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I started my tattoo on dec 14th which was my 25th...

i started my tattoo on dec 14th which was my 25th birthday.. this had to be the coolest idea and executed tattoo ever.. but i just wanted to add onto it.. it was an angel on my outside forarm.. everyone and i loved it.. but i felt like it just needed a little more.. then i went back and got a banner on the inside of my arm, needed more.. i had an idea then when it came down to it, i just impulsively went.. just fill up my inside arm and make it look cool!.. which was filled with dark mountains and crappy looking clouds.. so there i went.. fully wrapping wrist to elbow with black ink!!!... i knew halfway in i so hated it, i didnt want it so dark then i started thinking of my two little girls.. 2 years old and 1 years old..

so after i got home from the tattoo guy, i was so displeased trying to keep it together..everyone loves it besides me, because i know it isnt me.. i cant even pick up my kids and look at them without regretting my inner impulsed arm tattoo.. i just want to turn back the hands of time and go back to the happy family man i was 2 weeks ago.. i have nothing but regret.. i finally started being able to eat again.. not being able to sleep much, and when i wake up i have so much anxiety and angst about my tattoo, its unreal..

ive been called a crack baby all of my life due to my drug addicted parents, and worked very hard my whole life.. bought my own house, i have a great job, a loving fiancee and two wonderful little girls.. i just want my old life back, ive never felt this way despite all the negativity in my life, nothing has bothered me so much.

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