad and the pain was extreme I couldn't eat or drink anything.
My tummy tuck surgery hasn't been hurting much at all today. The only real pain I have is my throat and head. I hope this penicillin kicks in quick bc I'm miserable. I've tried milkshakes, jello, ice cubes, and ice water. None of them can I swallow without being in severe pain! I tried to talk but thats not happening either.
Tomorrow I have my first checkup since surgery! Hopefully that goes well! and I'm praying by the time I wake up tomorrow the penicillin has set in and gives my throat some release!

5th day post op-- Sleeping last night was hell....

5th day post op--
Sleeping last night was hell. My throat is still on fire. I thought after 24 hours on medicine I would start to feel better. Nope not me. I can't even swallow my own spit it hurts so bad.
Worst part went for my follow up appointment and I felt since yesterday the nurse has been nothing but rude to me. Today she told me that strep throat has nothing to do with them they treat the tummy. Well considering that I went into surgery Friday feeling fine. Step throat has 24hr incubation period and it's funny I got it Saturday night. None of my friends or family nor my son that has been home with me everyday have it. The PS is really nice and the staff that you see before is really nice but the aftercare sucks! My friend said they got ur money they could care less now and that's how I'm starting to feel!

I spent most of the day crying. I'm just so tired...

I spent most of the day crying. I'm just so tired and exhausted and feel why me! Then I think I choose to do this to me. I must be crazy! My throat hurt most of the day making it hard to eat or drink! I'm down 10lbs from surgery date and I do not think that is a good thing!
The patient coordinator from my drs office called today to Che k on me! I barely have any voice and then I start crying on top of that! Not a god combination! She apologized for how I was treated by the nurse and said that she will have the office manager call me back. The office manager called back and I started crying telling her if I have to go back and see that nurse again I'm not coming back I'll follow up with my primary care dr then! She apologized and found me another nurse to see. Unfortunatly my PS father passed away last night so he won't be available for a few days but another dr is on call for him. I told them I'm ok I don't need to speak to a dr but I'm exhausted from strep throat and this experience has been miserable! Well I'm glad that all this is beyond me and I don't have to see that nurse anymore! I was able to swallow soup that my friend made homemade for me so she could watch the sodium! I'm glad I have the best family and friends or I wouldn't of made it this far!! Hopefully tomorrow is a better day emotionally!

Dr has been great! But you have to go through staff to get to him. Everything is great unless you have complications and need follow up care. Then forget it bc the nurse handles that and not the dr and she is plain rude and insensitive.

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